Book Review: The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way by Michael Horton

Finally, the author has supplied not just a scripture index but one for the reformational creeds and catechisms sited in this work. This could prove to very helpful for the teacher seeking to cross-reference this systematic theology and the creeds and confessions. This work by Michael Horton may be the finest systematic theology since Berkhof’s... Continue Reading

An Interview with Winston Riley on Walker Percy

In his new film, Walker Percy: A Documentary Film, Win Riley offers a touching, nuanced portrait of Percy, the great Catholic novelist and philosopher. “?…There may be times when the greatest service a novelist can do his fellow man is to follow General Patton’s injunction: Attack, attack, attack. Attack the fake in the name of... Continue Reading

The ‘Christian’ Movie That Didn’t Get Watched

The weekend that an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ much beloved book “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” was released in theaters, a heavy snowstorm convinced this Christian dad to stay home rather than “tread” the treacherous roads. And considering the lackluster performance of “The Dawn Treader” at the box office, many other moviegoers must have... Continue Reading

Peacock No Prude – New NBC Chief Vows Racier Fare To Boost Ratings

NBC’s new chief, Bob Greenblatt, the programming executive who transformed Showtime network into a pay-TV powerhouse, is telling Tinseltown producers that he’s going to push the boundaries of broadcast television in a bid to revive the Peacock network. Greenblatt, who built his reputation on shows such as “The L Word,” “The Tudors” and “Dexter,” is... Continue Reading

An Interview with ‘Believin Stephen’ on “The Suffering Servant,” personal pain, and the future of Christian hip hop

Believin’ Stephen graciously agreed to an interview about his life and music from his hometown of Philly (one of my favorite cities in America). I am fascinated by the content of his lyrics because they address the types of topics in the lives of people in the Bible and tells a story of God’s healing... Continue Reading

What to Expect in new books from Reformation Trust in 2011

Reformation Trust Publishing, the book-publishing arm of Ligonier Ministries, plans to release ten books in 2011, including new titles in several established series and books by writers both familiar and new to Reformation Trust readers. In February, Reformation Trust will publish a new edition of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s classic children’s tale The Priest with Dirty... Continue Reading

Bob’s Best Books of 2010

2010 marked the second full year that I’ve focused on reading and reviewing good Christian books. I thought I could take the time to look back and assess the books I’ve reviewed in 2010. By the Numbers: Total Reviews: 30 (including 1 DVD) 2010 Publishers Reveiwed: 13 Pages Read: over 6600 Blog Posts Written: 168... Continue Reading

‘The Exorcism Files’ – The Discovery Channel and the Roman Catholic Church team up for new TV series

Editor’s Note: As far as we are able to determine, this is the first story in The Aquila Report’s history that we have drawn from Entertainment Weekly as a source. (They call their report an ‘exclusive.’) We are unsure whether this is a good sign or not. Discovery Channel is teaming with the Vatican for... Continue Reading

Narrative and the Grace of God: The New ‘True Grit’

The new “True Grit” is that rare thing — a truly religious movie. In the John Wayne version religiosity is just an occasional flourish not to be taken seriously. In this movie it is everything, not despite but because of its refusal to resolve or soften the dilemmas the narrative delivers up. Movie critic Dan... Continue Reading

Book Review: The Narnia Code: C. S. Lewis and the Secret of the Seven Heavens by Michael Ward

Do you remember when you first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis? Many people, like me, trace their love of fantasy fiction back to that moment. As I gobbled up each of the seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia series, I entered a world of knights, chivalry, valor, magic... Continue Reading