Rachel Held Evans, Progressive Christian Writer, Dies At Age 37

Evans died Saturday morning at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, after she had been in a medically induced coma for several weeks.

Evans announced on April 14 that she was in the hospital to treat the flu and a urinary tract infection and had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. She then began experiencing symptoms that caused her to have constant seizures and was admitted to an intensive care unit.   Rachel Held Evans, a New York... Continue Reading

Whole Christian Villages Wiped Out, Media Silent

Hundreds more dead and wounded Christians lay in villages in Nigeria while the world sleeps.

“After that attack, I came to visit the villages in the two-mile area around my church, and it was like a cemetery,” said Father Ikeh, weeping. “More than 150 people had been murdered.” In 2015, the Boko Haram was ranked the world’s deadliest terror group by the Institute for Economics and Peace.   Another week.... Continue Reading

Small Beginnings: J. C. Ryle in Exbury

Ryle’s early life teaches us the importance of not despising small beginnings.

Pastors are often tempted to be dissatisfied with their churches and long for greater prominence and larger congregations. But this dissatisfaction is part of the enemy’s lies and such outcomes must be left to the Lord. Instead we should see that God is also at work even in less than ideal situations.   When we... Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson: High Priest for a Secular Age

Peterson is right about many things, but not always for the right reasons.

Peterson wants us to live as if there is a God because he understands well the disastrous consequences of living as if there is not a God. But what good is the recovery of transcendence if it is only an evolutionarily useful figment of imagination? As a high priest of traditional Western values, Peterson’s temple... Continue Reading

Statement from Dr. K. Scott Oliphint on The Doctrine Of God And Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr. Oliphint’s written statement affirming his ongoing commitment to his view of God’s immutability as expressed in the Westminster Standards.

“My overall goal is that the revisions to God with Us will present God’s character and condescension in a way that will further clarify my commitment to Scripture, and to the Standards to which I have subscribed. I hope you will pray with me to that end.”   Two members of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church... Continue Reading

Synagogue Shooting Suspect Was a Piano-Playing Nursing Student From Religious Family With a Racist Secret

The suspected shooter of the San Diego synagogue, John Earnest, is a member of Escondido Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA.

Zach Keele, pastor of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, where Earnest’s father was an elder, or officer of the church, confirmed that he was part of the parish. “So John T. Earnest is a member here,” he told The Daily Beast. “We completely deplore what he did. That is not part of our practices, our teachings... Continue Reading

His Hymns Make Souls Feel Whole: Horatius Bonar (1808–1889)

Today we can rejoice that Horatius Bonar found a way of expressing his theology, poetry, and heart’s doxology in hymnody.

Bonar’s hymns are usually simple, but not simplistic; poetic and yet clearly theological; and the best of them focus on the person of the Lord Jesus, his atoning work, coming to him in faith, living unreservedly for him, and anticipating future glory. In these hymns, the heart of the gospel is always found in Jesus Christ,... Continue Reading

J.I. Packer – Another Person We Should Know Better

It’s regrettable that Packer has been rather inconsistent on some key biblical teachings.

Even when Packer tackles difficult subjects like propitiation (the turning away of God’s wrath through the cross), he communicates winsomely. It’s really not surprising that some Canadian Reformed pastors have even used Knowing God for their pre-confession instruction. It’s a solid book! While there are many ways in which we can appreciate what God has... Continue Reading

Thomas Boston, the Marrow and the Gospel

Like Jonathan Edwards, I consider Thomas Boston "a truly great divine."

Like most prolific writers, Thomas Boston was also a prodigious reader. As a man of limited means, his personal library was small–little more than a single shelf of books. Yet he read whatever he could find, and in his Memoirs he lovingly describes new theological books arriving by post.   Thomas Boston is one of... Continue Reading

Marcella of Rome – The Woman Who Tamed Jerome’s Temper

By the time Jerome left Rome, Marcella had acquired a wealth of biblical knowledge.

After Athanasius, Rome welcomed another famous Christian author: Jerome (today best-known for his Latin translation of the Bible). Jerome’s fame had preceded him both as ascetic and as exegete, and Marcella had many questions to ask him. At first, he shunned her. He was a firm believer in celibacy for the clergy and in chastity... Continue Reading