Race in America and the American Church

Part 6: Culture Not Race

The church today, despite its protestations, is succumbing to worldly counsel on racism. This leads many in the church to 1) lose sight of the great diversity already existing in the church today, 2) make an impatient push toward unity through diversity now in our denomination and individual congregations, and 3) misapply universal biblical passages... Continue Reading

Complementarians, Show Us Your Truth

If abusers’ time is up, your time is now.

When women are celebrated and not fenced off as possible trouble, it creates a seamless transition for benevolent complementarian churches to clearly call their congregation to responsibility for lack of self-control; that means we should teach everyone that they have faculties and should use them. Boys will not be boys. Locker room talk is never... Continue Reading

18 Questions about Faith and Mental Illness

What do we gain from asking good questions? Humility.

How should we understand the effects of the Fall on the mind and brain? We know our bodies age and die. We know all of our organs are susceptible to disease and deterioration. We have “norms” for the frequency, duration, onset, and prognosis of these effects of the Fall; what are the equivalent expectations for the... Continue Reading

Ain’t I a Woman?

If what we consider "biblical" is not possible across time or culture, then it is just our preference and should not be used to bind consciences.

“Separate sphere ideology dictated different roles for men and women. While white men embodied bravery and strength, white women personified weakness and purity. Separate sphere ideology in the South meant adherence to a strict hierarchy based on race and class as well as gender. This ideology excluded blacks from either sphere. The duties within the spheres differed due... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know About Sex

Sex is powerfully pleasurable, but it cannot satisfy your heart

“It’s wonderful to celebrate the tasty pleasures of food, the stunning beauty of a fine piece of art, the sweet intimacy of sex, or the sound drama of a well-written piece of music. But as you’re celebrating pleasure, don’t forget to celebrate grace.”   1. Sex is God’s good creation. God in his great wisdom,... Continue Reading

Let’s Ban Porn

If you want better men by any standard, there is every reason to regard ubiquitous pornography as an obstacle.

We are supposed to be in the midst of a great sexual reassessment, a clearing-out of assumptions that serve misogyny and impose bad sex on semi-willing women. And such a reassessment will be incomplete if it never reconsiders our surrender to the idea that many teenagers, most young men especially, will get their sex education... Continue Reading

Polyamory and Polygamy – the Next Big Social Change?

When I suggested the inevitable consequence of same-sex marriage would be an increasing acceptance of polyamory and then by default, polygamy I was told not to be ridiculous

It won’t stop with polyamory. Polygamy will follow on. And then what? There is no reason, given the logic of the position that has led us this far, that incest will not be legalized. When I challenged one group on this I was told: ‘I don’t have a moral objection to incest between two consenting adults... Continue Reading

10 Types of Thinking that Undergird Depression-Anxiety

An important step in overcoming depression-anxiety is to recognize these patterns of thought as they are occurring.

The goal in studying this is being able to realize when you’re actively engaging in depression-anxiety. In the moments below, depression-anxiety is not “happening to you” but “coming from you.” These are patterns that, by the freedom God gives in the gospel, you can overcome.   Just as we can have bad physical habits like... Continue Reading

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Will there be more wagon circling or will this be a God-given opportunity for the church-at-large to repent?

While power and authority are not necessarily evil in themselves, they can become instruments of abuse when someone greater wields it over someone lesser to gain something that they could not get unless pressure was brought to bear. There are plenty of examples in the secular world like Harvey Weinstein. But how much worse is... Continue Reading

What Pastors Could Learn From Jordan Peterson

Some lessons that preachers can learn from Jordan Peterson.

People notice when others care about them and respond to them. However, far too often our empathy has left people weak and has allowed the weakness and dysfunctionality of wounded and stunted people to set the terms for the rest of society. Peterson represents a different approach: the compassionate authority of mature and wise persons... Continue Reading