The Work of the Pastor

Richard Baxter unstintingly applied the Biblical work ethic to the pastoral task.

Baxter’s pastoral work ethic is undeniable.  His energy is passionate and unrelenting.  His enthusiasm is in evidence on every page.  Both his rhetoric and his practical counsel are charged with passion for Christ, the doctrines of grace, the purity of the church, the necessity for clerical holiness, the discipling purposes of education, and the high... Continue Reading

Dorothy Leigh and Her Advice to Her Sons

Her voice is honest, direct, humble, and insightful, facing with clarity and discernment many important issues in light of Scripture and for the glory of God.

Her book, The Mothers Blessing, was written as a letter to her grown children after their father had died. This was an acceptable form of writing for women. What was unexpected was its reception. Printed soon after her death (1616), it became an instant success, so much that 23 editions were published before 1674.  ... Continue Reading

Help Support Religious Freedom Down Under

Israel Folau is well-known Australia rugby player who lost his position with Rugby Australia for an Instagram post in which he shared the love of Jesus for sinners.

He’s challenging that decision in court as a matter of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  A few days ago, he set up a GoFundMe page and it quickly raised a lot of cash for his case.  However, GoFundMe pulled the plug on it.  The Australian Christian Lobby has now taken over the fundraising. ... Continue Reading

Was He Too Prone to Wander? Robert Robinson (1735–1790)

Robinson was animated by an evangelical faith and piety that was later compared to Jonathan Edwards.

On Sunday, May 24, 1752, he was one of a gang of young people who went and got a fortune-teller drunk on cheap gin, and then visited Whitefield’s Tabernacle at Moorfields “to mock the preacher and pity his hearers,” but instead Robinson was haunted by Whitefield’s sermon on the wrath to come. Day and night... Continue Reading

Social Justice vs the Gospel’s Liberty of Conscience

A letter from one PCA member to other PCA members urging that we live in the full freedom of our identity in Christ.

So, I plead with my brothers and sisters in Christ, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery” (Gal 5:1). Social Justice philosophically is a yoke of slavery which binds the conscience of believers.   Dear Fellow Brothers and... Continue Reading

Two Pastors, Two Fathers, Two Sons

A Father’s Day Tribute to Fathers

In 1957 Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a Father’s Day proposal accusing Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years and singling out only one parent, mothers, for honor.  President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed it into law as a permanent holiday.  ... Continue Reading

The Double Life of an NFL Lineman

Behind the scenes, John Urschel, an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, had another life.

The pieces of his vocational calling puzzle began to take shape and come into focus. Two voices reverberated in his mind. First, his own small quiet voice that he had heard for years was now increasing in volume. Second, the loud consistent voice of his mother requesting that he exit football and pursue a career... Continue Reading

John Bunyan and the Women Who Shaped His Life

This company of godly women must have influenced Bunyan’s depiction of Christiana and Mercy in Pilgrim’s Progress II.

Bunyan was a man of his times. He believed that women are spiritually weaker than men and more susceptible to the devil’s enticements. But life taught him they are equal heirs of God’s promises and valuable fellow-pilgrims on the way to the Celestial City.   If it’s true that behind every great man there is... Continue Reading

Dr. Benjamin Shaw Has Accepted Call To Teach At Reformation Bible College

A search for new Hebrew & Old Testament Instructor is under way at Greenville Seminary.

Dr. Shaw began teaching at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) in 1991, having previously taught at Wofford College and Duke University. Dr. Shaw has his PhD from Bob Jones University, ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary, and MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Shaw will teach full-time at GPTS for one more semester this Fall before... Continue Reading

“It Was a ‘Lost to Saved’ Thing”: Hundreds of Former LGBT Men, Women Gather to Share How Jesus Changed Their Lives

“It wasn’t a ‘gay to straight’ thing, It was a ‘lost to saved’ thing.”

Around 200 previously fully-fledged members of the LGBT community came together on the grounds of the Washington Monument over the weekend to tell of the grace and healing they have found through having a relationship with Jesus.   A number of formerly gay and transgender individuals have gathered in the nation’s capital for the second... Continue Reading