Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant Seminary That Produced Dozens Of Catholic Converts

A new book tells the story of how numerous faculty members and students of a North Carolina Evangelical seminary found their way to the Catholic Church.

I’d say the fact of authoritative Church councils weighed heavily on me. They essentially were the answer to the above issues of canon and orthodoxy, and they also pointed to what the historic Church was—if the Catholic Church was behind the councils that determined the biblical canon and its orthodox interpretation, was it God-guided or... Continue Reading

Spin Of The Year

Episcopal Divinity School will cease to grant degrees at the end of the upcoming academic year.

“A school that has taken on racism, sexism, heterosexism, and multiple interlocking oppressions is now called to rethink its delivery of theological education in a new and changing world,” said the Very Rev. Gary Hall ’76, chairman of the board, in introducing the resolution. “Ending unsustainable spending is a matter of social justice.” Translation: “Having... Continue Reading

15 Productivity Tips for Pastors

The work of ministry is never done: always more to do, more people to meet with, more sermons to write, more emails to answer, more outreach opportunities.

Don’t Go Alone. Lead like Jesus. Jesus walked with his disciples everywhere. Every ministry opportunity was also a teaching opportunity. Don’t go places alone. Disciple people as you work together. Always be inviting others to come with you when you have errands, hospital visits, leadership conferences, go out for lunch, or whatever. You will accomplish... Continue Reading

Child Evangelism Fellowship Wins Major Victory in Cleveland

Child Evangelism Fellowship has won a three-year lawsuit against the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

In 2013, Liberty Counsel filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of CEF, seeking equal access to CMSD’s public school facilities for CEF’s after-school, Christian character education Good News Clubs. CMSD was providing free after-school access to non-religious community groups, such as the Boy Scouts, but refused to treat CEF equally. Instead, CMSD imposed facility fees... Continue Reading

New Law Will Cripple the Church in Russia

A leader of a Christian outreach in Russia warns that because of a new restrictive law the open door to ministering the gospel there may soon be closing.

Religious activity is no longer permitted in private homes. Most of Russia’s 7,000 churches meet in homes. Every citizen is obligated to report religious activity (of neighbors) to the authorities. Failure to inform is punishable by law. One may pray, read the Bible at home but not in the presence of a non-believing person. You... Continue Reading

Bucking the Trend, Erskine Seminary Takes Steps to Split from College

While financial woes prompt many seminaries to consolidate, Erskine’s are causing it to step away

“The move is symbolic, since for now the two entities share one pool of money. But it’s an important message to the college, especially after its clashes in recent years with the denomination.”   At a time when many seminaries are merging with other seminaries or related colleges for financial reasons, Erskine Seminary in South... Continue Reading

Christian Colleges, Religious Liberty, and SB 1146 in California

SB 1146 prohibits private/religious colleges and universities in California from “discriminating” against LGBT students, faculty, or staff members, even if LGBT lifestyles run contrary to that institution’s religious beliefs.

Assuming that SB 1146 passes and is signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, California’s religious colleges and universities will be put to the test. They will have to decide whether to refuse to comply and litigate the issue, forgo benefits from significant state funding, acquiesce and modify their non-discrimination policies, close down, or move... Continue Reading

Ontario Court Deals Blow To Christian Law School’s Accreditation Because of Its Marriage Views

The Ontario Court of Appeal has rejected Trinity Western University law school’s bid for recognition in the province because it requires students to abstain from sexual activity outside of marriage.

In April 2014 the Law Society of Upper Canada announced it would not accept graduates of TWU’s proposed program, because it deemed discriminatory the school’s community covenant that requires students to abstain from sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman. After TWU appealed the decision, last year a three-judge panel ruled against... Continue Reading

Life-Size Noah’s Ark To Open Amid A Flood Of Skepticism

A replica of Noah's Ark has been built in the rolling hills of northern Kentucky and it is, quite literally, of biblical proportions at 510 feet long.

It cost $100 million to build and is expected to draw up to 2 million visitors a year along with millions in tourism revenue, according to what the ministry calls an independent study. Looey says they’ve already hired over 300 staff and hundreds more jobs are on the way when the other phases — including... Continue Reading

The Blessing of Being Counseled By Someone You Know

Counseling in the context of a personal relationship brings a number of practical benefits that you won’t get from a stranger.

Therapeutic counseling is based on a patient-therapist model that requires “professionalism” and “boundaries.” But biblical counseling is based on a model of interpersonal gospel care. The biblical model of ministry does not rely on professionals or experts. Instead, it is carried out by brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow strugglers who love someone enough to... Continue Reading