A Strange Split in the UMC

To fight over same-sex marriage while tolerating heresy on foundational doctrines is to make oneself vulnerable to the charge of being motivated less by fidelity to the Christian faith and more by homophobia.

The Christian church cannot expect its rising generation of young people to hold the line on traditional sexual ethics and marriage if that generation is not properly catechized in the basics of the faith. Same-sex marriage is not really the issue. Thorough catechesis is … if Christian marriage makes sense, it only makes sense within... Continue Reading

Of Pontius Pilate, George Orwell, Christ and Elephants

Lessons learned from reading the essay “Shooting An Elephant” by George Orwell, famous as the author of “1984” and “Animal Farm.”

The Palestinian Jews of the first century AD and the Roman occupiers felt mutual contempt for one another, much like the situation with the British in Burma. Initially protesting that the accused was innocent, Pilate was pressured by the will of the people he ostensibly ruled into taking an action he had wished to avoid—executing... Continue Reading

Impeachment, Karl Barth, and Christianity Today

Politics has the prospect of allowing our passions and opinions to distort our theology.

While we may like or dislike different theologians and politicians, we should be circumspect before we drape our personal preferences in the garb of biblical fidelity and then hold others to our own preferred standards. This strikes at the heart of our Christ-wrought Christian liberty, a doctrine codified in the Westminster Confession of Faith.  ... Continue Reading

Decade in Review: Marital Norms Erode

The transformation of our legal system as to marriage was rapid and top-down. Changes in law brought changes in culture, and they're not all rainbows.

Same-sex marriage didn’t create these problems. Many in America had unwisely already gone along with the erosion of marital norms in the wake of the sexual revolution—with the rise of cohabitation, nonmarital childbearing, no-fault divorce and the hookup culture. It was no surprise that many would then question the relevance of the male-female norm. Legal... Continue Reading

The PCA and the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council

In Acts 15 the Church clarified the true gospel against the twin errors of legalism and antinomianism.

When homosexuals say, “I am a gay Christian”, we must say, “If God has cleansed your heart by faith, then you are a Christian only. If you find your identity partly in anything else, then you don’t understand God’s cleansing grace.” If our identity is in Christ, it must be only in Christ. If our... Continue Reading

Yes, Sadly, The UMC Split Is Pretty Racist

The UMC can’t put the issue of Biblical marriage vs. same-sex marriage to bed; American progressives won’t let it go until they’ve made every church denomination bow to their worldview.

The UMC “deal,” boils down to this: the American WASP UMC told their African brothers and sisters in Christ that these Africans don’t get to dictate policy to the WASPs. The African churches were started by western UMC missionaries, and the churches were successfully transitioned to growing, indigenous-led, healthy congregations. Now that the black-led African... Continue Reading

The Methodist Church is Coming Apart

The leaders of the United Methodist Church have agreed in principle to an amicable parting of liberal and conservative factions.

I left because of battles within the church. Battles about issues on which there should be agreement for a church worthy of the name. I left because a percentage of anything I gave to my local church would fund unorthodox activities. My parents would have had me remain to support orthodoxy within the church. Only... Continue Reading

United Methodist Church to Divide: Why Theological Conservatives Are the Leavers, as Usual in Mainline Protestantism

If the UMC conservatives won with a 53% vote, then why is it the conservatives that are leaving?

Here is the sad lesson for conservatives. Once a church, for any length of time, accommodates theological and moral liberalism, it is almost never brought to reformation. To put it another way, a church that will not take decisive action to remove those who are theological liberals and teaching and believing what is contrary to... Continue Reading

A Homosexual Reads His Bible

Wesley Hill has risen to the challenge of supplying biblical reasoning for his kind of homosexuality.

This terrible confusion is theological quicksand, and Wes is ready to make our Holy Lord Jesus a model of his own desired type of “friendship”. The PCA must reject this immoral mess, and Hill’s self-serving “Scriptural” reasoning. Dr. Wesley Hill has not imparted soundness of truth. With his reading of Scripture he is out to... Continue Reading

Donald Trump, the Christianity Today Editorial, and Its Fallout

How should Christians judge politics if it isn't on the basis of the sanctity of the politician and we cannot avoid morally compromised candidates?

“The only principle that makes sense is this: A candidate’s moral qualities are relevant only in how they relate to the achievement of a preponderance of good civil outcomes. Civil leaders, after all, are good civil leaders only to the extent that they produce good civil outcomes, so voting is for good civil outcomes. The... Continue Reading