The Future of Everything

The Future of Everything will help deepen your understanding and answer some questions as it overviews the Bible's teachings on the afterlife and end-times.

Boekestein sets out to explain to everyday Christians what theologians refer to as “eschatology”–the study of the end-times as taught in Scripture. That’s an area that can be complicated and is often obscure to us, but the author succeeds in making all the main lines plain. Pastor Boekestein has a gift for clear, accessible writing... Continue Reading

A City upon a Hill: Nationalism, Religion, and the Making of an American Myth

Many Americans would instantly recognize that line and regard it as a vital description of the American character.

One problem with this nationalistic reading of the text is that no single source can be demonstrated to define the American character, American identity, or America’s place in the world. Contra Tocqueville, Perry Miller, and more recently George McKenna, the Puritans did not give birth to any essential American disposition. Neither did any other intellectual source,... Continue Reading

Review: “Gay on God’s Campus”

Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities

He considers activist efforts to change campus policy, campus climate, and hearts and minds. He concludes that effective activist movements on these campuses are often those that repurpose the language in a school’s theology such that it supports LGBT causes, or at least generates dialogue. In an unforgettable example, Coley describes a student group called... Continue Reading

Best of Enemies Movie: Klan leader, Black Activist; Race, Religion, Reconciliation

What happens when you assign a Ku Klux Klan president and a Black civil rights activist to collaborate on school desegregation – in the racially charged 1971 U.S. South?

What fueled their change?  Atwater wrote in the Durham Herald-Sun, “In church the preacher says that if you want to be like Jesus you must be ‘born again.’ That really is the only way I can describe it. Something came into our lives…. The blinders came off and we…saw how much we had in common.... Continue Reading

Abby Johnson and the Movie ‘Unplanned’

Abby Johnson: “Unplanned is a movie I never planned on making”

“You know, I was a little disgruntled. I had been told that we were required to double our abortion quota in our clinic. They told us we must sell more abortions, and start doing them through the 6th month of pregnancy. I thought that was absurd, that it was much too late in the pregnancy.... Continue Reading

The Eight Deadly Sins of Political Conservatism

Given that my primary allegiance is to Christ and his church, my commitments to political parties, platforms, and leaders should always be tentative.

Thus, since I land on the right side of the American political spectrum, it is especially helpful to beware the dangers found on the right. That’s why I enjoyed re-reading The Revenge of Conscience, by University of Texas (Austin) philosopher J. Budziszewski, in which the author exposes the “sins” of various political ideologies on the Left... Continue Reading

The Dying Thoughts of a Godly Man

May Baxter’s dying thoughts be my dying thoughts, and the thoughts of all Christians in all times.

When Solomon wrote that it’s better to go into the house of mourning than mirth—that funerals really are better than frat parties—he meant it as a reminder to number our days so we could appreciate how valuable life is. Meditating on death does not need to be a sorrowful endeavor. C.S. Lewis wrote, “There is a... Continue Reading

The Heart of the Matter

Every time I open my phone, he knows exactly what I’m seeking.

Like many things, there’s an undeniable presence of redemptive qualities that come with our unprecedented access to one another. I think many of us are trying to get this social media thing right. We’re thankful for the gift of connection it offers but when we’re honest, we see what a grip it can have on... Continue Reading

Broken Pieces and the God Who Mends Them

Though her book is tragic, it is also inspiring.

Broken Pieces is first a mother’s memoir as Carr recounts her efforts on behalf of her son. She goes to great lengths—any length, really—to attempt to find him help and healing. She aptly describes the agony of not only the one who is ill, but of those who love him and care for him. She... Continue Reading

Parenting in the Pews

Like all good things in life, we have to learn to love worship.

God calls us to worship and to rest in Him (Matthew 11:28-30) because He loves us. We go to church and worship because we love the Lord. Our obedience should never be done with a cold heart or from a sense of obligation alone. That’s not what God wants from us, and that’s not what we... Continue Reading