Listening to Scripture for Life’s Direction

“If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame” (Prov. 18:13). In any form of human relationships this proverb holds true. If you have watched some of the news clips of our nation debating the health care issue, you have observed this proverb in action. Or perhaps you observed a... Continue Reading

Interview with Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

1. Why is fervent delivery of expositionally-sound sermons important? How can men grow in developing fervent delivery? Akin: Fervent delivery is important because though what we say is more important than how we say it, how we say it has never been more important. We live in an age where effective communication skills are essential.... Continue Reading

Dispatch from Cyprus

Serving as pastor of a multi-national church on an island in the Mediterranean was never something I felt led to do. Yet in God’s grace and plan my wife (Cindy) and I are now residents of the island nation of Cyprus. Most people think Cyprus is a Greek island. Although Greek is the language, the... Continue Reading

Hope vs. Appeasement

In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama reached out to the world’s rogue leaders, telling them, “We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” No doubt, this sentiment and the worldview that underlies it have endeared President Obama to some, including the Nobel Committee. But it has also exposed his... Continue Reading

Paul’s Letter of Joy & Peace

Paul and Timothy, bond-servants of Christ Jesus, To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, including the overseers and deacons: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:1-2) The Theme of Philippians In 1992, the Calvin scholar, T.H.L. Parker, wrote this about Calvin’s method... Continue Reading

The Christmas Culture Wars for 2009 Have Begun

The Christmas culture wars for 2009 have now begun and ground zero is the Detroit suburb of Warren, which for 63 years has hosted a privately maintained nativity scene set at the crossroads of the city. The Nativity display had been maintained by Warren city resident John Satawa and his family for most of the... Continue Reading

Cap-and-Trade Update

On Sept. 30, Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and John Kerry (D-MA) unveiled their proposal for cap-and-trade (C&T) legislation. The Senate bill calls for a 20 percent reduction of U.S. CO2 emissions by 2020, and an 80 percent reduction by 2050—targets similar to those in the C&T bill passed by the House of Representatives in June.... Continue Reading

The Idolatrous Religion of Conscience

By R. Albert Mohler, Jr. “It wasn’t primarily about sex.” With those words, Lutheran theologian Robert Benne explained that the actions recently taken by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to normalize homosexuality were not primarily about sex at all, but about theological identity. “The ELCA has formally left the great tradition for liberal Protestantism,”... Continue Reading

The Fundamental Disagreement Between The Religious Right And Religious Left

There has much conversation in recent years about both the religious right and religious left, as to why their views differ. Since both movements claim to be functionally Christian in their orientation, we need to examine why they often support opposing cultural mandates when it comes to putting faith into action. Probably the most often... Continue Reading

The Slippery Ways of Heretics

The three most common devices of heretics, in order to turn the discussion against their opponents are some form of this: 1. They claim to be misunderstood. This is easy because they use words deceptively and, when called, profess another meaning. The animal keeps changing. 2. They accuse you of arrogance: you are a “know... Continue Reading