My Life As a Mom to 8 Kids

People hear that I have eight kids and they think I’m a parenting expert. I’m not.

“Having eight kids is expensive. My husband makes a decent living as a financial planner, but we’re by no means rich. I’m a clearance shopper and a coupon clipper. Other than our summer trip to the shore, we don’t take vacations. When my kids want to go to the movies with their friends, or go... Continue Reading

White’s Church [PCA] Ties Raise Questions About His Views On Gay Marriage

Andrew White, the son of former Gov. Mark White, and a member and elder in a PCA church, is running for Texas governor as a democrat candidate.

White, 45, is an elder at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston, a conservative congregation that is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In recent days, he has taken heat from other Democrats for being personally against abortion, though he has said he recognizes that abortion remains legal and that he... Continue Reading

Why I No Longer Participate in Racial Reconciliation Services

We must not give priority to tribal or ethnic loyalties in place of fidelity to the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ should stop attempting to address the mythical issue of so-called ‘race’ as to do so would be to spend time and energy chasing after an imaginary dragon. There simply is no such thing and the Bible offers our proof. Biblically speaking, mankind is of one human race. We are all... Continue Reading

Trump Gives Health Workers New Religious Liberty Protections

The administration is drafting rules to define the circumstances in which health care workers could refuse to provide services to which they had religious or moral objections.

For religious conservatives, the new protections address long-held concerns that religious people could be forced to comply with laws and regulations that violate their religious beliefs. Roger Severino, the director of the office for civil rights at the Department of Health and Human Services, promised that he and his staff would investigate every complaint of... Continue Reading

When Our Heroes Don’t Live Up to Their Theology

As an evangelical, I deeply admire the work of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, but I can’t get around the fact that they both owned slaves.

I am conflicted myself about what to do about these problems. Christian responses to figures such as Whitefield run the gamut from admiring defensiveness to utter condemnation. Let me illustrate by citing an eclectic assortment of reactions to Whitefield and his historic contemporaries.   Probably the lowest moment for me as I researched my 2014 biography... Continue Reading

Paolo Sarpi – a View of Rome after Trent

He would have continued a quiet life of a scholar if a momentous controversy hadn’t shaken the city.

Sarpi’s life and works bring to light a reality which has been typically ignored. Most historical accounts lead us to believe that the Roman Catholic Church, initially overtaken by Protestant assaults, came to successfully reorganize and reform itself in the Council of Trent. The truth is somewhat different.   Paolo Sarpi is not a familiar... Continue Reading

Peterson, Driscoll & the Millennial Man

The reality is that a man doesn’t need to be a cage fighter to exercise responsibility.

When men do work and take care – when they clean their room, or lay down their life for someone else – it is such a pure reflection of what they were created to do, and so powerfully good for them and those around them, that it provokes an emotional response. It is a beautiful thing, and... Continue Reading

Facebook is Done With Quality Journalism. Deal With It.

Facebook will gradually pull the plug on news. Publishers should stop whining and move on.

Facebook came up with glowing new products like Newsfeed, Instant Articles, and Facebook Live, providing silly advice for thriving on the platform (“Play on emotion, folks, users love it! — Hem, this might be difficult, we are business news providers…”). Facebook promised a deluge of eyeballs. Caught in the headlights, deer-like publishers silenced their mental... Continue Reading

Pastors: Play the Long Game and Keep Your Chins Up

Measuring the success of one’s service based primarily on what we can see is deceptive, because most of the fruit in our ministry is in things that are unseen.

Isn’t this a commentary on the deceptiveness of the heart? Ministers who preach the sovereignty of God and labor for the glory of God can be found huddling in the shade of our own Babel or the dust cloud of personal disappointment.   The ministry is a tricky thing for pastors. When things seem to go... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Athanasius

Athanasius was the great early Christian defender of the full deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He was exiled five times. Athanasius admitted the truth of the charge and was exiled to Treveri (modern Trier) in northern France from 336 to 337. This was the first of five exiles, four of which were for his defense of the deity of Christ against Arianism. The two longest, from 339–346 and 356–361, were... Continue Reading