Baptists’ large military presence colors gay debate

The Catholic Church has 252 active-duty chaplains; the Southern Baptist Convention has 448, the most in the military. In many religious circles, the repeal of a military ban on openly gay members is considered practically a done deal. But Southern Baptists, who have many more active-duty military chaplains than any other denomination, are not giving... Continue Reading

Principles of Reformed Worship

Worship should be done in a way that pleases God on the basis of his revealed will in Holy Scripture. Worship is glorifying God and enjoying him. Christians worship God because God created men (male and female) to worship Him. “Worship is the center of our existence, at the heart of our reason for being”(Old,... Continue Reading

Defense bill would allow military abortions

Abortion rights advocates in the Senate are seeking to overturn a longstanding ban on abortions in military facilities. The U. S. Senate Armed Services Committee passed an amendment to repeal the prohibition as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2011. The panel voted 15-12 for the amendment before sending the overall bill to... Continue Reading

Koreans call for prayer as North-South tensions rise

“The way the South Korean government chooses to respond determines what happens next. The important thing is that God is still in control. He still has a special plan and purpose for North Korea……” Christian leaders on the Korean Peninsula are calling for prayer as tensions escalate between North and South Korea. A 1,200-ton South... Continue Reading

New survey results on evolution, religion, and scientific consensus

43% of respondents selected “God directly created biological life in its present form at one point in time” Included in the Virginia Commonwealth University Life Sciences Survey for 2010 were a number of questions about evolution, religion, and scientific consensus — and as usual there were few surprises in the results. Asked “[w]hich of these... Continue Reading

Parties are great, but Memorial Day is a time for honor

This is not a day for veterans; their day is Nov. 11. Memorial Day is to honor those men and women who lost their lives while fighting under our nation’s flag to defend our freedom. Every year at this time, I divert from my usual political commentary to urge you to do something appropriate on... Continue Reading

Second Wave of Deportations Hits Foreign Christians in Morocco

A regional legal expert said on condition of anonymity that a small number of extremist Muslims have undertaken a media campaign to “get [Christians’] good works out of the public eye and demonize Christians,” In a second wave of deportations from Morocco, officials of the majority-Muslim country have expelled 26 foreign Christians in the last... Continue Reading

Worst paying jobs that require a college degree

“…members of the clergy should look to rewards other than those of a financial nature. Those who study in the theology field can expect to earn close to $35K.” Social workers and teachers must love what they do. They don’t enter those professions for the money as they are two of the worst paying jobs... Continue Reading

Universal Orlando to Open Immersive ‘Harry Potter World’

Many (Christians) have accepted a new realm of eclectic symbology that allows a mixture of good and evil symbols to influence their thoughts and feelings,” “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” a new amusement park re-creating the world of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, will open to the public at Islands of... Continue Reading

Questions raised about alleged use of U.S. government funds to influence Kenya vote on allowing abortions

Kenyan media reports have said that the U.S. State Department has pledged up to US$2 million to build support for the constitutional changes. Allegations by Kenyan churches that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is funding the government-backed “yes” campaign for a constitutional referendum in the East African country are being raised by American... Continue Reading