PCA Minister Ted Strawbridge Called Home to Glory

The Rev. Theodore Robert Strawbridge (1960 – 2019), 59, died Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Ted was serving as Director of Development and Church Planter Training for Mission to North America, of the PCA denomination. While he and Mary Lu were able to remain in Lookout Mountain, Ted maintained an active travel schedule in serving pastors and churches across the nation.   The Rev. Theodore Robert Strawbridge (1960 – 2019),... Continue Reading

Augustine and Christian Joy

The joy of the Lord was his strength (Neh 8:10).

When a friend asked him why he even bothered with the polemical disputes, he answered: “First and foremost because no subject gives me greater pleasure. For what ought to be more attractive to us sick men, than grace, grace by which we are healed; for us lazy men, than grace, grace by which we are... Continue Reading

Anne Dutton and Her Reasons for Writing

Some of her most vibrant theological works are the ones addressed to those who, in her view, had fallen prey to false doctrines.

One of the most prevalent themes in her writings is her Trinitarian understanding of the Christian life and faith. Her work in this respect is both similar and complementary to John Owen’s On Communion with the Triune God, which she knew and quoted. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate in practical and vibrant... Continue Reading

Cotton Mather – A Life of Suffering

Cotton focused on the comfort of the gospel and the biblical certainty of God’s goodness.

In 1710, Mather wrote one of his most popular works, Bonifacius or Essays to Do Good, stressing the Christian duty to care for others, and including specific suggestions on how ministers, doctors, and businessmen could help others in their daily vocations. In his 1716 book, The Stone Cut out of the Mountain, he recognized love... Continue Reading

Samuel Rutherford

More than just a man of letters.

Rutherford’s letters, and there were over 360 of them, have been described in glowing terms by readers who have benefitted from them over this span of time. When they were first written they were for the personal reading by the recipients, but in many ways they are timeless and open for all. The popular book... Continue Reading

Augustus Montague Toplady and His Defense of the Gospel

Toplady's greatest historical work is The Historic Proof of the Doctrinal Calvinism of the Church of England.

Toplady’s active involvement in what is known as “the Arminian controversy” began in 1768, when six undergraduate students were expelled from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, for having held “the doctrine of absolute election, that the spirit of God works irresistibly, that one a child of God always a child of God,” and for having “endeavoured... Continue Reading

Sage Counsel On Growing Useful As You Grow Older

Archibald Alexander’s motto for the elderly: “Endeavor of to be useful, as long as you are continued upon earth.”

What you need is a purpose to help you instead of petrifying your soul.  Alexander’s motto for the elderly was “Endeavor of to be useful, as long as you are continued upon earth.”  Sounding almost like a twenty-first century counselor, he suggests “imbecility and dotage are also prevented or postponed, or mitigated, by constant exercise... Continue Reading

The Return of the Celebrity Pastor

Mark Driscoll is back.

Driscoll is not an abusive husband, but he is an abusive spiritual teacher – one who seems to keep repeating the same mistakes. For the many young (and not so young) men who have benefited from his ministry in the past – we feel the pain, but we must not be sucked into his orbit... Continue Reading

Drew Brees Criticized for Promoting Focus on the Family’s Bring Your Bible to School Day

Bring Your Bible to School Day was launched in 2014 by Focus on the Family to encourage students to “celebrate religious freedom and share God’s love with their friends.”

In the 22-second video titled “Shout Out From Drew Brees,” the 12-time pro-bowler encouraged kids to take part in the national Bible movement. Brees tells the audience that one of his favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 5:7, which states “For we live by faith not by sight.”   New Orleans Saints star quarterback... Continue Reading

70th Birthday Reflections

What should we think of as we ponder our “Golden Years”?

I believe five main truths must be in place to make the remainder of our lives truly productive for the Kingdom of God.  A child should be able to comprehend and prayerfully believe the answers to life’s key questions: origin, meaning, conduct, response to evil (internal and external) and destiny.   I just celebrated my... Continue Reading