Evangelical churches in U.S. do better job of retaining youth, researcher says

Evangelical churches do a better job than mainline churches in keeping their young people in the faith, probably because they invest more money in youth ministry, says a Duke University professor who studies characteristics of American congregations. Mark Chaves, a professor of sociology, religion and divinity and director of the National Congregations Study, said in... Continue Reading

Gordon Conwell Seminary Professor and Alumnus in serious bus accident in South Korea

A Professor (Dr. Gary Parrett) and an alumnus (Pastor Kyu Bum “Kenny” Ye ’01 MDIV) were involved in a bus accident in South Korea last week. The BBC Korea Bureau reported that a bus had fallen from a bridge near the main international airport serving the South Korean capital Seoul, killing 12 passengers. Another 12... Continue Reading

Robert Schuller’s daughter now Senior Pastor of Crystal Cathedral; Schuller remains Chairman of Consistory Natalie James

On Sunday the Reverend Sheila Coleman told her congregation that the only change was that her role had been made official by the Reformed Church in America. Rumors ran rampant Sunday that Robert H. Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral and Christian TV show ‘Hour of Power,’ was retiring. But Schuller’s daughter has shot down... Continue Reading

Survey: 7 in 10 Christian households in U.S. are eliminating, avoiding debt

While American consumers continue to worry about jobs and paying the bills, 7 in 10 Christian households reported in a recently published survey that they actively pay off their credit cards in full every month. Additionally nearly 8 of 10 Christian households said they continue to give ten percent or more of their income to... Continue Reading

Pastor to President Part II – An interview with Don Sweeting

After twelve years of ministry as the Senior Pastor of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Dr. Don Sweeting has taken a call to become the President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Don was our keynote speaker at our Friday night worship service at General Assembly. In this second of a two-part interview, he offered... Continue Reading

World Cup 2010: Whiff of Calvinism doesn’t diminish Dutch delight

The old Calvinist caricature of the Hollander has long been laid to rest…but at the same time every Dutchman fears it may be right, that we are victims of a faith that forbids indulgence in the things that make life worth living – a stupefying football win, for instance. “The 32-year wait is over.” “This... Continue Reading

Longtime Westminster Seminary Librarian, OPC Minister Arthur Kuschke dead at 96

The Rev. Arthur Wyndham Kuschke Jr., died peacefully at home Thursday, July 1, 2010. He was 96 years old. Kuschke was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a son of the late Arthur Wyndham Kuschke Sr., and Mildred Parkhurst Kuschke. His only sibling, Mary-Carson Kuschke, died in January of 2010. Mr. Kuschke received his early education at... Continue Reading

‘High Noon’ at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: Dissidents challenge the leadership of a new pastor

The high costs, but eventual victory, of replanting an old line congregation. (An in-depth interview with Tullian Tchividijian.) Tullian Tchividijian is the grandson of evangelist Billy Graham. There, that’s out of the way. But maybe even more important in his bio is the fact that he took over the congregation of D. James Kennedy after... Continue Reading

Land Use Attorney Authors the Religious Land Use Chapter for the West 2010 Zoning and Planning Law Handbook

West Publishing contacts the top attorneys in their respective fields to author chapters of its Zoning and Land Use handbook. Dalton was selected for his success in RLUIPA cases nationwide. Daniel P. Dalton, one of the nation’s leading attorneys in religious land use law, has authored the chapter in the West 2010 Zoning and Planning... Continue Reading

Family of ‘Harry Potter’ actress charged with threatening to kill her over boyfriend

The strict Muslim father and brother of “Harry Potter” actress Afshan Azad have been charged with threatening to kill her because she has a Hindu boyfriend. Azad, 22, fled the suburban English home she shared with her father, Abdul, 54, mother, Nilofar, and three brothers after the bizarre incident on May 21, authorities said. A... Continue Reading