A Leading Tribal Chief in Ghana tells Presbyterians: “Don’t spend productive hours on church activities”

The President of the Volta and Paramount Chief of Asogli traditional area, Togbe Afede XIV, has stressed the need for the church to educate its members on the need to work hard and blend their Christian and spiritual growth with work. Addressing the 150th Anniversary celebration of the Ho-Kpodzi Regional Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana,... Continue Reading

C-SPAN Challenges President and Congress to Publicize Secret Health Bill Talks

Democrat leaders commence their final round of negotiations on the health care bill in secret meetings following the Christmas holiday, C-SPAN has issued a letter to the president and lawmakers challenging them to live up to their promises of transparency and allow the network to cover the proceedings. “President Obama, Senate and House leaders, many... Continue Reading

National Christian Leaders to Pray for God’s Protection at 9/11 Terror Trial

The trial of 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is set to begin shortly in New York City. Clergy and local residents to hold a prayer vigil at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Thursday, January 7. The prayer vigil will begin at 12:00 noon. The location of the court... Continue Reading

NAE Endorses Bill to Increase Number Of Low Power FM Radio Stations

Galen Carey, NAE Director of Government Affairs, signed a letter to members of the House of Representatives in support of H.R. 1147, which would help increase the number of Low Power FM radio stations in the United States. Low power radio stations give local leaders a forum to address local issues. Approximately half of all... Continue Reading

Britain’s PM wants to force gay civil union recognition in Eastern Europe

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to attempt to force Eastern European countries to accept as legally valid homosexual civil partnerships contracted in Britain. Brown told Attitude, one of the UK’s leading homosexualist magazines, “I’m fighting to get all the countries in Europe to recognise civil partnerships carried out in Britain. “We want countries... Continue Reading

“Tiger, forget Buddhism, Come to Jesus” Suggests Fox News Channel Commentator

Brit Hume turned evangelist on Fox New Sunday, in a segment with panelists predicting the future for Tiger Woods after Woods’ notable “transgressions” (now a 2009 top euphemism, along with “Appalachian Trail,” as a signifier for “mistress.”) Hume forecasts Woods will recover as a golfer but “…Whether he can recover as a person depends on... Continue Reading

If Hollywood is getting religion, why now?

Call it religion. Or if that makes you uncomfortable, go with the more general “spirituality.” Whatever you call it, it’s everywhere at the multiplex these days. In movies as varied as the dead serious “The Road,” the uplifting family picture “The Blind Side,” the biting comedy “The Invention of Lying” and even James Cameron’s sci-fi... Continue Reading

Idaho Charter school abandons Bible plans…for now

A public charter school suing Idaho officials for barring the Bible and other religious texts from the classroom agreed in December to comply with the ban – unless the courts rule otherwise. Nampa Classical Academy has, until now, balked at orders from the Idaho Public Charter School Commission to abandon plans to use the Bible... Continue Reading

Montana Supreme Court Denies Constitutional Right to ‘Aid-in-Dying’

Christian Newswire — The Supreme Court of Montana issued a split decision on December 31, 2009 in which it denied victory to Compassion & Choices on its quest for a right to “aid in dying” based on the Montana State Constitution. “Aid in dying” is more commonly known as physician-assisted suicide. The Supreme Court, in... Continue Reading

Top 10 Christian News Stories of 2009

Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff The year 2009 brought hundreds of stories and movements to bear on global Christianity. Here are the faces, places, and movements the Crosswalk.com editors believe most impacted Christians around the world: 1. Iran election protests catch fire 2. Rifqa Bary’s fear forces a second look at honor killings... Continue Reading