The Basics of the Bible: A Curriculum for Children

Children’s Ministry International’s "Bible Building Blocks of the Faith" provides a curriculum that will help us teach our children a number of biblical themes: God, grace, trust, and general biblical knowledge  This special curriculum for children is grounded in Scripture, the Reformed faith, and the Westminster Catechism.   Based on the Children’s Catechism studies are... Continue Reading

Curriculum to Help Us Celebrate Our Special Days

We celebrate special days where we observe and honor occasions and people that have contributed something to our country and lives.  Children Ministry International (CMI) has developed a 3-volume "Holiday Series" that explores special days and seeks to glean biblical meaning in the observance of the days.   Some of these days, like Easter, Mother... Continue Reading

Curriculum for Teaching Our Children Godly Character

  Whether we acknowledge it or not, we display and teach character traits to our children, peers and just about everyone else every time we act or make a decision.  Are we honest?  Are we involved in questionable activities, obey traffic laws, IRS laws, or "do not litter" ordinances, etc.?  As Christians we desire that... Continue Reading

MNA Planning Disaster Response for Iowa Flood Areas

Arklie Hooten, MNA Disaster Response Director, sent a letter to PCA churches asking for contrinutions for flood relief in Iowa and for volunteers to serve on work teams. To register to be a part of a work team, [Editors note: the original URL (link) referenced in this article is no longer valid, so the link... Continue Reading

Teaching Children About Holidays and Special Days

Children’s Ministry International produces helpful study material to teach children at home and in church. One of the recent publications is a Holiday Series; volumes one and two are now available. Volume one covers the special days from New Year’s to Easter (including MLK Day, President’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day), and volume two from... Continue Reading

Banner of Truth U.S. Ministers’ Conference, May 27-29, 2008

The Banner of Truth U.S. Ministers’ Conference will be May 27-29, 2008 on the campus of Messiah College in Grantham, Penn. Speakers include:  Iain H. Murray, Richard Phillips, Craig Troxell, David Campbell, Ian Hamilton. To register, go here to download the brochure [Editors note: the original URL (link) referenced in this article is no longer... Continue Reading