How to Engineer a Denominational Takeover

What if you wanted to take over a denomination? How would you go about doing this? I’m speaking hypothetically, of course, but what if you wanted to take over a denomination? What if you held a theology which was at odds with the official theology of the target denomination and you wanted first to carve... Continue Reading

The Elements of Social Justice – a basic structure that can move us toward sustainable empowerment

Whan integrated synthesis of theology, anthropology, and economics, as Abraham Kuyper explained in 1891 in The Problem of Poverty, our conceptions of justice will dehumanize the poor. There is much rhetoric about social justice but few frameworks for sustainable economic empowerment and liberation for the truly disadvantaged. Whatever one’s conception of justice is it must... Continue Reading

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus!

“The ACLU is in reality an “Anti-Christian Litigation Unit.” Virginia’s Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell is catching flak from the ACLU because it does not like the fact that he has lifted the ban on police chaplains praying in Jesus’ name. Virginia’s former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine had issued the ruling in 2008, and the ACLU... Continue Reading

Every day a National Day of Prayer

Last week, I wrote to thank the president for his decision to appeal this ruling and his plans to recognize this 59th annual observance of a national day of prayer Last Sunday the president of the United States came to visit my 91-year-old father, Billy Graham, and me at my father’s home in North Carolina.... Continue Reading

The Death of a (former) Atheist — Antony Flew, 1923-2010

From Methodism to Atheism to Intelligent Design Deism to Eternal Separation: “Antony Flew’s rejection of atheism is an encouragement, but his rejection of Christianity is a warning. Rejecting atheism is simply not enough.” The death this month of Antony Flew brings an end to one of the most interesting lives in twentieth century philosophy. Throughout... Continue Reading

Pastor and former business planner reflects on the PCA Strategic Plan – Part 1

Thoughts from Peter Drucker: 1) It is better to be conscientious than clever. 2) It is better to get the wrong answer to the right question than the right answer to the wrong question . Following are some thoughts and reflections on the recently released PCA Strategic Plan. I offer them up for consideration, as... Continue Reading

Report Critical of New Wineskins Presbytery fails to own PCUSA’s role in this real and deep disaffection

This letter is in response to the story first posted in The Aquila Report on April 23 The General Assembly Committee on Ecumenical Relations’ report states that presbytery leaders were caught off guard by the level of distrust and discontentment found in leaving congregations. Where have they been? Congregations have been talking about leaving... Continue Reading

Jennifer Knapp & Larry King: Why We Always Lose This Debate

After viewing Friday night’s Larry King Live with Jennifer Knapp, I was struck with the question: Why is it that whenever a proponent of Christianity’s historical view of sexuality goes head to head with an advocate for gay rights, the traditional Christian almost always loses the argument? Read the transcript from Friday’s roundtable discussion here.... Continue Reading

WormTape #6: Charting the Takeover

“Is it true as the StratPlan claims on page one that the PCA has assigned radical overhaul planning to the Cooperative Ministries Committee (CMC)? And that Rules of Assembly Operations 7-3 mandated this? Pauly D: “Is it true as the StratPlan claims on page one that the PCA has assigned radical overhaul planning to the... Continue Reading

Extracts from the “Louisville Papers”

In the summer of 2006, two documents which were annotated as “privileged and confidential attorney work documents’ were selectively released within the PCUSA to provide advise to Presbyteries dealing with churches who wanted to withdraw from the PCUSA One document concerned church property disputes. The other dealt with recommended processes that presbyteries could use in... Continue Reading