Why Supporters of a Nashville Pastor Are Speaking Out About His Departure From Covenant Presbyterian Church

In 2016, PCA minister, Jim Bachmann, lost his position as the senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, which rose to prominence in Nashville under his leadership.

Bachmann moved from Chattanooga in 1991 to lead Covenant Presbyterian Church. At the time, the congregation barely had 40 members. Under Bachmann’s leadership, the congregation grew to more than 2,000. By the late 2000s, they were able to raise funds internally to build a $15.5 million sanctuary on a hilltop overlooking southwest Nashville…. Now, Bachmann, 63, is leading a... Continue Reading

Lloyd-Jones on Racism and the Gospel

"We face national prejudices, class prejudices, race prejudices, gender prejudices, and so on. There is almost no end to them."

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who I have never heard anyone describe as a Marxist, gospel-compromising, SJW, preached a sermon on John 4:13-14 titled, “Spiritual Dullness and Evasive Tactics,” in which he brought up the issue of racism. Early in the sermon on Jesus’s encounter with the woman at the well Lloyd-Jones explains, “We have dealt with some general... Continue Reading

PCA Minister Jerome Roger “Jerry” Dodson III Called Home to Glory

Jerome “Jerry” Roger Dodson, III,57 passed away Saturday, July 14, 2018, on his birthday, at Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee following a brief illness.

He was ordained by R.C. Sproul at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford FL., following which he received a call to Northside Presbyterian Church in Melbourne, FL. There he served faithfully for many years, and later he became pastor at New Philadelphia Presbyterian Church in Quincy, FL, where he was serving at the time of death.... Continue Reading

What’s Your Emotional Style? Part 1

Specific networks in the brain each control unique aspects of emotion, and we differ in the degree to which these operate in our brain.

This resilience is a leadership essential. Stress, surprises, and challenges arise for leaders on a daily basis, if not several times a day. Plus, it would be impossible to function in a leadership role if every difficulty or setback was taken as defeat. A resilient manager works through challenges while learning the lessons they have... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Spot “Christian Backstabbing”

Manipulative people familiar with the Christian faith can actually use Christian language to embolden their backstabbing.

Another common technique is to “ask for wisdom” from someone about someone else. The best “Christian backstabbers” don’t only “ask for wisdom” from one person, they methodically bounce around to many people to build alliances or tear someone down. This completely disregards Jesus’ teaching about resolving conflict.   Jesus said that the world would know... Continue Reading

A Grief Sanctified: How Reformed Theology Helps Deal with Death

In June 2018 my wife Paulette died, aged just 65, after an eight-year struggle with Parkinson’s disease; she is in heaven, but I am her 63-year-old widower here on earth.

As I enter widowerhood, knowing Reformed theology doesn’t bring Paulette back—this article is my first without her—but the theology of God that comes with such a view helps me live in the present. One day I shall see Paulette again, but first there might be many years of life on earth to survive. The doctrine... Continue Reading

Dr. Peterson and the Reporters

Peterson brings social science findings to bear on thorny matters of men and women.

What is one to say about a journalist who not only doesn’t bone up on the central subject of an interview, but also doesn’t realize that admitting this destroys his credibility? (Peterson has a rebuttal to the Vox interview here, where he points out the astonishing professional irresponsibility of the professor.)   One ingredient in the astounding fame... Continue Reading

Afflictions As Sermons

Chastisements are like sermons that call us to repentance.

When all things go well, it is an easy thing for us to glory in regard to our faith; but in adversity, the grace or beauty of virtue becomes apparent. He that has not been tested by affliction, what knoweth he? “Experience works hope” (Rom. 5:4.).   This morning I happend to run across Zacharias... Continue Reading

The Truth Claims of Jesus and Jordan Peterson

Perhaps the deepest mystery Peterson seems destined to grapple with is how the Bible and Christianity apply across the board.

I suspect Jordan Peterson finds himself in a bit of a quandary today in matters of faith, religion and particularly Christianity. By his own admission, he feels boxed in when asked what he believes about God. It sounds like he is still up in the air and not yet ready to come down on one... Continue Reading

William Wilberforce’s Lesser Known Campaign

He became a convinced and a convicted Christian, through the witness of an old schoolmaster Isaac Milner and everything changed.

“God Almighty has set before me two great objects: the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.” By “manners” he meant character and behaviour. We know that Wilberforce spent much time praying that his efforts at the abolition of the slave trade. But his journals show that his private prayers were also... Continue Reading