PCA Minister opens Jackson, MS chapter of Joni and Friends Ministry

(There are) “approximately 143,000 people in the Jackson area who were touched with disabilities. Of those, only 10 percent go to church. It’s the number one unreached group of people in North America.” Joni and Friends is a nonprofit ministry that works to share the Gospel with those living with disabilities. The organization is starting... Continue Reading

Serving an Extraordinary God – The Ordinary Pastor’s Project Features Nick Jackson of St. Joseph, Michigan

The Gospel Coalition’s Ordinary Pastors Project seeks to find wisdom and honor in faithfulness, demonstrated in varied contexts. This submission comes from Mike West. Nick Jackson is first and foremost a servant of Christ. He is my pastor, mentor, brother, and friend. He is currently the senior pastor at Oakridge Baptist Church in St. Joseph,... Continue Reading

Be Encouraged: Introducing the Ordinary Pastors Project

So TGC’s new Ordinary Pastors Project is an effort to say, “Be encouraged.” Be encouraged. Be encouraged in the midst of ministerial duties that are mind-numbingly mundane “We often let the big ideas, the majestic vistas of salvation, the grand visions of God’s work in the world, and the great opportunities for making an impact... Continue Reading

Georgia Settle, wife of PCA minister Paul Settle, died on Sunday evening (9/19) after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

‘Georgia’s eyes twinkled, and she could not stifle her grin. Her whole face betrayed her excitement. She was leading a devotion for the women on our committee. “Girls,” she announced with glee, “we are frapping cables!*”’ Paul Settle announced the passing of his loving wife and companion of 54 years in an email he sent... Continue Reading

Belhaven University Football Player makes the Pros in San Francisco

Tramaine Brock has earned a spot on the San Francisco 49ers 53 man roster. Brock’s hard work in training camp this summer impressed the 49ers coaching staff. “When you look at Brock,” said 49ers head coach Mike Singetary, “he’s a kid who comes to practice and every day gets a little better.” In four games... Continue Reading

John Piper Still Working on Soul, Family During Leave

Halfway into his first leave from ministry, evangelical pastor John Piper released an update to let supporters know how he is doing on the soul, family and vocational front. “[W]e continue to probe the roots of our most characteristic sins with a view to confessing them and repenting and seeking God’s transforming power through prayer... Continue Reading

Rejoicing with Phil Ryken, Wheaton College’s Eighth President

It was a joy to represent the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and my own congregation, the First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi (PCA) at the Inaugural Festivities at Wheaton College. As most of the folks reading this blog will know, The Reverend Dr. Philip Graham Ryken is a Council Member of the Alliance of Confessing... Continue Reading

ARP Pastor’s Family thanks community that supported them in time of grief

The following story, written by Ben McNeely of the Kannapolis-based Independent Tribune describes the service and many of the related stories for the funeral of Jamie McClamrock, son of ARP Pastor Mark McClamrock in Concord, NC. Details of the incident in Iraq are available at http://bit.ly/ahKcuK When Mark and Susan stepped on board a plane... Continue Reading

Albert Mohler says he’s embarrassed by past support of women in ministry

Carl Henry “looked at me with a look that surprised me, and he simply said to me, ‘One day this will be a matter of great embarrassment to you.'” A seminary president who served on a committee that 10 years ago revised the Southern Baptist Convention’s confessional document to declare that only men should be... Continue Reading

Breaking News: Southeastern Baptist Seminary receives huge donation of Francis Schaeffer’s unpublished works from his daughter, Deborah

At a ceremony during Tuesday morning’s chapel service, Schaeffer’s daughter, Deborah Middelmann, handed seminary professor Bruce Little a black, leather-bound copy of her father’s copiously noted King James Version of the Bible. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Wake Forest, NC (near Raleigh/Durham) has landed the collected papers of one of the most important evangelicals... Continue Reading