Honey, We Molested The Kids!

Boy Scouts Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the Face of Thousands of Child Abuse Allegations

No parent is going to send their young sons camping alone in the woods with an openly gay man for the same reason they wouldn’t send their adolescent daughters to be alone in the woods with an openly heterosexual man. And now the BSA has been whiplashed into bankruptcy by liberals demanding, on one hand,... Continue Reading

Our Most Important Question: What to Do with our Kids?

Only life built on the Twoist truths of Scripture and the person of God, Creator and Redeemer, can survive, both in time and in eternity.

The culture is more sharply divided than ever over ultimate questions of human existence: the nature of human sexuality as binary or non-binary; marriage as exclusive to heterosexuality or open to any desired combination; the status of unborn children as human beings to be preserved at all cost or fetuses to be terminated on a... Continue Reading

Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump

The choice for many religious conservatives is between someone who is crude and profane but who will defend their values and an eloquent politician who will undermine their faith and advance an agenda they see as barbaric and unjust.

Some religious conservatives may see the world in moral terms — right and wrong; black and white. But there’s a long moral tradition, as far back as Augustine, that sees our world in shades of gray. The City of God lives as earthly inhabitants of the City of Man; thus, our world is imperfect. We... Continue Reading

A Plea for Meekness

A meek person gives a wise, poised, and measured reaction.

I believe evangelical Christians would be wise to recover the lost trait of meekness during the upcoming political elections. Yes, there is a place for healthy discourse in the public square. Yes, there is a place for healthy dialogue across the political spectrum. Yet the modest question I raise to my fellow evangelicals is this:... Continue Reading

My Farewell to the PCA

A farewell statement from a long-time minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

This article is now my farewell to the denomination in which I served for 43 years as teaching elder and as a candidate for the ministry from its very inception. I served in several capacities as a PCA minister—pastor of several churches; chaplain in the army reserves/army; veteran of Desert Storm; four terms on the... Continue Reading

Seven Points Of Clarification

All language is contextual. As I discuss how the Gospel speaks to social dynamics, the language sometimes crosses over with other ideologies. Despite the fluidity of language, God’s truths remain.

However, I now see another ‘quiet exodus’ from the first one mentioned in the article. Some who fled Evangelicalism for the principles of CRT and Intersectionality found the waters bitter and self-contradicting. I’m now observing a handful of Christians from all ethnicities who have become disaffected with CRT and Intersectionality. While these saints still admit... Continue Reading

Plenty of Room for Priscilla

Let me tell you about our Priscilla's approach to life and service in our church to all.

I encourage qualified and faithful men who lead in the Church to teach the Word clearly and unapologetically. I encourage all you faithful Priscillas to recognize the unparalleled worth of offering yourselves freely to the glory of God in those things for which he has blessed and equipped you. You do not have to teach... Continue Reading

A Rejoinder To John Sharpe On ‘We Must Help The Oppressed – Even In Marriage’

A response to John Sharpe’s critique of “We Must Help The Oppressed.”

The point is, there are times when a spouse cries out about long-term abuse, that she is at the end of her rope, and we as church leaders are not sure if the situation is as bad as she says, even after months of involvement. In those cases, it may be wiser to allow a... Continue Reading

The Main Flaw in “Homosexual Christianity”

The “Homosexual Christian” movement in the PCA needs to be repelled and repentant homosexuals welcomed through the gospel into the loving embrace of Christ and into the fellowship of his holy church.

For a Christian homosexual to announce a never changing sinful desire is to place himself outside the covenant of grace. The promises of the new covenant cannot be broken by God, and no person can belong to Christ without receiving the Holy Spirit. The minister must not be simply a communicator of this gospel but... Continue Reading

A Response to “We Must Help the Oppressed – Even In Marriage”

A response to Todd Bordow’s article on marriage and divorce.

His central assertion is that “It is time we add another category to what we normally consider divorce exceptions for Christians, one we might call intolerable conditions, or cruelty.”  Essential to his contention is that the normal restrictions, outlined in Scripture and our Confession, restricting divorce only in the cases of adultery (Matthew 19:9) or... Continue Reading