Women of the Reformation: Katie Luther

"God’s highest gift on earth is a pious, cheerful, God-fearing, home-keeping wife, with whom you may live peacefully, to whom you may entrust your goods and body and life (M. Luther).”

Coming out of a monastic life, both Luther and Katie saw their wedding on June 13, 1525, as an act of confession and obedience to God’s act of creation. While Katie saw Luther as a liberator, Luther too found a freedom he had never known in his marriage with Katie. For this reason, Luther called... Continue Reading

John Newton, My Friend

Although he has been dead for 212 years, John Newton has become a good friend over the years.

I written about him before, about reading his letters, about godly speech, about hearing sermons, and about pride among preachers. Newton is special, and he makes me think, but I love him more because he communicates in such a way that makes me want to be more like Jesus. As he said of another preacher, “he not only informed... Continue Reading

Reactions to John Crist’s Moral Failings Demonstrate Our Culture’s Confusion about Christianity

Popular Christian comedian and YouTuber John Crist has come forth with an admission of ongoing “sexual sin and addiction struggles” after multiple women exposed years of his sexually immoral behavior.

Social media is buzzing with commentary on Crist, and a good number of people are referring to him as a fallen Christian “leader.” There’s an important distinction to be made here: John Crist is a popular Christian, but that doesn’t mean anyone should consider him to be a Christian leader.   News broke yesterday [November... Continue Reading

PCA Retirement & Benefits Elects Ed Dunnington As Its Next President

Dunnington is a PCA teaching elder who has served as a financial planning advisor at RBI since 2015.

Ed Dunnington first felt the call to Christian ministry while attending Virginia Military Institute (VMI) where he received a B.S. in Mathematics. Dunnington subsequently went on active duty for the U.S. Army to fulfill his military service obligation. In 1994, he enrolled at Covenant Theological Seminary, graduating with a M.Div. in 1998. That same year... Continue Reading

Taking Pride in Down Syndrome Children

Only one or two Down Syndrome children are born per year in Iceland. These children are so thoroughly identified in utero that almost all of them are aborted.

“Babies with Down Syndrome are still being born in Iceland,” concedes the head of the nation’s leading Prenatal Diagnosis Unit. “We didn’t find them in our screening.” They’re the lucky ones. The others are aborted. “We don’t look at abortion as a murder,” shrugs another “health” official in Iceland. “We look at it as a... Continue Reading

The Board of Incorporate Members of Dallas Theological Seminary has Named Current Vice President as President

Dr. Yarbrough has a long history with DTS, first as a student, having earned both his ThM (1996) and PhD (2008) degrees in Bible Exposition at the seminary; and later as a member of the faculty and administration. For the past seven years, he has served as the vice president for academic affairs and academic... Continue Reading

Clement Read Vaughan – a Faithful Friend

He is worthy to be remembered for his outstanding writing and pastoral skills and his faithfulness in pointing friends, listeners, and readers to Christ’s finished work and the solid hope we have in Him.

Vaughan was born on July 15, 1827 in Charlotte County, Virginia, and studied at Hampden Sydney College, in the same state. There, he became an avid reader of the sermons of Moses Hoge, a Scott-Irish preacher who upheld historical Reformed Protestantism against the frequent abuses and misinterpretations of frontier revivals.   Today, Clement Read Vaughan... Continue Reading

Isabella Graham – an 18th-Century Problem-Solver

Her name is remembered in the history of charitable societies as one of the first and most active pioneers.

New York was a city of sharp contrasts, with a great disparity between rich and poor. Life was particularly difficult for widows, who grew numerically after the yellow fever epidemics of 1795, 1799, and 1803. Graham knew what it was like to be a widow and single mother, but at least her education had allowed... Continue Reading

Five Examples of Amazing Grace in the Life of John Newton

Under the residing Holy Spirit, Newton’s personality came to tell more and more for Almighty God.

In his day Newton was famous for five things — he was an outstanding example of a converted infidel, he was a great hymn-writer, he was a wise spiritual counsellor, he had true charity for all Christians, and his personality had an unconscious godliness about it. All these are worth our study.   It is... Continue Reading

Women of the Reformation: Argula von Grumbach

She was not ashamed of the gospel.

Argula corresponded with Luther on several occasions, and even met with him at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530, when he was at the nearby castle of the Coburg. Luther once sent some of Argula’s letters to Spalatin, saying, “I am sending you the letters of Argula von Gruymbach, Christ’s disciple, that you may see... Continue Reading