Proposed Congressional Bill Would Amend Health Care to Exclude Abortion Funding

The Protect Life Act would afford the same pro-life protections that were approved with bipartisan support in the House last year. Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) has introduced bipartisan legislation that aims to apply the Hyde amendment to the recently passed health care law. Rep. Pitts’ bill would amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act... Continue Reading

‘Packing in the Pews’: Louisiana legislative bill to allow armed worshippers moves forward

“Our babies in the nursery are subject to attack while the mother is in the sanctuary worshiping,” said Durell Tuberville of the Shreveport Community Church. “We want to protect our people, our sheep.” People qualified to carry concealed weapons should be able to keep them strapped on in a church or temple as a way... Continue Reading

Journalists become the latest victims of religious violence in Nigeria

Mervyn Thomas, Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said: “We call on the local authorities to make every effort to track down the perpetrators of these appalling acts of violence. Two journalists working for a Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) publication have become the latest casualties of the violence that has afflicted Plateau... Continue Reading

Broward County (FL) church members join forces seeking action from community officials on a long list of issues

The 2,000 strong group packed the pews at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale to demand action in two major social justice issues: rising crime rates and out of control housing costs. Two thousand members of two dozen Broward churches were hot about crime and housing issues during a recent meeting with community officials,... Continue Reading

Supreme Court Upholds Mojave Cross Display 5-4

Joining in the majority were Justices Kennedy, Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Breyer filed dissenting opinions. In a 5-4 majority ruling filed today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the continued display of a lone cross in California’s Mojave Desert memorializing veterans of World War I. In... Continue Reading

Raise My Taxes!

“Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!” they chanted, lined up shoulder to shoulder for a few hundred yards stretching a street in front of the Capitol. Before last week when is the last time you heard a citizen crying out in the public square, “Raise my taxes?” I don’t know about... Continue Reading

Retired Military Chaplains Urge President to Maintain Ban on Open Homosexuals in Military

Editor’s Note: At the end of this article you will find names of the EPC, OPC, and PCA chaplains who signed the letter (18 of the 41) plus a list of other denominations represented. Over 40 retired military chaplains are urging President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates to consider the impairment of religious liberty... Continue Reading

‘Notre Dame 88’ Judge Allows Defense Access to University Documents

“We believe that through discovery we may well uncover evidence that the Notre Dame police engaged in ‘viewpoint discrimination:’ that the university singled out the ND88 for especially harsh treatment” In a major ruling that may prove decisive for the defense of pro-lifers arrested on Notre Dame’s campus last year, an Indiana Judge has lifted... Continue Reading

Federal Court Says Church Bells are Constitutional

The church’s pastor, Bishop Rick Painter, was found guilty in city court and sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years probation, though he never served time in jail. A federal court on Monday (April 19) ruled an ordinance in Phoenix, Ariz., trying to limit the sound of church bells is an unconstitutional impingement... Continue Reading

Tennessee Attorney General Opinion Does Not Support “Jesus Is Lord” Tag

The court noted that the governmental message is disseminated by the volunteers who display the specialty plates on their private vehicles: “There is no reason to doubt that a group’s ability to secure a specialty plate amounts to state approval.” A Tennessee Attorney General’s opinion does not support the issuance of a new “Jesus is... Continue Reading