When Everything is a Gender Question

Perhaps what the church needs more than anything today is a reassessment of the doctrine of church offices

When conservative churches start to give “non-ordained” men the functional leadership roles that God has reserved for ordained officers of the church, they have made leadership a gender issue rather than a God-defined social construct. When progressive churches put non-ordained women into functional leadership roles that God has reserved for ordained officers, they defend their... Continue Reading

A Call to Thoughtful Vigilance

The apostolic warning to be vigilant was not just for the Ephesian church; it is a necessary warning for every church in every age.

Evangelical churches today, however, are far less troubled by the serious doctrinal errors that divide them than they were in the 1920s. They are less vigilant than they were then. The church generally has not learned the lesson of confessionalism. Doctrinal knowledge, biblical understanding, and disciplined Christian living seem to have declined rather than advanced... Continue Reading

The 25 Best Icebreaker Questions For Team-Building At Work

The key to building trust is to ask questions that help everyone get to know each other

We put a lot of thought (over four years worth of research and fine-tuning!) into crafting get-to-know-you questions that would be as non-cheesy as possible, and elicit meaningful and memorable responses from the team. I get emails all the time from CEOs who’ll tell me, “Wow, Claire, I had no idea this question would get... Continue Reading

Why Transgenderism Threatens Parental Rights

We still have an opportunity to protect the rights of parents before the Court decides the state, rather than parents, should decide what’s best for our children

Scalia told an audience at Georgetown University Law Center there is no U.S. constitutional right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. Although Scalia believes the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children is among the “unalienable rights” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, it is not a right necessarily... Continue Reading

12 Major Lessons God has Taught me in 38 Years of Marriage

When tempted to get frustrated at your spouse trust the Lord – he is at work in both of you and he will finish his work.

What am I doing for my wife? Am I serving her? Am I trying to please her? When I focus on myself rather than my wife, I can see plenty of areas I need to grow in. If I focus on myself and where I should be pleasing my wife, I’m not going to be... Continue Reading

Digital Technology is Killing our Relationships

"A report suggests that more than two hours of social media use a day doubled the chances of a person experiencing social isolation."

We live in a world of false realities. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all offer an alternate view of who we are as individuals. We can tweet spiritual tweets and show off our immaculate houses or perfectly cooked food on Instagram. We can either judge or feel judged as we scan our Facebook timelines, and... Continue Reading

The Point of Being Presbyterian

Keep it simple, keep it biblical, and remember you are a sinner coming in the presence of a holy God. You don’t even need to wear dirt on your forehead.

I guess this points to something a little more mysterious, a little more cosmic, something with a little more umph than your average Protestant service which — oh by the way — only relies upon the inspired and infallible word of God, recorded, written, and given over five centuries before anyone dreamed of using ashes... Continue Reading

Young Earth or Old? The Battle Over the Authority of Scripture

Human thought is naturally anthropocentric rather than theocentric.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to understanding the debate over the meaning of Genesis 1. The debate is taking place in the midst of a war which Satan’s offspring are waging against God by attacking His subjects (Eve’s offspring) with deceit to convince them that Scripture is not true and... Continue Reading

The Trans Teen Industrial Complex

The Indiana House gutted an informed consent bill that would have required public schools to allow parents to inspect educational material used to teach their kids about human sexuality and gender identity.

“Parents’ rights have been curtailed in indirect ways as well, as states, cities, and school districts increasingly promulgate new regulations or policies that prohibit schools from informing parents—unless the child consents—that the child is expressing a new gender identity at school. Schools also integrate gender ideology into anti-bullying programs and general school culture, making it... Continue Reading

Is Jordan Peterson the Champion We’ve Been Looking for?

Christians, it’s time to think a bit more deeply about the Jordan Peterson moment.

More often than not, too, the Christian intellectuals cannot line up fast enough to parrot the new hero and present mildly-baptized versions of his thought. Only, in the process, they end up carrying water for paganism, and bringing it right into the baptismal fonts of their sanctuaries. Christianity, and especially Christian social theory, suffers for... Continue Reading