National Public Radio, Associated Press Change Abortion Language

A recent announcement from the managing editor of National Public Radio (NRP) reveals a change; no more ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ to define sides in the abortion debate. Below is the actual announcement from the NPR Ombudsman. Last week, I wrote a post about how NPR identifies people who support or oppose abortion. It engendered a... Continue Reading

What do Palestinians want?

Already a new peace process has broken down over land disputes and a U.S.-Israeli ‘crisis.’ In America the evangelical community emphasizes what Israel wants. But what about day-to-day life for those on the other side? And for the Christians living on both sides? Atop Mt. Zion sits the Cenacle, considered by historians the likely setting... Continue Reading

Expulsion of Christian workers in Morocco has questionable causes but certain results

“If you’re caring for children at the Village of Hope and people see your faith as you care for your children and become interested and care about the Christian faith, is that proselytism? Apparently the government is saying, yes it is.” Children’s Haven of Morocco began when a Moroccan woman pled with two American expatriates—Irene... Continue Reading

A Roommate is a Roommate? — Coming Soon to a Campus Near You

The rise of co-ed dorms is the inevitable result of a breakdown in all rationality about sex, gender, and sexuality. In this case, the movement is being pushed by activists who are all too clear about their agenda. Kayla Eland and Lindon Pronto are roommates at Pitzer College in California. They, along with students at... Continue Reading

ABC’s Harris Focuses on Evangelical Christians as a Force for Good in Nonreligious Cambodia

Christians say it’s also because Cambodia endured a genocide in the 1970s, during which children were forced to spy on and even execute their parents, and the educated and religious communities were nearly wiped out Less than two weeks after linking draconian anti-gay sentiment in Uganda to a group of American evangelical Christians who visited... Continue Reading

Democrats Exempt Conservative Christians From Mandatory Health Care

Did you ever think you would see the day this would happen? Just before 11:00 p.m. this past Sunday night, the House passed the Senate amendments to the health care bill. The final recorded vote was 219 to 212, with 219 Democrats and zero Republicans voting for it, and 34 Democrats and 178 Republicans voting... Continue Reading

Conservatives win vote on school curriculum in Texas

Jonathan Saenz, speaking for the conservative Liberty Institute, said he was pleased with the changes the board made. “Thus far, the liberal efforts to infiltrate, indoctrinate and saturate our social studies with narrow ideology have failed,” In a battle over the content of public school textbooks that is widely thought to have national implications, religious... Continue Reading

Banned……by Google – How Internet Censorship Works

While Google users around the globe have access to the mostly unfiltered and its partner sites, individual countries can still block access to those sites. In Turkey, it’s a crime to defame the country’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk or to ridicule “Turkishness.” So Google restricts access to videos that the government of Turkey deem... Continue Reading

Federal Court Allows Religious Liberty Case to Go Forward Against the City of Chicago and Chicago Police Officers

“What more appropriate place than a Church-sponsored festival held on the public streets to talk to people about Jesus?” asks Pastor Teesdale. This week, Federal Judge William T. Hart of the United States District Court, North District of Illinois, is forcing the City of Chicago to answer for what plaintiffs Pastor Frank Teesdale and members... Continue Reading

Both Pro Life and Pro Choice Leadership decry promised Presidential Executive Order on abortion

Descriptions include claims of : “Phantom”, “Illusion,” “Tragedy,” “No Way,” “Won’t Survive,” “Fantasy,” “Not Worth The Paper,” “Slap In The Face,” and from the National Organization for Women, “Incensed” The White House announced on Sunday that President Obama would issue an executive order on abortion after the House approves the health-care bill assuring that no... Continue Reading