Confronting Neopaganism in the Culture and in the Church Part 1 of 3

Many now believe that grounds for existence can only be found in the irrational, in the age-old metanarrative of pantheistic Oneism.

I am proposing to use two relatively neutral, descriptive terms, Oneism and Twoism, in order to avoid applying a narrow theological system that only a few of us could affirm. These terms seek to express the only two bedrock options found in Romans 1:25: either the worship and service of creation understood as closed, homogeneous... Continue Reading

John Wants to Be Jane: 3 Ways to Counsel a Gender-Confused Child

Will I harm my child if I don’t embrace their trans identity? What should I say in response to their confusion? How can I help my child?

While Christian parents can’t affirm their child’s misplaced desires, they have a God-given responsibility to lovingly help their child through a real struggle with gender identity. Rather than being bewildered into ineffectiveness, parents can proactively care for their child in at least three basic ways.   “Mom and Dad, can we talk?” With this seemingly... Continue Reading

The Myth of Sexual Orientation

We should not uncritically accept and embrace an anti-biblical and secular concept of sexual orientation.

Why would a child of God who has been justified by the blood and righteousness of Christ alone, adopted into God’s family, and freed from slavery to sin by the powerful regenerating work of God in their life fight to apply such an abominable label, homosexual, to themselves? Our Lord bled and died not only... Continue Reading

The Lies of Feminism

The rise of Intersectionality explains a lot of what we see going on around us. Intersectionality is a humanistic religion, born from a feminist Critical Theorist.

Intersectionality assumes a kind of ungodly partiality that Christians are consistently warned away from in Scripture. We are not to judge a person based on their appearance, social strata, income, background, or ethnicity. Intersectionality insists that we can only understand ourselves and others through making judgments regarding ethnicity, background, income, social strata, and appearance. Intersectionality... Continue Reading

Homosexuality – Men Acting Like the Woman

The real problem with homosexuality is what the Bible calls “effeminacy.”

The definition of effeminacy (transgenderism) is wrapped up in the concept of men acting like women and women acting like men, contrary to their sex.  Little girls still like to play with dolls and teacups.  Little boys like to run and hit things. This is God’s created and cosmic order. Effeminacy reverses God’s created order.... Continue Reading

When Humans Don’t Procreate

“Global population growth to virtually stop by 2100.”

The main philosophical reason is the rampant materialism and concomitant lack of spirituality in our age. Materialism breeds a preoccupation with self-satisfaction and self-indulgence. Individuals shun traditional adult joys and responsibilities like marriage and child-rearing for a self-indulgent lifestyle that exalts sexual pleasure above familial commitments. Such people have turned inward. They no longer think... Continue Reading

What if Google Hear Us?

I wonder how many of us would install these devices if we knew that strangers might be able to freely listen in to our conversations.

If our desire is to keep our views private, then there are wider problems about our view of the Christian life. There should be no distinction between our public and private lives. If that is true, let Google listen to what they may.   Google—much like Amazon before them—has recently admitted that “contractors” can access... Continue Reading

Battle of the Sexes—Not What You Think: Sides A, B, Gay-Christian, or Other?

For professing believers to identify themselves based by any sinful propensity or proclivity is contrary to the biblical teaching of believers’ identity being in Christ alone.

All this is to say that Christians who deal with same-sex attraction are neither alone nor unique as to struggles in this one area of life.  To perceive oneself as particularly called to exceptional suffering borders on pride and ignores the reality of the rest of the body of Christ.  A same-sex attracted person matters... Continue Reading

Kissing Christianity Goodbye

The body count in the YRR leadership is already high. Harris should ensure that the leaders who are left will operate with more humility, transparency, and integrity in the future.

As a player, Harris might be qualified to do the evangelical church one last favor: He can expose the behind-the-scenes shenanigans—the money made by at least some of the leading lights, and the power wielded by an unaccountable few—of Big Evangelicalism. That would seem a more important contribution than emotive talk of personal journeys, gobbledygook... Continue Reading

Why ‘Pandemonium’ Breaks Out

When desire goes unchecked it sets into motion a kind of domino effect that is hard to stop once it starts, hence pandemonium.

We are encouraged by some pundits and politicians to think that all of this is the result of rampant racism and sexism (and have you noticed that even the church can’t stop talking about either of these topics?). But race and sex do not go deep enough because the problem goes all the way to... Continue Reading