Children Aren’t Optional

Americans are having fewer and fewer babies; the average American woman will have 1.76 children during her lifetime.

The personal freedom we’re sold denies any inherent connection whatsoever not only between sex and marriage, but between marriage and children. As one liberal commentator put it, for many Americans having kids is a discretionary activity, like collecting classic cars or visiting every parrot sanctuary in the world. Unfortunately, “many Americans” includes Christians. The indissoluble... Continue Reading

Joy For The World: The True Source Of Our Economic Witness

A missing key ingredient to social and economic restoration is joy: The joy of God can do what cultural lever-pulling can’t do.

Before and beyond the Christmas season, let us surrender any primary allegiances to contrived cultural action. Instead, we have a far greater task: to draw from and rest in the joy of God in Christ in all that we do. Let it flow and overflow in and throughout our daily lives, all while remembering that the distinct difference of the... Continue Reading

Rethinking New Year’s Resolutions

The problem with typical New Year’s resolutions is that we often set impossible standards

“When self-improvement is our motivation, New Year’s resolutions become less about developing long-term disciplines and more about catering to whims that shift like the wind. Instead of trying to fulfill New Year’s resolutions for the sake of self-improvement, our motivation to be disciplined should come from recognizing we’re God’s image-bearers.”   You’re probably wondering why... Continue Reading

Stop Saying 81 Percent of White Evangelicals Vote for Trump (It Was Probably Less Than Half)

Researchers have discovered serious limitations in how to identify and measure evangelicals

Unless we are willing to say that “an evangelical is anyone who says he or she is an evangelical or says he or she has been ‘born again,’” then we have to admit that we are talking more about a label of self-designation than an actual movement or network, much less a reflection of theological... Continue Reading

Raising Our Children to Be Givers in a Culture Infected by Affluenza

The next generation is growing up amid — and inheriting — vast wealth

“With no vision for the joy of giving and of investing in eternity, they can’t see that God’s purpose for prospering them is not so they can live in luxury, but so they can help others, support their churches, aid the poor, and reach the lost with the gospel.”   The next generation is growing... Continue Reading

The Death Of Clear Thinking

It is clearly not transgenderism we have to fear so much as the death of clear thinking.

To move from the fact that gender roles exhibit elements of social construction to regarding the body as of no real significance to gender identity is huge leap, and one that must be challenged. It is predicated upon highly dubious, if mysteriously popular, philosophical assumptions that effectively dissolve nature into culture as if these two... Continue Reading

Misguided Proposal From Christian Leaders and LGBT Activists Is Anything but ‘Fairness for All’

A fundamental problem in equating coercive antidiscrimination laws with permissive religious freedom laws.

But that’s not what this policy debate is about. In the United States of America, people who identify as LGBT are free to live as they want. But SOGI laws, including Fairness for All, are not about freedom—they are about coercion. SOGI and Fairness for All are about forcing all Americans to embrace—and live out—certain beliefs... Continue Reading

War “Upon Just and Necessary Occasion”

From a confessional standpoint, America’s recent wars in the Middle East beg the following questions: Are they just? And are they necessary?

One can infer from Hodge’s interpretation of the Westminster Confession that the recent wars in the Middle East were neither just nor necessary. Rather than being defensive wars as a response to an actual aggression that constituted a real threat to our national life, they were preemptive wars that tried to prevent the threat before... Continue Reading

Your Own Humble Story

Believers are identified by their relationship to Jesus not by the negative adjectives of their sin.

If ‘believer’ or ‘Christian’ or ‘follower of Jesus’ is your genuine identity, then what’s that negative adjective supposed to do? The one that says ‘giving in?’ It says, ‘I’m in the Lord’s battle, fighting on his side always, but way too often I lose.’ That revealing adjective should be a humble confession of that something... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about the Nicolaitans

The Montanists were most likely genuine believers in Jesus; the Nicolaitans were not

The name itself may be derived from two words which mean “victory” (nikos) and “people” (laos), thus the idea of their consumption or overpowering of the people. They were evidently licentious and antinomian and advocated an unhealthy compromise with pagan society and the idolatrous culture of Ephesus.   Last week I wrote about the Montanists... Continue Reading