EPC Minister TE Timothy Russell Succumbs to COVID-19

TE Russell served as Assistant Pastor for Middle Adults at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the death late Monday night (March 30) of TE Tim Russell. He had been hospitalized with COVID-19 for about two weeks. He served as Assistant Pastor for Middle Adults at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis and was a member of the EPC’s Revelation 7:9... Continue Reading

Patrick and His Mission

Patrick knew he was divinely “called and destined to preach the gospel … to the very ends of the earth”[6].

Patrick’s six-year captivity in Ireland had prepared him for this mission. He knew the language and customs of the country, and could relate to the people. He reaped both joys, with the baptism of “many thousands,”[1] and innumerable sorrows, including beatings, verbal abuses, threats, a kidnapping, and an imprisonment.   Every year, we read articles... Continue Reading

Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784) and her Sovereign God

Why is her story not told in schools, along with those of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr.?

Only recently, critics have stopped judging Phillis’s works in light of what they could or should have been, and have taken them for what they are and what they represented during her time. What Phillis’s modern critics often fail to see is that the gospel was an integral part of her thoughts. She was, first... Continue Reading

6 Tips for Reading Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion

Calvin insists that we cannot truly know God without the accompaniment of piety.

Understand the reason why Calvin initially wrote the Institutes. My guess is that hardly anyone reads the preface of a book, including the lengthy one Calvin provides to his Institutes. It is, in effect, a letter to the French King, Francis I, explaining why French Protestants (like Calvin, then living in exile from his native... Continue Reading

Anglican Church of North America Bishop In Intensive Care With COVID-19

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Wood, Bishop of the Diocese of Carolinas has been admitted to an intensive care unit at a South Carolina hospital suffering from the Coronavirus.

The parish website reported the Rev. Anthony Kowbeidu, St. Andrew’s associate rector for missions, had also tested positive for COVID-19 but was showing no symptoms of the illness. A third member of staff, the Rev. Randy Forrester, has also been tested for the virus. Bishop Wood and Mr. Forrester self-isolated themselves last week after becoming... Continue Reading

Thoughts on Coronavirus From An At-Risk Christian

Three years ago, he was given only 48 hours to live unless he received a liver transplant. “I ring all the bells as someone at risk from the coronavirus.”

If God allows me to wake up next Sunday, I will thank Him that I woke up. I will pray for a happy day, enjoy my breakfast and then meet with our Session (being a small group) to discuss routine issues and pray for our morning worship service just as we do every Sunday. I... Continue Reading

Jeanette Li and Her Faith in God’s Promises

I cannot, as many have done, reject the grace of God for me.

She spent the rest of her life in Los Angeles, ministering to the Chinese community, writing her autobiography, and sharing her story with the help of translators. One of these translators was Rev. Samuel E. Boyle, a missionary to South China who traveled with Jeanette around California. Once, he asked her if she thought the church... Continue Reading

What Bill Gates Can Teach Us About Discipleship

No, discipleship is not about short-term gains. It’s the long game.

Parenting, again, is not so much about single actions of teaching, grace, mercy, and provision, but instead about a long, sustained pattern of consistency. That’s where the true power is. It’s true in parenting, just as it is in exercise, in budgeting, even in reading. And it’s also true in discipleship. Gates’ quote rings especially... Continue Reading

Betsey Stockton and Her Love for God’s Image-Bearers

Of African blood and born in slavery, she became fitted by education and divine grace for a life of great usefulness.

Her life was devoted to a task she had found essential: the academic and religious education of children of all races. It’s probably safe to suppose that she continued to face each new circumstance with the same readiness to draw answers from Scriptures and the same humility, honesty, and trust in God’s care that she... Continue Reading

True Shepherds in a Time of Plague

In 1665 Bubonic Plague, the “Black Death” as it was called at the time, broke out in the city of London, and thousands died.

But then in the midst of all that terrible sickness and sorrow, and death, who do you think it was who heard the cry of those suffering and returned in droves to minister to the sick and dying, to pastor congregations whose ministers had fled with the king to country estates, to go day by... Continue Reading