PCA Minister and Missionary John (Jack) William Chinchen Called Home to Glory

Founder of African Bible Colleges, Dr. Chinchen died in Africa, where he served Christ for nearly 50 years as a pioneer missionary.

Jack and Nell have established four ABC radio stations in Africa, one each in Liberia and Uganda, two in Malawi (Lilongwe and Mzuzu), as well as a Christian television station that operates from the ABC campus in Malawi. Jack and Nell established a third African Bible College campus in Kampala, Uganda in 2005—today known as... Continue Reading

The Spirituality of the Church Speech

"Sir, we will always humbly reverence your majesty in public; but since we have this occasion to be with your majesty in private...we must discharge our duty, or else be traitors both to Christ and you. "

With news of an impending Spanish invasion, King James VI of Scotland (later King James I of England) had given orders to the ministers throughout Scotland to charge their members to “take up arms, provide supplies and meet mediated attacks.” Additionally, he relayed his desire to bring back certain Roman Catholic officials who would reestablish... Continue Reading

On Fire for Christ: Remembering John Rogers (February 4, 1555)

A man with bold ambitions and simple obedience to match.

John Rogers stands in a long parade of God-centered men; men who preached the truth, confronted sin, lived uncompromising lives, and finished strong.  Like Rogers, some were martyred.  Others died of old age or were tormented with disease.  Those who participate in this Christ-exalting parade still have something to say.  Their courage emboldens us.  Their lives... Continue Reading

Brilliana Harley – Wife, Mother, and Fighter

"My trust is only in my God, who never yet failed me."

Her convictions were not blind adherence to her family’s teachings. She was well educated, well read, fluent in both Latin and French (in fact, more at ease with French than English), and eager to examine different opinions. For example, in response to the Roman Catholic objections that Luther was simply moved by ambition and taught... Continue Reading

This Day In History: The Death of Charles Spurgeon

From his conversion to his death, looking to Christ crucified for life remained the touchstone of Spurgeon’s own life and ministry.

“When you see my coffin carried to the silent grave, I should like every one of you, whether converted or not, to be constrained to say, ‘He did earnestly urge us, in plain and simple language, not to put off the consideration of eternal things. He did entreat us to look to Christ.'”   Free... Continue Reading

Immortal Till His Work Was Done

John Paton (1824–1907)

The sacrifices and the legacy of the missionaries to the New Hebrides are stunning, and John Paton stands out as one of the great ones. In telling his story, we will focus on one of the most inspiring aspects of his character: his courage.   When John and Margaret Paton landed on the New Hebrides... Continue Reading

Sarah Miller and Her Secret Turmoil

A host of deep-seated religious doubts crowded her mind.

Before doubt, there was indifference – youthful disinterest in a formal religious instruction. “The peculiar doctrines of the gospel, as a system, had never been presented to my mind and formed no part of the education which was given me,” she wrote. “The Bible I read at school as children generally do, and in the... Continue Reading

Edmund Grindal and His Letter to the Queen

Unlike the Roman bishop he had taken as example, Grindal didn’t prevail over the queen, who had a hard time settling for a suspension and continued to press for a full demotion.

The 56-year old archbishop was well aware of the likely consequences of this challenge to the queen’s orders, but he was bound by his conscience and by God’s word which, he believed, gave him “no power to destroy, but to edify.”[2]“Bear with me, I beseech you, Madam,” he concluded, “if I choose rather to offend... Continue Reading

Pastor, Let’s Think This Year: John Calvin as Model of Thoughtfulness

For Calvin, learning was continually part of his life.

In some way Calvin’s educational life is unremarkable. Attending schools at a young age and pursuing degrees are somewhat standard fare. Yet, even in the mundane, we learn from Calvin. If pastors would be theologians, they must give themselves to disciplined study, engaged in rigorous programs of thought. Rising early, reading well, writing precisely, and... Continue Reading

Pastor Loses Job After Church Sign Stating ‘Homosexuality Is Still A Sin’ Causes Uproar

Pastor Justin Hoke of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in Weed, California, lost his job following backlash over language used in a recent church sign.

Hoke said that because “the culture has drawn a line in the sand and dared [Christians] to step over,” he came to the conclusion that the church should accept the challenge — not with hate, but by simply preaching “the gospel.” The pastor also noted that he wasn’t “fired,” but that the church faced a potential... Continue Reading