Hrotsvit of Gandersheim and Her Christian Plays

Hrotsvit lived at the time when the Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great (912-973) aspired to bring about a cultural renaissance in Saxony.

Of all the ancient writers, she particularly liked Terence. She loved his wit and eloquent style, but had some problems with his overall message. Christianity had drastically changed the world by restoring dignity to all human beings as made in the image of God, and by emphasizing humility, compassion, and self-sacrifice. Why couldn’t there be... Continue Reading

The En-courage-ment of a Dying Elder’s Ministry: John Geiger of Eastwood PCA

A tribute to the vibrant life and testimony of PCA elder emeritus John Geiger.

As John made clear, everyone was dying, but what made him different was that he had a more definitive timetable given to him than others. Even the “gravel in his voice as the disease restricts his vocal cords,” as one writer put it, contributed something to John’s message as he pointed others toward the world’s... Continue Reading

John Bradford and the Comfort of God’s Sovereign Choice

Far from being discouraging, the doctrine of God’s unconditional choice in all matters, including salvation, brought Bradford great comfort.

As many other English Protestants during Mary I’s reign, Bradford knew his prospects for martyrdom were high. To prepare himself and others, he wrote A Very Godly Prayer of one Standing at the Stake Ready to be Burnt for Christ’s Gospel’s Sake, where he remembered how Jesus also experienced “fear and need by the reason... Continue Reading

Doctors of the Soul: Tested Cures for Today’s Counselors

The Puritans are often referred to as “physicians of the soul.”

Christ does not need a “vicar” (substitute) on earth over his church because he is himself present and active among his people. The way Jesus has chosen to shepherd each congregation is “through the ministry of his word, which he does outwardly and tangibly through his ministers and instruments” — namely, elders who preach, deacons... Continue Reading

The Work of the Pastor

Richard Baxter unstintingly applied the Biblical work ethic to the pastoral task.

Baxter’s pastoral work ethic is undeniable.  His energy is passionate and unrelenting.  His enthusiasm is in evidence on every page.  Both his rhetoric and his practical counsel are charged with passion for Christ, the doctrines of grace, the purity of the church, the necessity for clerical holiness, the discipling purposes of education, and the high... Continue Reading

Dorothy Leigh and Her Advice to Her Sons

Her voice is honest, direct, humble, and insightful, facing with clarity and discernment many important issues in light of Scripture and for the glory of God.

Her book, The Mothers Blessing, was written as a letter to her grown children after their father had died. This was an acceptable form of writing for women. What was unexpected was its reception. Printed soon after her death (1616), it became an instant success, so much that 23 editions were published before 1674.  ... Continue Reading

Help Support Religious Freedom Down Under

Israel Folau is well-known Australia rugby player who lost his position with Rugby Australia for an Instagram post in which he shared the love of Jesus for sinners.

He’s challenging that decision in court as a matter of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  A few days ago, he set up a GoFundMe page and it quickly raised a lot of cash for his case.  However, GoFundMe pulled the plug on it.  The Australian Christian Lobby has now taken over the fundraising. ... Continue Reading

Was He Too Prone to Wander? Robert Robinson (1735–1790)

Robinson was animated by an evangelical faith and piety that was later compared to Jonathan Edwards.

On Sunday, May 24, 1752, he was one of a gang of young people who went and got a fortune-teller drunk on cheap gin, and then visited Whitefield’s Tabernacle at Moorfields “to mock the preacher and pity his hearers,” but instead Robinson was haunted by Whitefield’s sermon on the wrath to come. Day and night... Continue Reading

Social Justice vs the Gospel’s Liberty of Conscience

A letter from one PCA member to other PCA members urging that we live in the full freedom of our identity in Christ.

So, I plead with my brothers and sisters in Christ, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery” (Gal 5:1). Social Justice philosophically is a yoke of slavery which binds the conscience of believers.   Dear Fellow Brothers and... Continue Reading

Two Pastors, Two Fathers, Two Sons

A Father’s Day Tribute to Fathers

In 1957 Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a Father’s Day proposal accusing Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years and singling out only one parent, mothers, for honor.  President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed it into law as a permanent holiday.  ... Continue Reading