John Bunyan and the Women Who Shaped His Life

This company of godly women must have influenced Bunyan’s depiction of Christiana and Mercy in Pilgrim’s Progress II.

Bunyan was a man of his times. He believed that women are spiritually weaker than men and more susceptible to the devil’s enticements. But life taught him they are equal heirs of God’s promises and valuable fellow-pilgrims on the way to the Celestial City.   If it’s true that behind every great man there is... Continue Reading

Dr. Benjamin Shaw Has Accepted Call To Teach At Reformation Bible College

A search for new Hebrew & Old Testament Instructor is under way at Greenville Seminary.

Dr. Shaw began teaching at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) in 1991, having previously taught at Wofford College and Duke University. Dr. Shaw has his PhD from Bob Jones University, ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary, and MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Shaw will teach full-time at GPTS for one more semester this Fall before... Continue Reading

“It Was a ‘Lost to Saved’ Thing”: Hundreds of Former LGBT Men, Women Gather to Share How Jesus Changed Their Lives

“It wasn’t a ‘gay to straight’ thing, It was a ‘lost to saved’ thing.”

Around 200 previously fully-fledged members of the LGBT community came together on the grounds of the Washington Monument over the weekend to tell of the grace and healing they have found through having a relationship with Jesus.   A number of formerly gay and transgender individuals have gathered in the nation’s capital for the second... Continue Reading

Johannes Kepler and the Joy of Science

He didn’t know if his inquiries would generate useful answers, but he knew they would open a new window on God’s orderly creation.

Biographers are often surprised at Kepler’s optimism in spite of the troubles that marked his life, but his studies had done nothing but confirm the biblical teaching of a loving God who has a perfect and beautiful plan for his creation. To him, science was a delightful discovery of this exciting truth, to be pursued... Continue Reading

Monica of Tagaste – A Persistent Mother

“A happy life is the perfect life to which we are led by a firm faith, cheerful hope, and fervent love.”

Monica was devastated. If Augustine’s youthful passions troubled her, his deviation from Christianity overwhelmed her. Gone was the poise she exhibited with Patricius. At one point, she refused to let him into her house (but took him back later). In the meantime, she cried rivers of tears and visited the local bishop, pressuring him to... Continue Reading

Pierre Du Moulin

Patriarch of the French Reformation

His sermons were deeply pastoral. Some became polemic due to the nature of the attacks against Protestants. He also wrote books on an impressive variety of topics, from theology and piety to natural science and politics.   Little known today, Pierre du Moulin was one of the main protagonists of the French Reformation and one... Continue Reading

I Used to Hide My Shame. Now I Take Shelter Under the Gospel.

How a gay atheist teenager discovered Jesus and stopped living undercover.

For decades, I’ve had Christian leaders asking me to please not share my Christian testimony, despite my thorough agreement with the church’s historic teaching on sexuality. Even the language of same-sex attraction—which many believers have found helpful as a way to disassociate themselves from assumptions about being gay—feels to many others like a tool of... Continue Reading

Walk with Me Through a Midlife Crisis

Perhaps the reason the crisis comes at midlife is to show us, at the cresting of our natural powers, who is truly sovereign. And merciful.

Perhaps you will not be surprised, then, that 26 years later, as my ministry at Bethlehem was coming to a close, the message I chose to give at Together for the Gospel celebrated the sovereign keeping power of God over my life. “Now to him who is able to keep you . . .” (Jude 24). I suppose I could look... Continue Reading

I Am Not an Accident – The Best Birthday Note Ever

‎My heart has been made glad and God has reminded me that I am not here by accident but by Divine appointment and foreordination.

Thanks, Mom! Thanks for the reminder that I am no accident but that I have been fashioned and formed with a purpose. Thanks for your sacrifice in carrying me to term, a sacrifice which was a major means in bringing me to that purpose, and thanks for praying that I would come to know the... Continue Reading

Dr. Robert Stout Rayburn Retires after 41+ years at Faith Presbyterian Church: A Reflection

Robert Stout Rayburn is retiring from the RPC,ES/PCA ministry after 41 plus years of pulpit ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington.

During his tenure at Faith Presbyterian, Dr. Rayburn preached three times each Lord’s Day with two different sermons. Then there was the Wednesday night sermonette before Prayer Meeting. In addition to the preparation of multiple sermons each week, he mentored the numerous church officers, taught Latin at the church’s high school, Covenant High School, wrote... Continue Reading