Who’s to Blame When the Shooter Is One of Our Own?

The latest synagogue attack has shaken fellow Orthodox Presbyterians—but it implicates all of us living in a fallen world and divisive culture.

In the case of the OPC—a denomination of around 30,000 people—a single killer is one too many, but hardly a sign of widespread, anti-Semitic radicalization among our youth. The path to becoming a racist murderer and an attempted mass shooter is likely very complicated and, until more details emerge, it is inappropriate to apportion specific... Continue Reading

The Gay Christian: The Unicorn In Our Midst

Ultimately, our battle is not against homosexuals but is against spiritual forces.

It was a conversation with a lesbian student at the Divinity school that convinced me to “Pay attention to this issue.” After a brief exchange about whether or not a homosexual can be a Christian, she blurted out, “We’re going to change the churches. Give us 30 years, and it will happen.” Some 30 years... Continue Reading

Kinism, Cultural Marxism, and the Synagogue Shooter

At its core, kinism is the belief that God specially ordained “races” and that he intends for us to preserve that division to one degree or another.

From reading the young man’s “manifesto” it’s clear that neither his church nor his parents are to blame. In the FAQ portion of his letter he asks, “Did your family cause you to think this way?” and answers, “Unfortunately, no. I had to learn what they should have taught me from the beginning.” Earnest seems... Continue Reading

“Educating for the Future:” A Cause without Content

The motto of a college is a sacred thing—even more sacred, perhaps, than its mission statement.

The work facing educational conservatives and classicists today is arduous, but the harvest is promising. “Information” is good; “skills” are good.” But our greatest goods are the transcendentals themselves. An education rooted, not wafting on the winds of change, will yield a precious crop: students who are “more human” and “more free.”   The motto... Continue Reading

Politicizing Pediatrics: How the AAP’s Transgender Guidelines Undermine Trust in Medical Authority

The new guidelines from the AAP explicitly eliminate any role for age in evaluation of the child.

The five-year-old boy who transitions to identify as a girl has taken a major step on a road that may lead to treatment with cross-sex hormones, castration, and infertility. Most five-year-old boys who say they are girls will not persist: fifteen years later, in the great majority of cases, that boy will say he is... Continue Reading

PCA Host of Gay Christian Conference Mocks the Aquila Report, Threatens to Start “Aqueerla Report”

While it’s obvious that these men write this in jest, the fact that they think this way is more than telling about their agenda.

I would totally contribute to the Priscilla Report but not to the Priscilla Papers. If Dominic doesn’t get his boys to settle down, though, I might just have to publish Aqueerla Report: An academic journal of conservative same-sex attracted and/or gay celibate Presbyterian commenting on biblical and cultural exegesis, missional engagement, social and racial justice... Continue Reading

Immigration Idealism: A Case for Christian Realism

Immigration idealism: the vague hope that we can live in a world free of conflict and violence, in which authorities need not bear the sword, and neighbors need not build fences.

In the run-up to World War II, men inside and outside the Church invoked the gospel to justify appeasement and pacifism. After his own flirtation with the idea, Reinhold Niebuhr came to believe that pacifism was “unable to distinguish between the peace of capitulation to tyranny and the peace of the Kingdom of God.” In... Continue Reading

Is It Time for a Married Homosexual and a Female Muslim in the White House?

The legal and cultural pathway for a married homosexual and a female Muslim in the White House is clear of all hindrances.

The real issue is the world against Christ.  The Christian Faith defends life and is anti-abortion, defends the traditional nuclear family and is anti-homosexual marriage.  The Christian Faith worships a God who claims to be the only true God, and he is the God who rules over all things, both sacred and secular.  The Christian... Continue Reading

Worshiping the Earth

Humanity has moved away from worshiping the God of the Bible towards goddess worship, the worship of creation or Mother Earth.

Worshipping the creature rather than the creator engenders the wrath of God (Rom. 1:18).  Moreover, it is futile.  All pagan religion, including goddess/Earth worship seeks peace and harmony with nature, thinking that this is the solution to all of humanity’s ills.  But it ignores the fact that the problem really lies in the human heart. ... Continue Reading

The Corruption of Biblical Studies

Academic scrutiny of scripture, a discipline prey to intellectual fashion since its inception, is today pursued by many in the service of secular liberal positions.

When a scholar adduces evidence for the unity of a text, even if he makes no mention of theology whatsoever, he is liable to be labeled a conservative and the academic form in which he expresses his argument will be dismissed as an impermissible weave of scholarship with the suspect ideology behind it. In Revelation... Continue Reading