Book Review: Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission

“The gospel is not good advice on how to reach up to God; rather, it is a declaration about what God has already done to reach down to us. It is good news about a historical event that changes everything” Tim Brister continues his review of Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission by... Continue Reading

Performers confirmed for 2010 Inspirational Country Music Awards

The 16th Annual Inspirational Country Music Awards Show (ICM Awards) announces that Ricky Skaggs, Katrina Elam and Steve Richard are confirmed to perform on the award show. Ricky Skaggs, Multi-Award winning giant and 2009 ICM Mainstream Country Artist of the Year, is nominated in four ICM award categories. Skaggs continues to add to his of... Continue Reading

John Lennon’s Dream: His 10 Best Songs – On the 70th anniversary of his birth

Editor’s Note: For all of ‘us’ in the 50 and over crowd! Youngsters are welcome. “Always know sometimes think it’s me/but you know I know and it’s a dream.”—John Lennon John Lennon was not just a great musician and songwriter. He was a dream-weaver who dared to imagine a world where human beings would put... Continue Reading

– an artistic equivalent of a caffeine jolt, a Red Bull for the spirit

If you are in a funk over the current state of political and economic affairs, you will come away feeling better after seeing Secretariat. In 1977, things were similarly gloomy. The misery index under President Jimmy Carter reflected the mood of many Americans. The president would come to speak of an America that had seen... Continue Reading

Book Review: Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission – PART I

The unifying theme among all seven characteristics seems to be that the Spirit of God controls the man in his character (who he is) and empowers the man in his calling (what he does). Tim Brister begins a three part review of Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission by Darrin Patrick (Wheaton: Crossway,... Continue Reading

PBS Documentary, “God In America”, to debut October 11

During his presidency, {Thomas Jefferson} had literally cut and pasted the standard biblical account into a text more to his liking, omitting Jesus’ virgin birth, resurrection and supernatural miracles while maintaining the ethical teachings… “God in America” takes from the example of Jefferson and Jesus a thesis: America cannot possibly be understood without understanding the... Continue Reading

Author examines faith and football in the Southeastern Conference

‘Being a lifelong Vanderbilt fan helps you to accept the cross.’” A passionate Christian and a rabid football fan, Auburn graduate Chad Gibbs set out, in his humorous new book, “God & Football,” to find the balance between his religious faith and his devotion to the emotional whirlwind of college football in the South. “As... Continue Reading

Book Review: The stats on evangelicalism are much better than you’ve been led to believe.

Ted Olsen of CT interviews Bradley R. E. Wright about his recent book: Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites…. and Other Lies You’ve Been Told (Bethany House, July 2010) Young people are not abandoning church. Evangelical beliefs and practices get stronger with more education. Prayer, Bible reading, and evangelism are up. Perceptions about evangelicals have improved dramatically.... Continue Reading

Tragic Humanism – Terry Eagleton argues that evil is not as mysterious or as explainable as we think.

‘On Evil’ belongs to the genre of religious psychology, where Eagleton brilliantly relates the ultimate concerns of the theologian with the penultimate concerns of the psychoanalyst. Two events happened this spring in New York City that flummoxed our sophisticated pundits. First, a naturalized citizen failed to detonate a car bomb in Times Square. Why did... Continue Reading

“Get Low” and the Gospel

In an often animalistic culture, it reminds us that even the Gentiles know that guilt is real, and that it burns. It also reminds us that, no matter how deep the exile, where there is still a conscience there is still the God who put it there. On Sunday afternoons, typically, the adrenaline of the... Continue Reading