Trying to Get our Morals Back

Society tried to disconnect the sexual revolution from morality, and seems shocked when people behave in immoral ways.

When we get rid of God, it’s not that we have no standards, it’s that our standards have no foundation, and constantly shift. This frantic remoralising of sex will not lead to greater chastity, but it will lead to a governing by fear—fear of transgressing ever shifting boundaries. What we need is a rich, safe,... Continue Reading

Race in America and the American Church

Part 7: Black Poverty, Social Dysfunction, and the Welfare State

Most American churches today have bought into the world’s perspective that whites are intrinsically racist because of generations of racism and advantages that have proceeded us. And that the poor economic and social circumstances of many blacks are the result of white racism. Thus, their main advice to their members is to examine themselves to... Continue Reading

Digital Doxology (2): Technology is the Gift of God

Let’s remind ourselves of the goodness of God in the wonderful benefits that technology has brought us.

Why is it so important to recognize that technology is a gift of God? When someone we love gives us a precious gift, our affection for that person will make us look after that gift far more than one from a stranger. Therefore the more we see technology as the good gift of our heavenly father, the... Continue Reading

The Hard Truth About Mr. Right

An excerpt from “Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness.”

Now, I love you, but if you believe this—this idea that God made you and another person as a perfect complement to each other—I need you right now to put this book down, take out a piece of paper, and list all the biblically sound reasons you believe the One or soul mates or other... Continue Reading

Regrets of a “Stay-At-Home” Daughter

Writing books at twenty, when life is so much simpler than it will be at thirty, is a perilous undertaking. I wish I hadn’t.

Of course, I was fourteen  — that was literally half a lifetime ago. Very few of us are doing now what we said we’d do in junior high. But my course wasn’t changed by a growing and maturing, but by the jarring new philosophy presented in a book I read, called So Much More. In it,... Continue Reading

Young Teens and Social Media

We should not hand kids a smart phone or other connected device without first proactively shaping how they think about and interact with this new technology.

Our children are growing up in a world that thrives on technology, and we must be faithful in helping them engage with it. As with many things, technology can be a useful tool and a source of enjoyment, connection, and education. It can also become an addiction, idol, or tool for malice. The more we... Continue Reading

Race in America and the American Church

Part 6: Culture Not Race

The church today, despite its protestations, is succumbing to worldly counsel on racism. This leads many in the church to 1) lose sight of the great diversity already existing in the church today, 2) make an impatient push toward unity through diversity now in our denomination and individual congregations, and 3) misapply universal biblical passages... Continue Reading

Complementarians, Show Us Your Truth

If abusers’ time is up, your time is now.

When women are celebrated and not fenced off as possible trouble, it creates a seamless transition for benevolent complementarian churches to clearly call their congregation to responsibility for lack of self-control; that means we should teach everyone that they have faculties and should use them. Boys will not be boys. Locker room talk is never... Continue Reading

18 Questions about Faith and Mental Illness

What do we gain from asking good questions? Humility.

How should we understand the effects of the Fall on the mind and brain? We know our bodies age and die. We know all of our organs are susceptible to disease and deterioration. We have “norms” for the frequency, duration, onset, and prognosis of these effects of the Fall; what are the equivalent expectations for the... Continue Reading

Ain’t I a Woman?

If what we consider "biblical" is not possible across time or culture, then it is just our preference and should not be used to bind consciences.

“Separate sphere ideology dictated different roles for men and women. While white men embodied bravery and strength, white women personified weakness and purity. Separate sphere ideology in the South meant adherence to a strict hierarchy based on race and class as well as gender. This ideology excluded blacks from either sphere. The duties within the spheres differed due... Continue Reading