4 Books that Made a Priest Leave the Church

Luther didn’t become a full-fledged protestor of the medieval Catholic church in a single moment.

Have you ever wondered what Martin Luther was reading during this crucial time in his life? Maybe I’m just a nerd, but I thought at least someone else might be interested in what Luther was reading during his slow, but steady, transition out of the medieval church and into the world of reformation.   The... Continue Reading

Not an Act of God: Ministries Respond to Surge in Mass Shootings

Christian counselors once focused on natural disasters now frequently address manmade crises.

At times of tragedy, Christian churches and ministries rally to remind survivors of a God who the Psalms tell us “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” For decades, they have been among the first on the scene to care for people in the wake of hurricanes, tornados, fires, and other uncontrollable natural disasters. In... Continue Reading

Houston GLBTQ Caucus endorses Andrew White for Governor

White is a ruling elder in a PCA church in the Houston area

“Mark my words: I will fight hard for full LGBTQ equality as governor and come out swinging against any efforts to discriminate,” White said in a statement.   In a surprise move on Saturday, the Houston GLBTQ Caucus chose to endorse Andrew White for Governor in the Democratic Primary. Could it be that the Democratic Party is starting to... Continue Reading

Did The Puritans Understand Suffering?

Some years ago a student came to ask me if the Puritans had a theology of suffering

“So the Puritans certainly suffered – physically, emotionally, politically. But did they have a theology of suffering? Well, few of them dwelt on their suffering in their writings so not really, no. Not explicitly so anyway. But implicitly even this silence indicated that yes, they did have a theology of suffering.”   Some years ago... Continue Reading

Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost

Advocates are tracking new developments in neonatal research and technology—and transforming one of America's most contentious debates.

New technology makes it easier to apprehend the humanity of a growing child and imagine a fetus as a creature with moral status. Over the last several decades, pro-life leaders have increasingly recognized this and rallied the power of scientific evidence to promote their cause. They have built new institutions to produce, track, and distribute... Continue Reading

Gregory of Nazianzus and Why Knowing the Nature of the Holy Spirit Really Matters

Gregory of Nazianzus played a vital role in exploring the nature of the Spirit

“During this time, Gregory, like Augustine, was consecrated priest against his will and with the acclamation of the people. Unlike Augustine, he literally ran away – back to Pontus. He returned a few months later, and apologized to his congregation, who forgave him slowly. Later, he produced a letter to explain his desertion: he was... Continue Reading

The Ontario Divisional Court Rules That Doctors Must Refer for Abortion And Assisted Suicide

Mandatory referrals are a “reasonable limit” on religious freedom.

Recently the Ontario Divisional Court ruled[1] that Ontario doctors must refer patients for all procedures and drugs, including abortion and assisted suicide, even if they conscientiously object. The Court held that “equitable access” to health care services is of “sufficient importance to warrant overriding” the right of religious freedom. Background of the Case The College of... Continue Reading

Rachael Denhollander: My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness.

Former gymnast Rachael Denhollander spent years discovering God’s perspective on sexual abuse. Then her advocacy for survivors cost her her church.

In an interview with Christianity Today, Denhollander shared more details about her break with her church community, how poor theology causes many churches to poorly care for sex abuse victims, how she found God’s perspective on sexual abuse in Scripture, and about her convictions that forgiveness and justice are both biblical and must go hand in... Continue Reading

Spurgeon’s Greatest Sermon

In a world where class and lineage still carried great weight, he was the poorly educated son and grandson of ministers.

Spurgeon’s captivating delivery conveyed the message that burned in his heart—the absolute authority and sufficiency of the Bible, the omnipotence of a loving God, and the life demanded of those who claimed salvation in Jesus Christ. It was a firm foundation of theology, but it didn’t stop Spurgeon from suffering many hardships in his life.... Continue Reading

Jeanne d’Albret – a Determined Woman

Some of the most influential women in church history were princesses or queens, who had the ability to establish a state religion according to their convictions.

Under her leadership, protestant preachers enjoyed greater freedom than ever, and the Edict of January in 1562 gave Huguenots the official right of public worship. At the same time, the Catholic faction, led by the Guise family, began threatening Catherine, who started to backtrack by forbidding Huguenot services at court. As conflicts increased, a civil... Continue Reading