Gregory of Nazianzus and Why Knowing the Nature of the Holy Spirit Really Matters

Gregory of Nazianzus played a vital role in exploring the nature of the Spirit

“During this time, Gregory, like Augustine, was consecrated priest against his will and with the acclamation of the people. Unlike Augustine, he literally ran away – back to Pontus. He returned a few months later, and apologized to his congregation, who forgave him slowly. Later, he produced a letter to explain his desertion: he was... Continue Reading

California Lawmakers Call For More Homeschool Oversight

Despite the horrors of the Turpin case, homeschool advocates note child abuse risk factors don’t include learning at home.

Citing the lack of state involvement in home and private schools, California Assemblyman Jose Medina, a Democrat, said he plans to introduce legislation requiring state officials to conduct on-site inspections of all private schools in the state, which include parents who educate their children at home.   (WNS)–Homeschooling opponents in California seized on the horrific case... Continue Reading

Meditation and the Art of Consciousness Hacking

The Consciousness Hacking website is a hub for those who hope, through an interface of science and consciousness, to help humanity evolve toward an age of “individual and collective flourishing.”

Employing a variety of scientific technologies and meditative techniques as their hacking tools, this growing community intends to essentially upgrade humanity’s “conscious operating system.” How do they hope to accomplish such a Herculean feat? By training the brain into nonduality, which is a nonjudgmental, meditative grid by which to interpret reality.    I recently stumbled... Continue Reading

Denver Program Shows Biblical Principles Work

The Denver Day Works program provides employment for homeless people with a difficult history and a chance for them to build a new one.

In November 2016, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock introduced a plan to put homeless people into menial day jobs with no regard for their resumes, experience, or criminal background. Anyone could participate, and those who worked hard were invited to work another day. Success in small, temporary jobs set the stage for easing into more permanent... Continue Reading

Evangelicals, the Virtue/Voting Connection, and the Return of Instrumental Politics

Keller’s point about mid-20th century lowest-common-denominator evangelicalism leaving many evangelicals historically rootless has some merit.

Keller argues, in essence, that the problem with so-called “evangelical Trump voters” is that they don’t know enough theology.  This, it seems to me, is yet another example of the sort of disembodied-brains-on-sticks argument for which Reformed types, with their cerebral bent, have an embarrassing weakness. It’s kind of like the old Neo-Calvinist argument that... Continue Reading

What the Abortion Debate Hath Wrought

When abortion’s becoming the primary focus of conservative Christian politics, they began losing their privileged position in American life.

Abortion was not always a major concern of evangelical denominations such as the Southern Baptist Convention before the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade (1973), notes Lewis. In fact, at that time Roe was decided, the Southern Baptist Convention formally favored abortion rights. Until the late 1970s, intense opposition to legal abortion was predominantly a Catholic position. There... Continue Reading

Religion Isn’t The Enemy Of Science: It’s Been Inspiring Scientists For Centuries

The Church doesn’t have to see science as alien, or a threat, but rather recognize their own part in its story.

It might also be the starting point for science, for Job also contains at its pivotal point the most profound nature poem of all ancient writings. Its verse form of questions is also striking to scientists from all ages, who know that asking the right creative questions – rather than always having the correct answer... Continue Reading

Same-Sex Couples Fight Citizenship Battle

Pro-family advocates argue the cases are an attack on basic biology.

Shortly after the boys’ birth, the couple decided to move to Los Angeles. But when they brought the babies to the U.S. Consulate in Toronto to apply for passports, officials told them they needed to undergo DNA testing to determine the biological relationship of each boy to Andrew, the U.S. citizen. State Department regulations allow a child... Continue Reading

Senate Confirms Pro-life HHS Chief

The Senate confirmed Alex Azar Wednesday to lead the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department

Azar has broad support from pro-life groups. “We are confident that he has the experience and enthusiasm to lead the way in implementing President Trump’s pro-life priorities,” Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement.   The Senate confirmed Alex Azar Wednesday to lead the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department. Azar,... Continue Reading

Univ. of Iowa Ordered to Reinstate Christian Student Group Punished Over Policy on Homosexuality

After a student complained last year to the school, administrators demanded the group revise its policy

“The court agreed that the university has to stop discriminating against BLinC because of its religious beliefs,” Eric Baxter, a senior counsel with the religious freedom law firm Becket, which is representing BlinC in the case, said in a statement. “Every other group on campus gets to select leaders who embrace their mission. Religious groups... Continue Reading