Pierre Du Moulin

Patriarch of the French Reformation

His sermons were deeply pastoral. Some became polemic due to the nature of the attacks against Protestants. He also wrote books on an impressive variety of topics, from theology and piety to natural science and politics.   Little known today, Pierre du Moulin was one of the main protagonists of the French Reformation and one... Continue Reading

I Used to Hide My Shame. Now I Take Shelter Under the Gospel.

How a gay atheist teenager discovered Jesus and stopped living undercover.

For decades, I’ve had Christian leaders asking me to please not share my Christian testimony, despite my thorough agreement with the church’s historic teaching on sexuality. Even the language of same-sex attraction—which many believers have found helpful as a way to disassociate themselves from assumptions about being gay—feels to many others like a tool of... Continue Reading

Walk with Me Through a Midlife Crisis

Perhaps the reason the crisis comes at midlife is to show us, at the cresting of our natural powers, who is truly sovereign. And merciful.

Perhaps you will not be surprised, then, that 26 years later, as my ministry at Bethlehem was coming to a close, the message I chose to give at Together for the Gospel celebrated the sovereign keeping power of God over my life. “Now to him who is able to keep you . . .” (Jude 24). I suppose I could look... Continue Reading

I Am Not an Accident – The Best Birthday Note Ever

‎My heart has been made glad and God has reminded me that I am not here by accident but by Divine appointment and foreordination.

Thanks, Mom! Thanks for the reminder that I am no accident but that I have been fashioned and formed with a purpose. Thanks for your sacrifice in carrying me to term, a sacrifice which was a major means in bringing me to that purpose, and thanks for praying that I would come to know the... Continue Reading

Dr. Robert Stout Rayburn Retires after 41+ years at Faith Presbyterian Church: A Reflection

Robert Stout Rayburn is retiring from the RPC,ES/PCA ministry after 41 plus years of pulpit ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington.

During his tenure at Faith Presbyterian, Dr. Rayburn preached three times each Lord’s Day with two different sermons. Then there was the Wednesday night sermonette before Prayer Meeting. In addition to the preparation of multiple sermons each week, he mentored the numerous church officers, taught Latin at the church’s high school, Covenant High School, wrote... Continue Reading

Living on the Brink of Eternity: The Life of David Brainerd

God used David Brainerd’s diary to fan the flames of what we know today as the Modern Missions Movement.

Jonathan Edwards was impacted by the life and ministry of this young man who had only been a believer for eight years prior to his death. He took Brainerd’s diary and other personal writings and added his own commentary that he gleaned from his friendship with Brainerd. An Account of the life of the late... Continue Reading

Moms Have Outsized Spiritual Influence On Teenagers

Father may know best, but mom knows their teenager better and is more likely to be a spiritual influence on them.

Teens are more likely to go to their father with political questions and their friends to talk about sex. Teens are also most likely to say mom is the one who most encourages them to go to church, encourages them in other ways, sets an example, talks with them about God’s forgiveness, and teaches them... Continue Reading

Mary Rowlandson – Seizing God in the Wilderness

When God calls a person to anything, and through never so many difficulties, yet He is fully able to carry them through.

The Algonquians allowed her to keep a Bible they had taken, among other things, from the village, and she read it avidly. Some portions, such as Deuteronomy 28, persuaded her the calamity that had fallen on their village was a result of their sins. Deuteronomy 30, however, provided assurance of God’s mercy and unbreakable promises.... Continue Reading

Andrew Murray’s Initial Reserve Toward Spiritual Revival

Murray went on to support the awakening and was significantly used of the Lord in promoting it in South Africa.

“The fruits of that revival were seen in the congregation for many years. They consisted, among others, in this, that fifty young men offered themselves for the ministry. And this happened in days when it was a difficult matter to find young men for the work of the ministry.” From the statements made by and about... Continue Reading

It is Well …

A great hymn came from the pen of a troubled—and troublesome—man.

His own ship, breached by disaster, was sinking. Rather than confess his failures and start repaying his debts, Spafford abandoned his faithful church and embraced the fervent millenarianism and spiritualism of his day. Jesus must be coming soon, and His sinful, broken, yet obedient servant must be on hand to meet Him. With Anna beside... Continue Reading