The Rise of Civic Christianity and the Collapse of the Church

Despite the most fervent wishes of the more militant secularists, religion is not going to disappear from civil society soon.

What we call civic Christianity seems to be growing – or it is as least as prevalent as ever. It seems as though our political leaders want some kind of religious blessing on their secular endeavours. It’s why chaplains are wanted in schools, hospitals, work places and political institutions.   Religious leaders are then all too... Continue Reading

What is Our Sexual Ethic Now?

Women are not the victims of feminism; women are the victims of existentialism.

New Testament Christianity turned the natural and accepted sexual inclinations on their heads. Not only do the New Testament apostles reaffirm the prohibition against fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and all other sorts of sexual immorality,[5]but the gospel of Christ reminds Jews and Gentiles that men and women are not just spiritual equals, but sexual equals as... Continue Reading

If We Lose the Meaning of “Justice,” We Lose the Gospel

We should not oversell or undersell what the Bible says about justice.

The word “justice” is the language of rights. As DeYoung explained, “Justice, as a biblical category, is not synonymous with anything and everything we feel would be good for the world,” though our culture is beginning to use it that way. Rather, it refers to receiving what you’re owed by right and not taking from others what... Continue Reading

The FAQS: Christians and the Moral Threat of Sex Robots

Throughout most of the 20th century, the average American Christian remained largely unaware of trends in deviant sexual behaviors until they reached either mainstream acceptance or had become large-scale social maladies.

The expansion and ubiquity of technology has caused such problems to rapidly shift from niche concerns to epidemics in almost every community in America. Whereas problems such as pornography and prostitution were once on the margin, the internet has pushed them into nearly every home. Similarly, sex robots may seem to be a futuristic concern.... Continue Reading

Police Scotland and the Scottish Government Reported for Hate Incident

You don’t encourage love by promoting hatred of religion.

You state that “A hate incident is any incident that is not a criminal offence, but something which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hate or prejudice.”  By your own criteria your posters, especially the one on religion is a hate incident. I perceive it as being motivated by... Continue Reading

Academics Expose ‘Grievance Studies’ Journals With Bogus Papers

Highly respected journals covering areas like feminist studies, gender studies, fat studies, etc., bite on papers that were intentionally written as nonsense.

Any scholarship that proceeds from radically skeptical assumptions about objective truth by definition does not and cannot find objective truth. Instead it promotes prejudices and opinions and calls them “truths.” For radical constructivists, these opinions are specifically rooted a political agenda of “Social Justice” (which we have intentionally made into a proper noun to distinguish... Continue Reading

The New Gulags

In today’s world, loud voices claim that free inquiry and open discussion are no longer part of the solution to society’s ills; they have become the foundation of the problem.

At Goldsmiths University in London, LGBTQ activists have not only been waging a campaign to identify and presumably oust any faculty member who refuses to give unconditional support to transgender ideology. They have also suggested that any bigots who disagree should be dispatched to the gulags for re-education.   As a new teacher at Grove... Continue Reading

America’s Religion of Hedonism

Our culture has become a hedonistic environment in which we are more concerned about the worship of pleasure than we are in worshipping God.

Research recently published by Ying Chen and Tyler VanderWeele suggest that attending church on a weekly basis is associated with greater life satisfaction, stronger character, lower probabilities of marijuana use, later sexual initiation, and fewer lifetime sexual partners. In addition to measuring church attendance, they also measured prayer and meditation behaviors, which yielded similar results.... Continue Reading

Millennial Perfectionism And The Social Media Covenant Of Works

God, the real God, the God who is, in whose image we are made, however, is not fooled and he is not pleased with our cobbled-together righteousness.

Broadly speaking, perfectionism is an irrational desire for flawlessness, combined with harsh self-criticism. But on a deeper level, what sets a perfectionist apart from someone who is simply diligent or hard-working is a single-minded need to correct their own imperfections.   If you are a Millennial, relax. This is not another critique. I do spend... Continue Reading

Lord, Keep Me Weeping

All over Scripture, we are called to not tune out the sufferings of the poor and needy.

I am persuaded that a life of weeping and constant prayer is the only appropriate response to the sin and suffering that surround us. The lightheartedness knowing that “everything’s going to be okay” is not for this life now, but instead for the next.    My day began by watching my deceased neighbor be buried... Continue Reading