5 Myths About Hospitality

Hospitality is not a gift unto itself, but a means through which other spiritual gifts are displayed: mercy, serving, giving and evangelizing.

Hospitality seeks the salvation of the stranger, and fellowship seeks the building up in the faith of the brother and sister. We serve a God who sought us out while we were strangers. God found us, took us in, made us part of his family, and brought us to his table. Our homes are not... Continue Reading

Merry Christmas from The Aquila Report Staff

Merry Christmas from the staff of The Aquila Report

May King Jesus rule in your heart and grant you God’s peace.  Romans 5:1 Merry Christmas from The Aquila Report Staff

Weighed in the World’s Scales

Let us pray that God would grant our elders the wisdom and character to be well thought of by outsiders for the sake of the gospel.

The Bible teaches us that a good reputation is proof of a life conducted wisely. Proverbs 13:15 points out that “good sense wins favor,” and Proverbs 3:3–4 says: “Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you. . . . So you will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man.” Commenting... Continue Reading

Learning Through the Wounds

Before God raised Jesus from the dead, he crushed him to the point of death.

In his great love for his people, Jesus was wounded for our sins—for the hurts we have caused—and it is in those wounds and stripes he endured that we find healing and dependence on God. There may be times where our God allows us to experience suffering, but he uses it to give us a... Continue Reading

To Claim or Not Claim Civil Privileges: The Interesting Example of Paul in Philippi

We should defend the gospel itself before we defend ourselves.

He pointed out their Roman citizenship, that they had been beaten unfairly and publicly, and thus refused to be released secretly (Acts 16:37). Fearing discipline from their own higher-ups on the matter, the magistrates were forced to give Paul and Silas an apology and personally release them from the prison (Acts 16:38–39). This apology and release would have been more... Continue Reading

The Mouthpiece and Ministry of Blessedness

Blessing. That’s the aim of a pastor’s labor among the sheep of Jesus Christ.

A pastor who stands in the pulpit to declare the blessing of God must also labor to that end in his daily toils. It’s a tragedy in the making when a pastor will pronounce the benediction in worship but fail to minister in the same spirit throughout the week. After all, James warned us concerning... Continue Reading

Prayers from Colossians for Gospel Workers

Let’s spur each other on as a body of Christ!

It sometimes can be hard though to know what to pray for workers, especially if there haven’t been any recent prayer points. However, the Bible is full of gold when it comes to praying on behalf of God’s people. Here are five sample prayers drawn from Colossians that I’ve been using when praying for those... Continue Reading

He Will Not Forget Your Works!

He has seen it all.

The days and nights of faithful service are now filled-in with the sands of time – no evident trace remains. Praise God that the grace empowered endeavors of the saints, indeed their lives, are never forgotten by the Lord.   This is a guest post by David McCullough – Minister of Woodstock R.P.C., Belfast –... Continue Reading

I’d Probably Still Cancel Your Short-Term Mission Trip

Having served for a decade as the leader of a missions agency that takes short-term trips, I offer eight brief ways to make them more fruitful.

American churches often send untrained individuals from among the financially privileged on short-term trips as a means of discipleship. In doing so, we swamp long-term workers with people who have flexible schedules and eager hearts, but not a lot of skill. Many missionaries wish they could tell you the same thing, but they’d lose support from... Continue Reading

Why We Do It: The Convictions of a Pregnancy Care Centre

In his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus was not concerned primarily with his own interests, but with ours.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; In your book were written, every one of them The days that were formed for me, When as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139:13-16. This conviction propels us to treat every woman who enters our doors with the utmost respect and care and to serve her to the... Continue Reading