Where Has the Presbyterian Church in America Gone Wrong?

The work of the ministry is committed to sessions and presbyteries and should be confined to those two courts in a truly grassroots denomination.

The PCA claims to be a grassroots denomination, and in many respects it is. Yet, it is also a hybrid between a grassroots denomination and a bureaucratic, hierarchical denomination. At the bottom, it is grassroots. At the top, the various committees and agencies of the General Assembly are woven together through the Administration Committee and... Continue Reading

“Fairness For All” But A Growing Unfairness For Many

Those of you who stay abreast of the news doubtless sense that Christians are facing profound challenges to the public expression of their faith in once “Christian America.”

Instead of hiding out, Christians surely have the responsibility not only to be proponents of fair play but also to be public witnesses to the “non-religious” man (who is religiously pagan) concerning the natural law of God inscribed on his heart. The innate moral sense that God the Creator has placed in the human heart... Continue Reading

When Everybody Plays, We All Win!

The most joy-filled people I saw during the Super Bowl were in a Microsoft commercial titled “When Everybody Plays, We All Win.”

We were introduced to six kids who love to play video games with their friends. Each of these beautiful kids has a physical limitation that makes using standard video-game controllers quite difficult. One says, “When I am playing with a regular controller, there are some things that don’t work for me.” Another bravely says, “I... Continue Reading

A Response to Donald Lowe’s, “A Brief Critique of ARBCA’s Position Paper: Concerning the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility”

Further discussion on the doctrine of divine impassibility as presented in the position paper of The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America

The economic statements of Scripture certainly help us as Christians to fill out our understanding of the ontological statements about God, but the ontological statements that God makes about himself must of necessity have interpretive priority or else the economic statements are meaningless. It is because human reason valued the economic statements above the ontological... Continue Reading

GOD’S VOICE Conference: A Biblical Response to the Queering of the Church

GOD'S VOICE Conference, being held on February 22-23, will bring biblical clarity to the recent confusion surrounding the issues of "re-voiced" sexuality and "LGBTQ+ Christians."

Why is the radical and progressive language of LGBTQ+ activism being embraced by a historically conservative and confessional denomination like the PCA? Who is enabling this message? And what are LGBTQ+ activists’ long-term goals for undermining and changing the doctrine of biblically faithful Christianity on all things LGBTQ+?   The GOD’S VOICE Conference: A Biblical... Continue Reading

The Sweet Spot of Reformedish Kingdom Theology (or why 2k looks R)

What if being culturally engaged was not about being on the right side of social and political reforms…but about suffering through and enduring an evil age?

What if being culturally engaged was not about being on the right side of social and political reforms, with the banner of Christ held high, but about suffering through and enduring an evil age (Gal 1:4). I understand that when Jesus said, “If you were of the world, the world would love you as its... Continue Reading

Do All Black and White Christians Need to Reconcile?

We “Ain’t Got Long to Be Here”

American Christians—black and white—must confront a national history that involves good and evil.  Black and white Christians should be among the first to recognize the universality of the effects of the fall on human history—good and evil compete in every race, ethnicity, nation, or continent.  Depravity is universal and deeply engrained in the human race... Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Ralph Northam, Governor of the State of Virginia

An Open Letter to Ralph Northam, Governor of the State of Virginia, subordinate to the Ruler and Head of all nations, Jesus Christ.

I am writing to you to express my grave concern regarding your recent comments on a local talk show. When asked if you supported Delegate Kathy Tran’s HB 2491 bill, which loosens the restrictions on third-trimester abortions, you unashamedly said, “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be... Continue Reading

What Is Wrong With Gay Christianity? What Is Side A and Side B Anyway?

Side A and Side B both support the idea that sexual orientation is an accurate category of personhood, and therefore they both are outside the bounds of biblical teaching.

We must maintain that we who repent and believe stand in robes of righteousness as beloved sons and daughters of God, even as we do daily battle with any and all sexual lust and unbiblical desire that claims our affections.  We are not our sin, and we ought never to let it define us.  ... Continue Reading

Play the Man You Are

Gender identity and gender expression are about God’s glory and about maintaining the God-created distinctions on earth that in turn point to the ultimate distinction between God and his bride.

All around us, mountains of God’s glory carved into the landscape of his world are eroding. Homosexuality and egalitarianism flatten distinctions between husbands and wives. Androgyny and effeminacy flatten vital sex expressions between men and women. But God made us distinctly male and female, and gave Eve to Adam (not vice versa), because he already... Continue Reading