Just Released – God’s Story Bible Coloring Book

Great Commission Publications announces the release of God’s Story Bible Coloring Book. The book contains 158 coloring pages. The contents contain activities based on Toddler, Preschool and Younger Elementary lessons in the Show Me Jesus curriculum. Show Me Jesus is Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum that teaches the unfolding story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. Seven... Continue Reading

An Interview with Sociologist and Religious History Professor, Rodney Stark

Stark’s latest book, God’s Battalions: the Case for the Crusades, takes on one of what most Americans would consider a truism: that the Crusades were simply evil and irrational. Not so fast, my friend, says Dr. Stark! Rodney Stark is a prominent and prolific sociologist and historian of religion. His Curriculum Vitae lists 28 books... Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW: Overcoming Fear in ‘Feast or Fallow’ – interview with Sandra McCracken

“I have to be more efficient when I work these days. I am learning not to place my kids and songwriting against each other in competition” With one of the best albums of the year so far, Sandra McCracken’s new hymns project is balm for the soul. We asked her all about it. In one... Continue Reading

BOOK REVIEW: PCA Pastor Tullian Tchividjian Reflects on Rebellious Past

We are still a conservative church and thoroughly evangelical in outlook……Through a style and structural change we have rebranded and replanted. As an adolescent Tullian Tchividjian had plenty of reasons to enjoy a relatively calm path into early adulthood. He was the fourth of seven children born into an active and supportive environment. He was... Continue Reading

How to dismantle a U2 song

”When U2 songs are written, I don’t write them in English. I write them in what the band call ‘Bongelese’, I just sing the melodies and the words form in my mouth, later to be deciphered.” “As he turns 50 next week Bono has much to celebrate, not least achieving world domination as the frontman... Continue Reading

Love: Reintroducing the Doctrines of Church Membership and Discipline” by Jonathan Leeman

Leeman, an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC focuses specifically on the structures of church membership and discipline as he believes the Bible presents them. If it is true that all people will know Jesus’ disciples through the love we have for one another (John 13:35) then enacting such love is of... Continue Reading

2010 Dove Awards Signal Christian Music’s Move to the Mainstream

Generating about a half a billion dollars, Christian music sales as a percentage of all music receipts rose to 7.2 percent last year from 6.8 percent in 2008. At the same time sales of other music saw losses. Midway through the evening, former heavy metal band Korn’s lead guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, brings down the... Continue Reading

REVIEW: Discovering God in Stories from the Bible by Philip Graham Ryken

Another book about the attributes of God! Who needs it? This might be the reaction of many in our day. This book, however, is uniquely approached and extremely helpful. Here is systematic theology (the Queen of the Sciences) set forth in the context of Biblical stories. People of all ages today have a need for... Continue Reading

Review of “The Shepherd Leader: Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church”

“The Shepherd Leader” was written by Timothy Z. Witmer and published by Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, Philipsburg, New Jersey. God’s people NEED shepherds! And God has richly supplied this need by giving them The Good Shepherd AND clearly spelling out in His Word the qualifications and duties for “undershepherds.” But, as Tim Witmer points out,... Continue Reading

Pastoring Men: ‘It Actually Is Rocket Science,’ Says Best-selling Author

Patrick Morley says that the “men problem” in the church today is one of the most pervasive social, economic, political and spiritual challenges of our time – the root cause behind virtually every trouble ailing society. More than 90 percent of American men believe in God, and five out of six call themselves Christians …... Continue Reading