Book Review: Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word

Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word,Douglas A Sweeney, IVP Academic 2009 The number of books produced on Jonathan Edwards in the last twenty years would fill a small library. New works on his writings, personal life, even the types of ink he used, are still coming into print, threatening to swamp bookstores and... Continue Reading

Collision is quirky, but well worth your time.

Christopher Hitchens vs Douglass Wilson – Collision, a Documentary By Kenneth A. Pierce Most people in evangelical churches are aware of the “New Atheism,” a particularly aggressive publishing and appearance onslaught by prominent thinkers who are also atheists: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens. Almost three years ago, Christianity Today sponsored a... Continue Reading

The Hidden Truth Behind ‘V’

By Leigh Scott Like many conservatives, I was intrigued and excited by the promos for ABC’s reboot of one of my favorite mini-series, “V.” Finally, we thought, one of us had infiltrated the system and slipped one by the hippies who run Hollywood. Even better, we hoped that ABC, in a brash display of “corporate... Continue Reading

Book Review: Christ-Centered Worship by Bryan Chapell

Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant Theological Seminary, adds to his extensive repertoire of books with what amounts to be a text book for planning worship. As such, it will be most useful for seminary students coming out of a broad evangelical background or others inclined simply to follow the latest trends without any reference to... Continue Reading

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Review by Todd Hertz Despite being PG, Disney’s A Christmas Carol is not a film for young children, probably those 8 and under. The movie is very dark and should be viewed as a ghost story—with more emphasis on the horror angle than most adaptations. In the long string of adaptations of Charles Dickens’ 1843... Continue Reading

Capitalist Excess? A Review of Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”

Love him or hate him, or his films, there’s no question about where Michael Moore stands ideologically: Left-wing, “progressive,” populist, socialist. In some ways Moore’s newest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” muddies the water. But in the end, all it really shows is that Michael Moore doesn’t actually know what capitalism is. Apparently, Moore thinks... Continue Reading

The Christian Mind: How Should A Christian Think?

Several books on having a Christian mind have been in print for a good number of years. We will be mentioning at least one of these in each review section of Equip to Disciple for the purpose of making certain that you have read them. If you have not read them, you will want to... Continue Reading

Not so Wild: A Movie Review

Instead of the romp described in its trailer, Where the Wild Things Are offers a quiet, moving story Megan Basham You could certainly be forgiven for assuming that director Spike Jonze’s new film, Where the Wild Things Are (rated PG for action and mild language), is an adventure movie intended to capture the hearts of... Continue Reading

Have a Little Faith

From the pen of author Mitch Albom now comes Have a Little Faith, a book that shot straight to the top of the New York Times list of bestsellers within days of its release. Have a Little Faith is a well-written and interesting book that has already been widely praised. The endorsements on the book’s... Continue Reading

The Fate of the Spirit

The wobbly religious lives of young people emerging into adulthood By Naomi Schaefer Riley,Wall Street Journal College professors have been complaining about their students since the beginning of time, and not without reason. But in the past several years more that a few professors—to judge by my conversations with a wide range of them—have noticed... Continue Reading