Should I Use My Trans Neighbor’s Preferred Pronoun?

The unity Paul was after was thick. Much thicker than “politeness” or a shallow sense of getting along.

Just like how cultures and subcultures have their own distinct concepts and agendas and ideologies, so too do these respective domains. Just like how the citizens of Christ’s kingdom enjoy “the bread” and “cup of blessing,” which is our “participation in the body and blood of Christ” (1 Cor 10:16-17), the domain of darkness has... Continue Reading

Taste Formed and Deformed by Culture

Culture is formative and , in some senses, determinative.

Culture can be defined as T. S. Eliot suggested, “the incarnation of a religion”. At the heart of any culture is Richard Weaver’s “metaphysical dream”: an unspoken but ever dominant vision of ultimate reality. From this vision, a culture creates worship, art, jurisprudence, custom, and social order. Quentin Faulkner says that “culture is perhaps best... Continue Reading

States are Fighting Back Against Transgenderism and the Assault on Women’s Sports

Given “transgender” logic, it would be discriminatory to deny a “transgender” boy-to-girl the right to compete with the girls.

How many women who identify as men compete in men’s sports? It rarely if ever happens. Transgenderism is a one-way street. It’s only men who are competing in women’s sports and denying girls and women their rightful place in competing with other real women. This is an assault on women’s sports!   Women of the... Continue Reading

Abortion and Bodily Control: Pro-Life People Are Not Interested in Controlling Female Bodies

Why do the vast majority of pro-lifers so adamantly oppose abortion?

Certainly, there are men in this world who desire to oppress and control women. History is littered with such wicked men. Yet, just because some have had such motives does not mean all have those motives. It is more honest to say that even though there are some in history who have wickedly sought to... Continue Reading

Father Of 7-Year-Old Texas Boy Whose Mother Wanted To ‘Transition’ Him To A Girl Wins In Court

A Texas court ruled in favor of Jeff Younger, the father of James Younger, the seven-year-old whose pediatrician mother was attempting to medically transition her son into a girl.

In October, GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services were looking into the case, which had drawn national attention. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also weighed in, tweeting, “A 7-year-old child doesn’t have the maturity to make profound decisions like this.  ... Continue Reading

Label Me!

I wonder if personality profiling is a kind of refuge for those of us who’ve been catechized in hyper-individuality.

The cultural fascination with personality profiling is intriguing to me. To listen to people talk to one another about their Enneagram numbers is to listen to urbane, educated, and socially conscious people insist on being labeled. It’s not simply that the Enneagram is fun in the same way that all self-knowledge tools are fun. There... Continue Reading

Keeping Primary Attention on Life’s Main Focuses

There are many strong, attention-grabbing focuses in life that are clearly of secondary importance (or even of very little importance) compared to our primary purposes.

A couple of songs into that portion of the concert it suddenly dawned on me: my attention was so monopolized by all that was being shown on the screens, I was no longer consciously listening to and appreciating the tremendous music that was being so skillfully performed by the band on the platform. Even after... Continue Reading

Amid Abuse Scandals, Legal Challenges Test Clergy Reporting Exemptions

Implications for church leaders loom as Montana reverses $35M judgment and other states continue tightening reporting laws.

In more than half the country—26 states—clergy are specifically named among those who are legally required to report actual or reasonably suspected cases of child abuse, according to Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws, a resource by Church Law & Tax… All but four of those states provide an exemption for the clergy-penitent privilege like Montana... Continue Reading

The Rise of Barbie and Rambo

With the introduction of artificial contraception, women became sterile sex objects and men became their emasculated fashion accessories.

Far be it from me to be curmudgeonly about a child’s toy, but on the other hand, what exactly is child-like about the Barbie doll? With her pneumatic chest and pouting expression, if she is a teenager her name is Lolita. In fact, Ruth Handler, the creator of the Barbie doll, borrowed the idea from... Continue Reading

Climate Change: A Biblical Perspective

A brief biblical perspective on climate change.

A naturalistic worldview dominates public policy on climate change in California and elsewhere. Naturalism posits that the universe evolved through random physical processes. This entails that our earth is extremely fragile, and that man, who is often viewed as a clumsy Johnny-come-lately, could completely destroy it…A biblical worldview posits that God is the creator, sustainer,... Continue Reading