Speaking the truth in love: the key to pastoral ministry

Actually this article is on how one can avoid blowing up a church. But first we must admit that there are no guarantees. Sometimes churches blow up and you didn’t see it coming, and the devastation was inevitable. Sometimes churches ignite because the congregation, or some influential leaders in the congregation, are deeply unspiritual. Pastors... Continue Reading

Farewell, Emerging Church, 1989-2010, it was a good run!

While the effects of the emerging church movement will linger for some time we will begin to see books praising and attacking the movement go out of print. Reading a new book or going to a conference about the emerging church is a waste of time and money unless it’s to understand the movement as... Continue Reading

Quoting the Source

WormTape #4 Diane: “OK, below are the talking points that you requested me to email to you from the AC. Please feel free to pass these (and only these) on to any supporters and pro-Agency people. The Planners believe that these should be heard exactly as they have written them. This document uses the terms... Continue Reading

Some Questions Regarding The Nature of Israel and The Church

How many times have you asked your pastor, or has he been asked: “What is the future of the nation Israel?” What happened to God’s promises that Abraham’s seed would inherit the Promised Land? And many questions just like it? One of the most troubling questions for many Christians is how they should regard the... Continue Reading

Responding to the Proposed PCA Strategic Plan

Letter to the Editor The PCA Strategic Plan (SP) has been prepared to identify the denomination’s challenges and to address them with strategies that are consistent with Biblical values (A summary of this proposed plan can be found here, An Overview of the PCA Strategic Plan). But the question in this elder’s mind is, “Is... Continue Reading

Alien Living: Surviving the Dismantling of the Consitution

It has often fascinated me that the nation of Israel managed to maintain a national identity over the centuries without a country. I recently read a passage in the book of Jeremiah that answered my musing (chapter 29). When Nebuchadnezzar was about to overrun the city, Jeremiah communicated to the people that it was God’s... Continue Reading

Tiger Woods and Redemption Through Advertising

We, his fans, can feel reassured that Tiger is a changed man because…well, because he says he is! And if it’s good enough for Nike, it should be good enough for us Note: After I posted this, Nike blocked the commercial on YouTube. Here is the text of the commercial. The voice of Earl Woods:... Continue Reading

John Piper with Rick Warren: Compromise?

No matter what we think of Piper’s choice, we could all use a good dose of humility . A couple weeks ago, John Piper announced that he had invited Rick Warren to speak at the Desiring God conference this fall. His announcement caused an uproar in some parts of the Reformed blogosphere. Some even questioned... Continue Reading

The Joy of Special Pleading

WormTape #3 Jan: “Dr. Wormtape has arrived on Skype. Dr. Temple, he wants to speak to us.” Dr. Temple: “What’s the topic for today’s instruction? I forget.” Jan: “Special Pleading 101. I’m putting him through now.” WormTape: “OK, my little monsters, today’s briefing is to prepare you for your presentation to the annual shareholders’ meeting.... Continue Reading

Buchenwald and the Totalitarian Century

Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared at The American Spectator. This spring 2010 marks some sordid anniversaries: 65 years since the discovery of the Nazi concentration camps that facilitated the slaughter of six million Jews and four million various others deemed “misfits” and “undesirables” by Hitler and his henchmen. The ugly... Continue Reading