‘Justice Denied’ in CIA Shootdown of Missionaries

The CIA was accused of lying to Congress and covering up its role in the deaths of two innocent Americans, a mother and her infant daughter, at the hands of the CIA and the Peruvian Air Force nine years ago. “If there’s ever an example of justice delayed, justice denied, this is it,” said Rep.... Continue Reading

“Mama Says” – Survey of Mothers’ Attitude towards Fathering

“Strong religious values are beneficial to helping dads be better fathers” “Moms think communities of faith are the top place for dads to get fathering help” In December, the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) released Mama Says: A National survey of Mothers’ Attitudes on fathering, the first-ever national survey taking an in-depth look at how today’s... Continue Reading

Religious leaders worry that White House faith council is for show

A year ago, President Obama thrilled many religious Americans and worried some secular supporters by announcing that he would not only keep the faith-based infrastructure President Bush had constructed across the government but would expand it, adding a marquee council of faith leaders to advise him. But as the council prepares to end its first... Continue Reading

Pentagon Moves to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Tuesday that the Pentagon has begun the process to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bars homosexuals from openly serving in the military. Gates told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that the policy will take over a year to repeal because the Pentagon is looking at... Continue Reading

Aiken church members help out in Haiti

Medical team volunteers from New Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Aiken, South Carolina had agreed to spend a week in Haiti after the devastating earthquake – not knowing the logistical issues and the danger they might face. And after that week of long days treating patients under difficult conditions, “the hardest part was to leave,”... Continue Reading

Colts or Saints? Neither is guarranteed

But children in Haiti are guaranteed winners Sunday. World Vision will send game-day clothing, plus excess, unsold clothing in coming months. Regardless of which Super Bowl team is victorious in Miami on February 7th, one thing is certain — either outcome will benefit the children and families left with few possessions after Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake.... Continue Reading

Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad isn’t intolerant; its critics are

I’ll spit this out quick, before the armies of feminism try to gag me and strap electrodes to my forehead: Tim Tebow is one of the better things to happen to young women in some time. I realize this stance won’t endear me to the “Dwindling Organizations of Ladies in Lockstep,” otherwise known as DOLL,... Continue Reading

Partial Muslim veil ban to be recommended in France

The proposal, which calls for a ban of the veils in hospitals and schools, falls short of an outright ban after critics argued that such a move would be divisive and possibly unconstitutional in a country where Islam is the second-largest religion. A poll by the IPSOS firm published in this week’s newsweekly Le Point... Continue Reading

Christian Apologists: Be Careful of Oprah’s Spiritual Teachings

She is persuasive, influential and does a lot of good, but Christians should be careful when Oprah speaks about spirituality, warned two apologists who recently co-authored a book on the subject. To a crowd of more than 1,500 people at McLean Bible Church outside of Washington, D.C. renowned apologist Josh McDowell and up-and-coming apologist Dave... Continue Reading

Tenn. board approves Bible teaching guidelines

The Tennessee Board of Education has approved guidelines on how to teach the Bible in public high schools even though there’s concern the curriculum could be challenged in court. The guidelines approved this week are in response to 2008 legislation, which authorized the state to create a course for a ‘‘nonsectarian, nonreligious academic study of... Continue Reading