Book Review: Getting Back Into the Race, Joel R. Beeke (CruciformPress, 2011)

There just aren’t many books out addressing the issue of the backsliding Christian. I imagine one reason why is the marketability—I mean, how many backsliders are really going to go buy a book about their condition? And I don’t think they would take too kindly to being handed a book on backsliding by a concerned... Continue Reading

Review Of Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s ‘What is the Mission of the Church’?

“It’s too easy to wield “social justice” like a two-by-four to whack every middle-class Christian who tithes, prays, works hard, deals fairly with others, and serves faithfully in the local church, but doesn’t have time to give to or be involved in every cause. If we need fifty hours in every day to be obedient,... Continue Reading

‘Children at the Lord’s Table’ – A Review

Once the Old Testament case for the participation of children in all of the privileges and obligations of the covenant has been dismantled, the foundation of paedocommunion has been demolished. When we ignore the covenantal arguments posited by advocates of paedocommunion by a naïve appeal to 1 Corinthians 11, we must recognize that they are... Continue Reading

Review of John Williamson Nevin: High Church Calvinist by D.G. Hart. Presbyterian and Reformed 2005.

The errors of the Federal Vision theology must not be used to dismiss Nevin, or others who share a higher view of the visible church and the effects of the means of grace and a different view of conversion and piety. Who brought about the bigger changes in American Protestantism, Charles Darwin or Jonathan Edwards?... Continue Reading

Movie Review: The Way – Sheen and Estevez present the intensely faith-filled practice of pilgrimage

The Way, a passion project from the father-and-son team of Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, presents the intensely faith-filled practice of pilgrimage in a way that is not heavy-handed or saccharine. Sheen is a famously devout Catholic while his son describes his faith as “a work in progress,” but they both found transcendence in the... Continue Reading

The Danger of Mission Creep in the Church

Anyone who has been attentive to the latest theological trends of adding mercy ministry and social justice to gospel ministry in the Church, will find in this book a great help toward discerning the ‘mission creep’ that is the ultimate danger of ‘the new evangelical social gospel.’ A Review of The New Evangelical Social Gospel... Continue Reading

BioStripos – A Review of Kuyper’s Wisdom and Wonder

“The theory of evolution imagines that it can do this now with respect to origins, but this is nothing less than self-deception, for it traces things back to the first atoms and the energy they contained, but of the origin of these atoms and energy it can tell us nothing. It thus shifts the question... Continue Reading

D. G. Hart; From Billy Graham to Sarah Palin: Evangelicals and the Betrayal of American Conservatism

I think evangelicals can and even should have a strong affinity for traditionalist conservatism. But authentic Christian discipleship leads to various forms of gospel-inspired activism. Regrettably, this activism sometimes expands the role of government. This is unfortunate but inevitable, since we live in a fallen world—which, by the way, seems like a rather Augustinian concession.... Continue Reading

Review: “The Work of the Pastor” by William Still

Sinclair Ferguson, a disciple of Still, says of this book “Every minister should read this book once a year –at least!” I heartily echo his sentiment. My list of “must have” books is very short, and becoming shorter as I age. I love books, and think ministers should have lots of them, but I have... Continue Reading

Handheld Affections – Christian blogger/pastor warns of iPhone idolatry

Evangelical blogger Tim Challies’ new book, The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion, tells how technology is changing what we believe and how we treat each other, and advises Christians to use it wisely. Challies, a Toronto-based web designer and cultural commentator who maintains one of the most visited Christian blogs on... Continue Reading