Book Briefs: Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds

The book makes for riveting reading, and provides an immersion into the eerie world of Mormonism, for the uninitiated.

The book is packed full of Mormon history and doctrinal oddities. It also stresses the important role of an accepting and welcoming evangelical Church body for those leaving Mormonism. Those who have Mormon family members, or anyone who attempts to reach out to Mormons will greatly benefit from this work and the discussion of what... Continue Reading

Ryan Anderson’s Book on Transgender People is Creating an Uproar

Anderson argues that American society’s growing acceptance of transgenderism has more to do with ideology than science.

“We need to respect the dignity of people who identify as transgender,” he argues in the book, “but without encouraging children to undergo experimental transition treatments, and without trampling on the needs and interests of others.” Anderson has tweeted that “gender dysphoria is a serious mental health issue.” By contrast, “transgenderism is a belief system... Continue Reading

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers by Douglas Bond

Each chapter is about a different hymn writer, but also includes some adventure

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is the first in a series of four books about Mr. Pipes and two children, Annie and Drew. Mr. Pipes plays the organ in a Church of England parish in Olney, Bedfordshire, England. Annie and Drew are two young American children (about 13 or so) who think they are... Continue Reading

What Do We Do with the King James Version? (Book Review)

Ward begins with an excellent overview of what we stand to lose as the church stops using the KJV

Which Bible translation is best? Well, it turns out that’s the wrong question and, in fact, the source of many of our issues. The tribalism that keeps us fixed on one translation over all others is unhealthy. “All Bible-loving-and-reading Christians need to learn to see the value in all good Bible translations.”   It’s indisputable:... Continue Reading

Book Review: “Love Thy Body” by Nancy R. Pearcey

In our postmodern age, it can be intimidating to challenge our secular culture’s reductive view of the body with absolute truths, especially with ever-expanding bullying tactics via social media.

To begin Love Thy Body, Pearcey identifies the driving force behind our most combative moral debates. That is, the shrewd separation of the psychological person from the physical body or the “two-story dualism,” as Pearcey refers to it. The history and framework of society’s person/body fracture is admittedly a bit complex.   Love Thy Body: Answering... Continue Reading

The Techniques of a Sexual Predator

The most common technique for sexual offenders to gain access to children is to cultivate a double life.

I hate to bring bad news on an otherwise good day, but I think this merits attention. In his book On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Children Abuse at Church, Deepak Reju provides a look at the techniques of a sexual predator, and focuses on the way a predator will prepare or groom an entire church... Continue Reading

From ABC to PhD: One God in Three Persons

One God in Three Persons is a collection of essays by various theologians intended to “argue for the eternal submission of the Son to the Father.”

If God the Father has more authority than the Son or the Spirit because He is the Father, then there is a difference in the very nature of God. This makes the Son and Spirit less God than the Father. And if the Son is less God than the Father, then can His life, death,... Continue Reading

The Moral Slide of Western Culture Illustrated (Guinness)

What changing reactions to "The Lottery" say about our post-modern society

The professor continued to assign the story and discuss it with the class.  However, her students of various ages no longer consistently showed moral outrage at the idea of human sacrifice.  The responses included, “The end was neat,” or “It’s their ritual.”  The professor was stunned after talking to a woman who was passionate about... Continue Reading

Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else?

So what should we make of this new (or ancient?) personality wheel with a strange name?

At first glance, the Enneagram may look like just another personality test, along the lines of discovering your Myers-Briggs type, knowing the color of your parachute, finding your strengths, or realizing you’re a golden retriever instead of a beaver. But Cron and Stabile are adamant that the Enneagram is much more than a psychological profile.... Continue Reading

Review of “For Me to Live is Christ, The Life of Edward J. Young”

A biography of Edward J. Young written by his son Davis A. Young

Throughout the book we see that Young worked hard on Old Testament commentaries with a particular focus on the books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Daniel. He took generally conservative positions, usual at odds with other scholars of his time who were almost invariably critics of the Scripture. Young’s work was regularly praised and he became... Continue Reading