Touchy-feely Ft. Hood Report won’t help protect anyone

The report issued earlier this month by the Department of Defense blue-ribbon panel tasked with assessing the November 5, 2009 mass shooting at Ft. Hood, is — or ought to be – an embarrassment to our government. If this report is used as the basis for developing policies and programs to prevent future such incidents,... Continue Reading

Screwtape and Wormwood visit Broadway

(Editor’s Note: Julia Duin, a Washington Times columnist, was discipled at L’Abri; Play’s producer/star attends Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC) Perhaps everyone by now has at least heard of Max McLean’s production of “Screwtape,” the famous play about the letters of a senior devil (Screwtape) to Wormwood, a junior tempter. I am one of 75,000 people... Continue Reading

Supreme Court Rules: “Congress Shall Make No Law … Abridging the Freedom of Speech.”

The United States Supreme Court handed down its opinion in Citizens United v. FCC, voting 5-4 to stand by the Constitution and protect our First Amendment right to free speech. Justice Kennedy, writing for the Court, said, “We find no basis for the proposition that, in the context of political speech, the Government may impose... Continue Reading

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

There is something about the name Jesus Christ that drives the non-believer mad. Any reference to the name (or to a quotation) of Jesus arouses in the non-believer a dissonance that cannot be aroused by any other source. I thought about that dissonance – a feeling I used to experience regularly – when I received... Continue Reading

Seen But Not Heard?

Whatever happened to being seen but not heard? Diana West asks that question in a recent essay, noting that there has been a massive shift in Western culture away from adult authority and toward the “wise child.” All around us are signs that authority and wisdom are now to be recognized in the young, rather... Continue Reading

“Give us Faith So We’ll Be Safe:” A Theological and Pastoral Response to the Tragedy in Haiti

How do we who call ourselves followers of the Lord of Life respond to the chilling report that “40,000 bodies have been buried and there could be 200,000 dead in Haiti”? That paralyzing news is what we heard from the report of Shepherd Smith of Fox News. The earthquake in Haiti that has shaken the... Continue Reading

Stopping the Breakdown of the Family

Despite the opposition of many D.C. residents, the D.C. City Council bypassed a ballot vote, ignored constituents and passed legislation legalizing gay marriage. Congress has final approval over legislation passed by the District and can choose to intervene or allow legislation to become law. Thirty-seven House Republicans and two Senators filed an amicus brief with... Continue Reading

How The Media Have Mangled The Pro-Life Story

This past year, I found myself chief chronicler of the two of the year’s most important stories involving the pro-life movement. One was the inspiring saga of the 2009 March For Life, the largest in its 36-year history. The second was the dispiriting saga of the recently murdered late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller. What the... Continue Reading

Really Helping Haiti

As I write this article, the death toll in Haiti because of the recent earthquake exceeds 100,000 souls. I have personally worked in Haiti spending extended periods of time in northwest Haiti overseeing a construction project when I worked for a cruise company. Because of this, I have some familiarity with life firsthand in Haiti... Continue Reading

An Amazing Article on Abortion in New York Magazine

Week by week, New York magazine offers insight into the culture and consciousness of the nation’s trendy population in Manhattan. This magazine, combined with The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, and The New Yorker, provides constant insight into the thinking of the New York elites. The magazine recently featured a major... Continue Reading