Why Francis Schaeffer Matters: The Church in Culture – Part 7

Despite the degradation of the culture, Schaeffer believes there is hope for the Christian church.

Postmodernism essentially posits the view that there is nobody in the universe.  There is “nobody to love man, nobody to comfort him, even while he seeks desperately to find comfort in the limited, finite, horizontal relationships to life (Death In The City, 215).   The result is that “God has turned away in judgment as our... Continue Reading

Colombia’s Next President Could Be an Evangelical Woman

Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels.

Morales’s second Senate term ended in January when she resigned to switch parties and run for the nation’s presidency. She and her husband Carlos Alonso Lucio, a former guerrilla who became a senator and converted to Christianity, have spearheaded a national campaign to allow only couples in traditional marriages to adopt children.   Why does... Continue Reading

Generation Z Is Already Bored by the Internet

Today’s teens are expierencing a new type of boredom: phone bored

Phone boredom occurs when you’re technically “on your phone,” but you’re still bored out of your mind. It’s that feeling when you’re mindlessly clicking around, opening and closing apps, looking for something to do digitally and finding the options uninteresting.   Teenagers today have unprecedented access to technology, and yet many report that they’ve never... Continue Reading

Foreign Missions at Home

Some churches and ministries are preaching the gospel to the world by reaching out to international students in America.

Although the majority of international students don’t profess faith in Christ before they return to their countries, those who experienced positive interactions with local Christians hold favorable views of Christianity and the church, said Douglas Shaw, president of International Students Inc. (ISI), a Christian organization that ministers to international college students. These students tend to... Continue Reading

Bibles Pulled from Online Stores as China Increases Control of Religion

Analysts said China is currently undergoing a major shift in how it governs and sanctions religion.

Sarah Cook, senior research analyst for East Asia at Freedom House, said the sales ban “is an important example of how internet censorship intersects with restrictions on religious freedom. … Sensitive religious topics and groups are among the most censored in China,” she said. “In our research we found the Chinese authorities increasingly using more... Continue Reading

Young People and the Dangerous Trend of Vaping

Though it seems that kids mostly get the message about the dangers of tobacco, they may be hearing false information about vaping or e-cigarettes.

So though vaping is a new topic to address with young people, the underlying spiritual issues are familiar. Because this is true, we can offer honest sympathy for their struggles—we face temptation too. We can also show compassion and offer wisdom from lives lived, as we come alongside our kids and walk with them through... Continue Reading

Teen Suicides Up 70+ Percent Over A Decade

Teen suicides have gone up at a scary rate.

Suicide numbers amongst teens, nonetheless, are still garnering noteworthy attention. In the study by the National Center for Health Statistics, it was found that although the rate was low for girls ten to fourteen, the rate of suicide had tripled in the age group during the time of the study.   The Centers for Disease... Continue Reading

Google Spent Years Studying Effective Teams — And One Trait Stood Out

The researchers found that what really mattered was less about who is on the team, and more about how the team worked together. What mattered most: Trust.

Google studied their best teams in hopes of pinpointing what made them great. They judged teams’ “effectiveness” based on evaluations from executives, team leaders, and team members, as well as sales performance.  “Psychological safety,” or trust among teammates, was the factor the most effective teams shared.   The best companies are made up of great teams.... Continue Reading

A Christian Case for Transgenderism? (Book Review)

Hartke argues that anything less than full affirmation of transgender identities fails to be inclusive and robs transgender persons of both dignity and identity

“Transforming is a classic example of reader-response hermeneutics. This school of thought focuses on a text’s effect on the reader or audience, not on what the inspired authors intended to communicate. For example, Hartke suggests that the physicality of Jesus’s resurrected body legitimizes sex-change surgeries.”   Austen Hartke’s Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of... Continue Reading

The Abortion Exception

Demonizing crisis pregnancy centers has been at the top of the abortion-boosting agenda

It’s constitutionally appalling that there should be any such thing as an “abortion exception” to the rigorous standards that the Supreme Court has historically applied to government action that stifle First Amendment rights of free speech and expression.   On March 20 the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in National Institute of Family and... Continue Reading