Can Atheism Ground Human Rights?

Smith simply attempts to establish that, if atheism is true, there is no warrant for believing in a number of things that (most) atheists affirm.

“A naturalistic universe is one that consists of energy and matter and other natural entities, such as vacuums, operating in a closed system in time and space, in which no transcendent, supernatural, divine being or superhuman power exists as creator, sustainer, guide or judge. Such a universe has come to exist by chance – not... Continue Reading

Perpetually Outraged Celebrities Boycott Georgia, Remain Silent On China

While Hollywood boycotts Georgia, its cozy relationship with China fails to stoke the outrage of our perpetually outraged celebrity class.

The logic of the Georgia boycott, prompted by recent legislation banning most abortions, is that it’s unethical to do business inside a state with egregious policies, either to discourage their enactment or avoid enabling their enforcement. What does that mean for China?   I hesitate to use “Hollywood” as a catchall, but the entertainment industry’s... Continue Reading

“Am I A Chinese Woman?” How Questions can Defend the Truth

In adopting this approach we’re not setting ourselves up as the ones with all the answers.

It used to be that this sort of on-the-spot inquisition would only happen if you signed up for something like a political science class. Nowadays we can expect hostile questioners in settings from the coffee shop to the workplace. Whether you proudly walk around wearing a pro-life shirt, or quietly decline having a rainbow flag decorate... Continue Reading

If You’re Defending a Woman’s Right to Kill an Innocent Human Being, You’re Not Pro-Life

There are two serious problems with the personally pro-life position.

The question of when human life begins is a scientific question. And science deals with facts, not feelings. Human life either begins at conception or it doesn’t. This is not the kind of thing that can be true for me but not for you. It’s not a matter of personal preference. Rather, it is an objective feature of reality.   Whenever abortion is in the... Continue Reading

Victimology 101: Rousseau, Victimhood, and Safe-Spaces

Why do you want to be a victim? Why would anyone want to be a victim?

Liberal victimhood is a philosophical position many conservatives believe liberals adhere to, and many liberals themselves maintain that they are in fact victims. Where does this come from? Why would anyone want to be a victim? In the following essay, the rationale for why victimhood is a mainstay of liberal ideology is addressed. Additionally, the... Continue Reading

Where Have All the Women Gone?

Abortion and Gendercide

Journalist Mara Hvistendahl wrote “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.” By the time of the book’s publication, the estimate of missing women had grown to 160 million. The “elephant in the room” behind this terrible trend is abortion.   Nearly thirty years ago, Nobel Laureate Amartya... Continue Reading

Remembering D-Day and the Sovereignty of God

While the 75th anniversary of the D-Day is observed with numerous, impressive events, it is also appropriate for Christians to reflect upon the sovereignty of God.

As we remember with deep gratitude the devotion to duty and the sacrifices of the American, British, and Canadian forces that landed at Normandy 75 years ago and their accompanying paratrooper, air, naval, and French resistance forces, all of which played critical roles in the outcome, may we also acknowledge the sovereignty of Him who,... Continue Reading

China’s Orwellian War on Religion

It’s easy to see how the Social Credit System could punish faith communities — especially if it is integrated with a mass surveillance network.

The country is also experimenting with even more Orwellian technology, including the Ministry of Public Security’s mass surveillance system and a “Social Credit System” that can create a blacklist for those who don’t pay debts or who cheat on taxes, break traffic rules or attend an unofficial church. Blacklisted individuals can be barred from buying plane... Continue Reading

Population Explosion or Population Bust: Is there a Biblical Approach?

The U.S. birthrate has dropped to 1.7 children per woman; as a matter of cultural health, what does it say about a generation that fails to reproduce itself?

Notice that the Scripture never records an incident of children being a curse, only a blessing. The curse is associated with the denial of children, or their destruction. It is true that they can be inconvenient. Sometimes, I wonder which one of my five progeny has my vehicle. I know I drove it into work.... Continue Reading

Giving Up Darwin

What if Darwin was wrong?

Like so many others, I grew up with Darwin’s theory, and had always believed it was true. I had heard doubts over the years from well-informed, sometimes brilliant people, but I had my hands full cultivating my garden, and it was easier to let biology take care of itself. But in recent years, reading and... Continue Reading