The Cult of Death and California’s Physician-Assisted Suicide

Christians have always been staunch defenders of the immutable value of human life

The California law goes beyond even “passive euthanasia” by having doctors intentionally recommend death to still functioning people. The Catholic Church in California issued a statement condemning the law when it was passed in 2015 and again last month when it was overturned.   Last month, a Riverside County Judge put a hold on California’s... Continue Reading

When Comforting Turns Selfish

Blurting out clichés in the face of pain isn’t a uniquely Christian problem

“Have you ever wondered why Christians, who should be the most compassionate people on the planet, can say such unhelpful things when hardship hits? We have a whole Bible full of promises that God will redeem terrible situations, and these sentiments should be comforting; but we can often wield them at the wrong time, out... Continue Reading

The Gnostic World of John Walton

To change the church’s view of God making all things in the space of six days, theistic evolution must first change the church’s understanding of Genesis.

Dr. Walton introduces a false tension between history and theology in order to disconnect real events from their historical-theological implications. This separation between history and theology enables him to replace the Biblical history of the world with a materialist evolutionary history. In redefining man’s history, however, he must inevitably redefine the theology connected to it.... Continue Reading

Helping America’s Children

There is outrage of children separated from parents at the U.S. border; what about remedies for children in our country suffering from inadequate parenting, nutrition, healthcare, and education?

Hopefully, the separation of children from parents who have entered our country illegally will soon end. The bigger issue, however, is: Will we take action through government, houses of worship, and humanitarian organizations to end the larger tragedy of the millions of American children whose intellectual, physical, and emotional development is stunted, whose education is... Continue Reading

Revoice 2018, Evangelizing Homosexuals, Part Two

The heart of our problems invariably is the problem of the heart, and the new life offered in the gospel is our only hope of change.

We need both a love for sinners and a love for God’s holiness. A love for sinners without a love for God’s holiness leads ultimately to cultural accommodation. We must love the sinner enough to warn him of his perilous condition, that he is on the road to hell unless he repents of his sins.... Continue Reading

The “Why?” Question

We live in a humanistic culture where relativism reigns; how did we get here?

Prior to WWI, intellectuals and elites were already striving to educate, manipulate, and coerce populations to take a particular direction; one that they believed best for everyone involved and one that they both devised and controlled. These intellectuals, especially those members of The Frankfurt School had two aims: to destroy Western civilization and to destroy... Continue Reading

‘Revoice’: In Their Own Voice

While grateful that Revoice speakers and writers are committed biblical teachings about marriage and to the sinfulness of homosexual acts; nevertheless, there are still other issues problematic in their writings.

I have spent a significant amount of time gathering the dozens of quotes below that, I believe, represent in their own words the most problematic parts of what is being promoted by those involved with Revoice. I have included sparse commentary with some of the quotations and have bolded some text within the quotations in order to... Continue Reading

The Missing Link – Gay Christians and the Gift of Celibacy

Opposite-sex attraction is natural but same-sex attraction is not. The word “natural” is not a neutral scientific word, but it denotes the manifestation of God’s created order and will.

Something is missing in this discussion.  I’ve been scratching my head to find the missing link.  One gaping hole that comes to my mind is that the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:26-27 calls same-sex attraction unnatural and degrading.  It is not equivalent with opposite-sex attraction.  Opposite-sex attraction is natural but same-sex attraction is not. The... Continue Reading

1968: A Year of Lost Innocence

1968 was the year when many baby-boomers—and in particular all the high school classes of ’68 across the country—lost our innocence.

In 1968, American society entered a grim period of discord and tumult. The assassinations were followed by such convulsive events as the counterculture’s clash with Chicago police at the Democratic National Convention that August, the increasing incidence (and in some cases appalling anti-Americanism) of antiwar protests, the explosion of reckless drug usage, the acceleration of... Continue Reading

7 Parent-Child Money Conversations That Must Happen Before Senior Year

Students need to understand the importance of aligning their expenses with their income

“You may already have some financial knowledge you want to share with your child. Maybe you learned a few money lessons the hard way, and you want to make sure they do not repeat your mistakes. But if you are struggling to determine what you should discuss, let me help you get started.”   High... Continue Reading


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