Getting a Team to Self-Destruct

A team that fights with each other is never a team that fights for a great mission.

Our enemy, Satan, who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour, is more ruthless and more skilled than Kobe. And our enemy deploys the same tactics. He longs to divide God’s people. If we fight with one another, we don’t focus on our mission. If we fight over things that don’t matter,... Continue Reading

Preventing Genocide is My World War II

It seems as if we’ve developed an efficient national and international system designed with the potential to identify and eradicate those who may be born with Down Syndrome.

Through prenatal genetic screening, individuals can learn if they are at risk of having a child with Down Syndrome. 67% of pregnancies in the United States end in abortion when there is a positive test result for Down Syndrome (some studies suggest that number could be higher). And yet, America isn’t nearly as bad as... Continue Reading

Same-Sex Attraction, Biblical Christianity, and the Fractures in Our Evangelical Mist

What exactly does Paul mean by describing what we used to be and contrasting it to what we now are?

Is a believer’s union with Christ so transformative that all other self-perceptions that he or she might claim are so secondary that they should never be allowed to rival his or her identity in Christ? “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come”... Continue Reading

State Rep’s Prayer Shows Need for True Tolerance

A legislator’s offense: In her prayer, she made repeated reference to a particular deity popular with many Americans: Jesus Christ.

What the whole situation calls for is a renewed sense of true tolerance. As Americans, we hold deep convictions about many issues, including issues of faith. We need to come to the place where we can listen to each other express these convictions. We need to hear each other, respect each other, and then engage... Continue Reading

The End of the Family?

Progressives do not trust in a sovereign God, so they try to create their own ever-new versions of utopia; to undermine the family, they must reject the Genesis narratives.

The temptation is to “self-censor” by falling silent. But to demand silence of believers is like asking the early Christians to burn incense to Caesar as Lord in an active expression of polytheism. We must show love to “non-gender” people while loving our Creator and Father first. We must explain to our Christian children the... Continue Reading

Is It News When Christian Blood Is Spilled?

Anti-Christian violence is a significant piece of 21st-century reality. It should be getting considerably more attention from 21st-century journalists.

In raw numbers, Christians are the most persecuted religious group on Earth and have been for years. Evidence abounds — from the steady disappearance of Christian communities in the Middle East to the demented repression of Christians in North Korea, from the barbaric penalties imposed on Christians in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to the way... Continue Reading

The Disproportionate Rate Of Measurable Harm For Males And Females In Homosexual Relationships

What's the harm in endorsing homosexual relationships, apart from a violation of the overwhelming witness of Scripture leading to a consignment of many to eternal separation from God?

Jesus taught us that the God-ordained union of “male and female” is our best clue that God intended sexual unions to be between two (and only two) persons. The requirement of two different sexes is the only foundation for rejecting more consistently the excessive structural sameness of incest. Eliminating this male-female foundation opens the door... Continue Reading

Eugenics, I’m Embarrassed to Say, is Alive and Flourishing in Modern America

The liberal support of abortion is the ultimate evidence of racial and ethnic inequality in America. It is the ultimate denial of social justice.

Since the Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, more than 60,000,000 babies have been aborted in America. This dwarfs the number of Jews exterminated by Hitler. This dwarfs the number of Soviets murdered by Stalin. Realizing her dream of altering the gene pool of the human race, Margaret... Continue Reading

The Bible, Politics, and the Gospel

To understand the world as God intended us to know it, requires that we have God’s wisdom revealed in Scripture to appreciate the wonders of his handiwork.

Everything else being equal, Christians–because we have had our hearts and minds opened to God’s Word by the Holy Spirit–will have a better understanding of these things than atheists. Again, common grace allows atheists to understand a lot about these things. But their knowledge will be lacking wisdom that only Christians can find in Scripture.... Continue Reading

Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and How African Christians and Israeli Jews Became White Nationalists

Under the rules of intersectionality, all liberal minority identity groups become part of the oppressed, while all theological or political conservatives, regardless of race or sex, are the oppressor group.

So, the net takeaway is this: It doesn’t matter if you are an African Methodist, an Israeli Jew, or an American Presbyterian, if you’re theologically or politically conservative, you’re all racist and part of the “White Nationalist” movement according to the new liberal orthodoxy. Oh, and of course, pointing all of this out is racist... Continue Reading