Why Pastors Should Engage Basil of Caesarea

He made the Scriptures the center of his life, and strove to live a life completely in accord with its teaching.

Living the Gospel made Basil more sensitive to problems in the Church and in society and equipped him to make a contribution to their solution. Unlike many ascetics, Basil did not withdraw from the Church and the world but engaged them. He was ordained a presbyter to help the bishop of Caesarea and eventually became... Continue Reading

Machen and Scholarship

For a man who was renowned as an apologist of Reformed orthodoxy, it is worth noting that his first argument is evangelistic.

Humility was the first thing evident in Machen’s approach. He began by saying, “it is no doubt unfortunate that the person who speaks about this subject should have so limited an experimental acquaintance with the subject, about which he is endeavoring to speak.” Of course, Machen could be accused of false modesty here. But it... Continue Reading

The Lost Letter to the Corinthians

This story is interesting because it shows us a Calvin we can relate to.

In late July 1546, he sent the manuscript—the only copy of the manuscript—by way of a courier to Strasbourg. It was handwritten. No backup. It was typical for a copy to be made, but Calvin did not want to waste the extra time to making a copy. That was likely a miscalculation. Not long after... Continue Reading

What Makes Charles Spurgeon Relevant Today?

The centrality of Christ was key for Spurgeon.

Christ-centeredness—that looking to Christ for his own salvation to the very last words in the pulpit—was really what defined Spurgeon’s ministry and why I think Spurgeon is so profoundly useful and relevant for today. We have a tendency to distract ourselves from Christ towards many good things, doctrines for instance, that might take away from Christ.... Continue Reading

Struggling to Forgive – Rosalind Goforth

When believers refuse to forsake sin they grieve God’s Spirit and forfeit His empowerment and many other precious spiritual blessings.

Rosalind had been put in charge of the women’s outreach work that year, and she had a great yearning in her soul that the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power would be experienced in her life and ministry endeavors. While they traveled along she bowed her head and cried to God to fill her with His... Continue Reading

Kata Bethlen—A Faith Preserved

"Relight my heart, that I may keep knocking at the door of grace.”

Kata’s writings are pregnant with a sense of God’s sovereign wisdom and care for his own, in both easy and trying circumstances. “I have been like Moses’s bush,” she said, “enveloped in powerful flames, without being consumed.”   Kata Bethlen (1700-1752) started her autobiography with her most painful memory: her forced marriage, at age 17,... Continue Reading

The Pastoral Benefit of Baxter and Burroughs

To put it plainly, they help us put first things first.

Feast on the wealth of wisdom from these fellow pastors! Admit yourselves under these doctors of the soul. Take these truths, and boundless more, and press them on your heart, until you see afresh the weight of your calling and the sweetness of your Christ.   We scarcely need to add to the existing praise... Continue Reading

Charlotte of Bourbon—from Runaway Nun to Self-Sacrificing Wife

She used the experience she had acquired as an abbess in order to run the home, negotiate alliances, and raise financial support.

She had been sent to the abbey as a baby, she said, to be raised by her aunt, the abbess. When she turned twelve, she was forced to take the veil, in spite of her repeated protests. With time, her wisdom and abilities promoted her to the role of abbess, but her sentiments never changed.... Continue Reading

Joshua Harris Marches In Pride Parade After Apologizing to LGBT community

Former pastor and author Joshua Harris marches in the Vancouver Pride Parade on August 4, 2019.

Harris’ participation in Vancouver’s Pride Parade comes after he announced that he and his wife Shannon are separating, he no longer considers himself a Christian, and he regrets having taught that marriage is a union only between a man and a woman. Years earlier, Harris denounced his 1997 bestseller I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which discouraged... Continue Reading

The Mother of Presbyterianism in Edgefield County, South Carolina

Mrs. Hill's wonderful magnetism and beauty of spirit drew many friends to her assistance.

The labors of Mrs. Hill bore fruit as the Presbytery from 1875 to 1877 paid visits and sent men to preach to the core group that would constitute the initial members. During this period, visiting ministers who preached included John L. Girardeau (December 24, 1876) and William S. Plumer (February 25, 1877). After a petition... Continue Reading