PCA Pastor, Jim Dallery, Finds Help At PNRC After Life-Changing Fall

After Dallery suffered a rare traumatic brain injury he was diagnosed with acquired prosopagnosia or “face blindness.”

Face blindness is the inability to recognize faces – even those of family and close friends. Up to 2.5 percent of the population are believed to be born with it. But prosopagnosia caused by stroke or injury to the brain’s occipital/temporal lobe regions is so rare one researcher believes there are only 20 known cases... Continue Reading

Andrew Murray’s Successful Marriage Proposal

Sometime early in 1856 (probably February) he wrote to ask her forgiveness for past offenses and to learn if he might have some hope of winning her as his wife in the future.

 “He is very romantic in his disposition. All sorts of things that in reading German poetry and plays I had put down to German mystery and romance, I find he fully sympathizes in. I thought no one in this matter-of-fact age did, that it was only the philosophy of poets.…”   Here’s the second of... Continue Reading

Juan Pérez de Pineda and other Spanish Reformers

Pérez encouraged the Christians in Spain to remember their high privilege of serving the King of kings.

From Paris, Pérez moved to Geneva, where he began the most influential work of his life: the translation of the New Testament, the Psalms, Calvin’s catechism, and a few other Protestant books into Spanish. He also wrote a letter to encourage other Spaniards who suffered under the Inquisition, and a letter to the Spanish king... Continue Reading

John & Betty Stam: Serving Christ in Life and Death

Hundreds of secular newspapers throughout the world carried full accounts of the Stams’ martyrdom.

In China John and Betty constantly (often daily) shared the Gospel, both at their mission stations and while out on evangelistic itinerations. On those outreach tours they shared Christ in tea shops, inns, homes, chapels and open air meetings. Regardless of our temperament or degree of evangelistic gifting, John and Betty’s examples encourage us to... Continue Reading

Fulfilling God’s Call to Christian Service – Gladys Aylward

She could never escape the thought that God desired her to be serving in China.

“But he did go. He went in spite of everything!” From that Scripture passage Gladys was convinced that God was giving her marching orders – to go, as Nehemiah had in his own time and place, to play a part in addressing the concerning situation in China that had been so long on her heart.... Continue Reading

5 Sources Of True Change

In change, you are 100 percent responsible, and 100 percent dependent on outside help. Any other way of putting it makes you either far too independent or far too passive.

We turn—from darkness to light, from false gods to the only true God, from death to life, from unbelief to faith. You ask for help because you need help. You repent. You believe, trust, seek, take refuge. You are honest. You remember, listen, obey, fear, hope, love, give thanks, weep, confess, praise, delight, walk. Notice... Continue Reading

Matyás Dévay Bíró – The “Hungarian Luther”

He is remembered as a father of the Hungarian written language.

Few visitors will recognize Devay’s name. His features are also hardly distinguishable from those of other 16th-century reformers: same hat, same prominent nose, same long beard. In reality, his whole life is still clouded in mystery. He spent most of it on the run, moving from place to place and from prison to prison.  ... Continue Reading

He Died Early in the Smile of God

Robert Murray McCheyne (1813–1843)

In McCheyne’s description of his teenage years, he said, “I kissed the Rose nor thought about the thorn” — meaning, “I indulged in all the amusing and beautiful pleasures of the world, and didn’t give a thought to sickness and suffering and death.” But after his conversion, he spoke often of Jesus as his Rose... Continue Reading

Elisabeth of the Palatinate and Her Influence on Descartes

She is mostly remembered as the woman who caused Descartes to question his theories.

She met Descartes during one of his visits to The Hague. They discussed mathematics and philosophy. She surprised him by providing an answer to an intriguing geometrical problem, and expressed her interest in his metaphysical theories. As she examined these more thoroughly in the context of her daily life, however, she began to question his... Continue Reading

A Charge Brought Against Dr. Scott Oliphint, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Seminary

Dr. Peter Lillback addresses the Westminster Seminary community in chapel about the charge that has been brought against Dr. Oliphint.

The charge alleges that Dr. Oliphint, in his book “God with Us: Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God,” presents a view of God’s immutability that appears to allow that God can assume new properties and changes in relating to creation, and that such a view is contrary to the Scriptures and the Westminster Standards.... Continue Reading