Merry Christmas from The Aquila Report Staff

Merry Christmas from the staff of The Aquila Report

May King Jesus rule in your heart and grant you God’s peace.  Romans 5:1 Merry Christmas from The Aquila Report Staff

“The Bible Answer Man” Turns East: An Unlikely Conversion

Eastern Orthodoxy accepts tradition (though not the authority of the pope) as an equal source of revelation along with the Scriptures.

In an interview, Hank Hanegraaff has said “Nothing has changed in my faith.” But it appears that he will have to broaden his source of authority beyond the Scriptures as he answers the questions of his listeners. We hope he reconsiders his decision and realizes that he has chosen a path that has misled many.  ... Continue Reading

Sex Ed Without the Sex

Unlike many pregnancy groups, the Life Center also works in public schools

“What I found was that the Life Center now touches nearly every part of citizens’ reproductive lives. It instructs public-school kids in sexual mores, intervenes when panicked women find out they’re pregnant, and leads young moms in the ways of Christ-focused parenting.”   Misty Stewart gave the worksheet to every student in the class: “The... Continue Reading

Prison Fellowship Gets New Leader, Entertainment Great James Ackerman

In an interview with The Christian Post, Ackerman said God aligned everything just right for him to take over the reigns of the organization that he has volunteered with for over a decade

“Shortly after meeting Prison Fellowship’s Dick Paulsen at the retreat, Ackerman began making time to go to prisons to use his business and leadership experiences to teach inmates how to write resumes, how to conduct themselves in job interviews and how to budget their time and money. Ackerman also got the opportunity to be mentored... Continue Reading

Why We Are Fighting in California

What are we actually fighting to preserve, and why is it worth preserving?

“I serve as president of Biola University, one of the faith-based institutions in California whose religious freedom is threatened by SB 1146. Biola has joined nearly 30 other California institutions in opposing the bill, and we’ve put together videos and a website to help explain the nature of the threat.”   A proposed California bill... Continue Reading

3 Questions To Ask Before Considering Long-Term Missions

To learn the language, you must learn the culture

“It would be a fascinating to know how many career missionaries go back to the first place they went on a short-term trip. Some point to this frequent phenomenon and doubt those missionaries’ call. While I did not go to the first place I visited on a mission trip, the Lord did indeed call my... Continue Reading

Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant Seminary That Produced Dozens Of Catholic Converts

A new book tells the story of how numerous faculty members and students of a North Carolina Evangelical seminary found their way to the Catholic Church.

I’d say the fact of authoritative Church councils weighed heavily on me. They essentially were the answer to the above issues of canon and orthodoxy, and they also pointed to what the historic Church was—if the Catholic Church was behind the councils that determined the biblical canon and its orthodox interpretation, was it God-guided or... Continue Reading

Spin Of The Year

Episcopal Divinity School will cease to grant degrees at the end of the upcoming academic year.

“A school that has taken on racism, sexism, heterosexism, and multiple interlocking oppressions is now called to rethink its delivery of theological education in a new and changing world,” said the Very Rev. Gary Hall ’76, chairman of the board, in introducing the resolution. “Ending unsustainable spending is a matter of social justice.” Translation: “Having... Continue Reading

15 Productivity Tips for Pastors

The work of ministry is never done: always more to do, more people to meet with, more sermons to write, more emails to answer, more outreach opportunities.

Don’t Go Alone. Lead like Jesus. Jesus walked with his disciples everywhere. Every ministry opportunity was also a teaching opportunity. Don’t go places alone. Disciple people as you work together. Always be inviting others to come with you when you have errands, hospital visits, leadership conferences, go out for lunch, or whatever. You will accomplish... Continue Reading

Child Evangelism Fellowship Wins Major Victory in Cleveland

Child Evangelism Fellowship has won a three-year lawsuit against the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

In 2013, Liberty Counsel filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of CEF, seeking equal access to CMSD’s public school facilities for CEF’s after-school, Christian character education Good News Clubs. CMSD was providing free after-school access to non-religious community groups, such as the Boy Scouts, but refused to treat CEF equally. Instead, CMSD imposed facility fees... Continue Reading