How R.C. Sproul Blessed the Church by Preaching the Curse

This was a passionate plea to consider the horrors of the cross and thus the splendor of God’s grace

“In this sermon, we see exactly what made Sproul’s teaching ministry so powerful for so many years. He reminded us of who we are. Even more importantly he reminded us of who God is. Let’s give it a closer look.”   It was the 2008 Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This was... Continue Reading

If Only Francis Were Luther!

This is why orthodox Roman Catholics should worry less about the current pope’s resemblance to Luther and more about his resemblance to Erasmus

“By contrast, Erasmus’s vision seems consonant with that of Pope Francis. The pope has a clear bias in favor of the poor. He has expressed concern for the marginalized and the disenfranchised. His openness to those whom polite society regards as outsiders is evident. These attitudes are what make his papacy both intriguing and attractive.”... Continue Reading

More Thoughts about Suicide: From My Youth Up

If you are deeply depressed, fight it however you can. If you have suicidal thoughts: Don't do it. It's a sin against God, others, and yourself.

If you are a person, who struggles with persistent, serious depression and who may have had or be having “suicidal thoughts,” the one thing I must say is, “Don’t.” or to quote from the old Bob Newhart as psychologist dealing with a neurotic person routine, “Stop it. Just stop it.” I do know how weak those... Continue Reading

Dhuoda and Her Handbook – A Mother’s Cry

Moving back and forth between poetry and prose, gravity and playfulness, she included prayers, theological lessons, word games, and some medieval interpretation of numbers.

Deprived of her children and fretful about their future, she set her mind to write a long letter to her firstborn son. This task was, in a way, to her benefit as much as to his, as it eased her anxiety and her “longing to be useful.” It turned out to be an actual book... Continue Reading

Why Happy Christian Moms Still Feel Guilty

Pew Research found that evangelical mothers score high for balance and satisfaction in parenting. So why do they keep facing so much pressure?

White evangelical moms (a designation used by Pew, since this particular survey lacked enough respondents to include a black Protestant sample) expressed stronger views on their hopes for their children than mainline Protestant, Catholic, or unaffiliated parents. They were most likely to want their child to grow up to be honest and ethical (88%) and... Continue Reading

Refreshing the Saints

There are brothers and sisters in the Lord who sometimes – by their attitudes, opinions, and preferences – are more of a burden to the church than a blessing.

There’s a challenge in that for all of us. What am I to my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus? Do I refresh or weary them? Do I give rest or restlessness? Am I a comfort or an anxiety? Do I encourage confidence or are people walking on egg shells around me? Am I... Continue Reading

Thoughts About Suicide

Personal reflections: Struggling with depression and thoughts about suicide.

My story here is somewhat like the title of that book.  I am better now, else I could not write this. But this is not a “victory in Jesus” story. It is a story of someone God has apparently chosen to hold onto despite himself. It’s testimony is only: “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” It is a... Continue Reading

Why Turkey Is Accusing an American Pastor of Terrorism

Here's the geopolitical context that’s landed this minister in prison.

Brunson is the “Christian pawn” in Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan’s political schemes, says Brian Stiller, the global ambassador for World Evangelical Alliance. Turkey wants the United States to extradite Gülen, making Brunson’s nationality a bonus for the regime, he suggested.   Andrew Brunson had been ministering in Izmir, Turkey, for nearly a quarter of a... Continue Reading

Making a Heretic: Crawford Toy’s Tragic Path from Star Student to False Teacher

Toy illustrates that excellence in theological studies must be accompanied by true virtue.

Toy’s life and legacy provides a warning for seminary students today, but his clear example of error actually provides a helpful framework for how not to be the next Crawford Howell Toy: Submit to the inspiration and authority of Scripture, both its historical and spiritual claims; evaluate your faith and spiritual fruit, not just your... Continue Reading

Michelle Wolf and the Throwaway Culture

Michelle Wolf’s comment was not just a bad joke; it was a brazen display of power

“When we live in the space beyond good and evil, when morality is construed as entirely the invention of personal freedom, when nothing counts as intrinsically wicked, when any claim to moral authority is automatically shouted-down — in other words, when we live in the world that Nietzsche made possible — then the will of... Continue Reading