The Time Has Come for True Comfort

We need truth that can handle fires, heart attacks, cancer, and more.

We go looking for comfort in half-truths served up like food that’s been sitting four hours on the buffet. We need old truths that still stand tall after centuries. “What is your only comfort in life and death? That I am not my own, but belong with body and soul, both in life and in... Continue Reading

J. V. Fesko’s Reforming Apologetics—Retrieving the Classical Reformed Approach to Defending the Faith—A Critical Review (4 of 4)

From the beginning of his book till its end Fesko consistently fails to understand the distinction between natural revelation and natural theology in Presuppositionalism.

We are glad for the emphasis of Fesko and others that there is a generally agreed upon classical theism that resides in the scholastic tradition of the church.  We agree that 21st century Christians do not get to re-define the Christian God.  The Reformation itself, however, shows that the scholastic tradition could deviate into bypaths. ... Continue Reading

Christopher Yuan on Holy Sexuality

Your Desires Don’t Define You

Today, having taken the unlikely course from prisoner to Bible professor, Yuan emphasizes the need to rethink along the lines of what Scripture teaches. For example, something most Christians know by experience: Conversion doesn’t end temptation. The battle with what the Apostle Paul calls “the flesh,” remains, including when it comes to our sexual desires.... Continue Reading

Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation

Jesus is Lord of every domain, not merely the church.

Daniel Doriani is known as a preacher, a seminary professor, and an author of several excellent commentaries. This book may be best understood as a passion project, an area of particular interest for which he has been formulating his thoughts over a long period of time. “In this book,” he says, “I hope to engage... Continue Reading

Reforming Apologetics

Retrieving the Classic Reformed Approach to Defending the Faith

From the perspectives of systematic and historical theology, Fesko seeks to recover a classical Reformed approach to defending the faith, with a special emphasis on the use of natural theology in apologetics.   J.V. Fesko, Reforming Apologetics: Retrieving the Classic Reformed Approach to Defending the Faith. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2019. 250pp. Paperback. Christians... Continue Reading

The Christian’s Creed

Even if you are familiar with the teaching in the Creed, it’s a great reminder that can be used devotionally.

I love to hear my pastor ask us what we believe. So often in my own teaching, I have found many Christians have a hard time articulating their faith well. The Apostles’ Creed helps us. There is something beautiful in answering as a congregation, joining with the church historic in confessing our faith together. “The... Continue Reading

Patricia Polacco Gets Woke

As our kids get older, it’s going to come down to talking through this propaganda to equip them to see through it.

While we parents should know what our kids are reading, if you have a child who reads a lot this becomes harder and harder to keep up with as they get older. But, as the Adversary knows, you are what you eat. And if he can sneak in a diet of “homosexuality is normal,” he... Continue Reading

The Day I Quit Family Devotions

God led me to repent of the idol I had created of a perfect family devotional time.

“I’m just not a good ‘Christian dad’,” I thought. “My kids just don’t like the Bible.” “I’m a disappointment to my wife.” “I guess they can just get it from Sunday school, Christian school, Youth group, or Awana.” Then God did something amazingly ordinary. He opened my eyes to see that all of the frustration I had... Continue Reading

A Review: “The Final Race” by Eric Eichinger with Eva Marie Everson

A warm-hearted retelling of Eric Liddell’s unusual journey into the limelight of international fame to a life of relative obscurity as an overseas missionary.

Liddell won Olympic gold in 1924 for the 400-meter race and remained an elite short distance runner with a most unorthodox style and surprisingly little training. But it wasn’t athletic prowess that occupied the heart and mind of “The Flying Scotsman.” Rather, it was the love of God, a passion for the lost, and serving... Continue Reading

What Role Does Natural Theology Have in Reformed Thinking? (A Review of Reforming Apologetics by J.V. Fesko)

Fesko sees apologetics functioning in a threefold manner: to respond to intellectual challenges, to clarify the truth, and to encourage believers.

The Gallican Confession (1559), The Belgic Confession (1561), the Canons of Dort (1618–1619), and the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) affirm ideas like the book of nature, innate knowledge in terms of common notions, or the light of nature. And in particular, Anthony Burgess, a framer of the WCF, penned a work affirming natural theology... Continue Reading