What Is Wrong With Gay Christianity? What Is Side A and Side B Anyway?

Side A and Side B both support the idea that sexual orientation is an accurate category of personhood, and therefore they both are outside the bounds of biblical teaching.

We must maintain that we who repent and believe stand in robes of righteousness as beloved sons and daughters of God, even as we do daily battle with any and all sexual lust and unbiblical desire that claims our affections.  We are not our sin, and we ought never to let it define us.  ... Continue Reading

Play the Man You Are

Gender identity and gender expression are about God’s glory and about maintaining the God-created distinctions on earth that in turn point to the ultimate distinction between God and his bride.

All around us, mountains of God’s glory carved into the landscape of his world are eroding. Homosexuality and egalitarianism flatten distinctions between husbands and wives. Androgyny and effeminacy flatten vital sex expressions between men and women. But God made us distinctly male and female, and gave Eve to Adam (not vice versa), because he already... Continue Reading

Not Killing Babies Must Be a Moral Priority

The pro-choice siren has seduced its victims for decades using the melody of “women’s health,” but now we can see that she seduces only unto death, not health.

This is how moral priorities shift. Abortion has always been immoral, even evil. But as long as it was an argument in the abstract – safely out of sight, sound, touch, and smell – it was too tempting and too easy for too many people to ignore its reality. The recent law in New York,... Continue Reading


We are witnessing signs of a deliberate attempt to Islamicize the USA, with all that means for public policy, foreign relations and religious coherence.

The ultimate incoherence stems from two opposing notions of God: either the personal Creator, Father and Savior God of Scripture or the impersonal, unknowable God of Islam. The Declaration of Independence presupposes a personal Creator who endows creatures with “personal rights,” including the right to “life,” reflecting his own life, which we know from Scripture... Continue Reading

On Subjective Emotion and Objective Truth

When meaning is found in subjective emotion instead of objective truth, it’s no wonder the frauds will create passion from the banal.

When meaning is found in subjective emotion instead of objective truth, it’s no wonder the frauds will create passion from the banal. It doesn’t matter if the passion is based on real truth; they will have received their fix, and feverishly continue their eternal quest of internal fulfillment, with no regard to the casualties they... Continue Reading

Social Justice and the Problem of Evil

One reason social justice Christians do not raise questions about the goodness of God may be that they conceive of systemic evil as a problem similar to indwelling sin within a believer.

In other words, the remedy for a system of evil in the world is sanctification. This is akin to social justice Christians plan for eliminating injustice. You stand and fight against the system. And if structural evil is systemic the way that spiritual warfare is pervasive, then the remedy for both is through growth in... Continue Reading

Are Missionaries Wiping Out The Closer-To-Nature Ways Of Life In Remote Tribes?

A missionary rebuttal to some British newspaper articles, based on a 15-day trip by a Russian photographer, claiming that missionaries are " wiping out" the Korowai tribe in Indonesia.

In the wake of the death of John Chau by the hands of the remote tribe he sought to reach with the Gospel, the internet is alight with criticism that Christian missions are more akin to colonialism, wiping out pristine, innocent societies who are living in perfect harmony with nature.   Trevor Johnson, who serves alongside his... Continue Reading

Karen Pence, Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, Part of a Christian Ministry?

Karen Pence is a believing Christian woman. She took a part-time job at a private Christian school. And this is a scandal for some in the secular culture.

Immanuel is a church ministry applying the church’s theology. No one is forced to attend the church. No one is forced to attend the school. It’s a voluntary association that is protected by the First Amendment and rooted in the faith that guides the lives of tens of millions of Americans. What’s next? The belief that public figures... Continue Reading

Marching for Life: Countering Roe V. Wade’s Escorts

The “escorts” work outside abortion clinics to ensure that every pregnant mom who approaches the door doesn’t get deterred or change her mind, especially by pro-life sidewalk counselors.

It’s crucial to understand that it isn’t the job of the escorts to take that girl home and help her heal. No, their work is finished. That’s the duty taken up by the pro-lifers. There are many pro-life ministries focused on assisting post-abortive women to recover, such as Rachel’s Vineyard. Silent No More, and the... Continue Reading

Whither the Presbyterian Church in America?

As the PCA moves through its 47th year as a denomination we should ask “whither the PCA?”

Denominations do not last forever or remain evangelical forever. I have seen the futility of those who tried to reform the PCUS from within. It became impossible. The PCA appears to be going down all the same paths that led to the demise of the PCUS as an evangelical denomination. On some issues, such as... Continue Reading