Meet Lecrae, the Christian Rapper Tearing Up the Charts

A two-minute bio on hip-hop's God-loving, chart-topping artist

At age 19, Lecrae attended a conference at the prodding of a friend and heard James White deliver a message that he says “turned his world upside down and showed him his need for a savior.”

What Happened to My CCM?

Much has changed in a generation—the bands, the industry. Oh, and me.

I'm really happy to see new material from some of my favorite musicians, but I know that I'm not the same person I was when I started going to rock shows in church basements. I no longer put band stickers on my car or wear their buttons on my jacket. I no longer listen to Christian radio or buy my music from Bible bookstores. But these are some of the people who taught me what I know about faith, hope and love—and I'll be forking over some cash this year to hear them do it again.

Perimeter Church (PCA) Worship Leader Wins GRAMMY® Award for Best Contemporary Song

“I record for a label that lets me work at a church instead of having to always be on tour. And I love how it all interconnects. This dynamic is what makes me a healthy person. I am blessed!” When Laura Story penned her now-famous song “Blessings,” she could hardly have imagined the way it... Continue Reading

Paul Simon: ‘God Comes Up a Lot in My Songs’

He decided he wanted to meet (John) Stott, and a friend helped connect them. Simon called the theologian and offered to take him out for dinner. He said Stott told him he didn’t go out much anymore and instead invited the musician to his flat for tea and biscuits. Paul Simon’s latest album, So Beautiful... Continue Reading

The Best Christmas Music of 2011 – A wide variety of new yuletide music for your Christmas stocking.

Like CCM, Christmas music is defined by its lyrical content, not its music (though sleigh bells, chimes, and children’s choruses seem to be in every Christmas album from reggae to bluegrass). So, like CCM, it has spun off dozens of subgenres. On one end of the spectrum are “seasonal” albums that make no reference to... Continue Reading

New Album of Christmas Carols Available

“The Majesty of His Birth,” a collection of traditional Christmas carols, is a new album by former PCA pastor Hugh Davis. Each of the eight carols in the collection are orchestrated in unique ways to help the listener hear the news of Christ’s birth in a fresh way. The style varies throughout the collection, ranging... Continue Reading

Creed or Chaos – A review and theological analysis of the hit Broadway musical, ‘The Book Of Mormon’

Rigorous theology helps people avoid mindless conformity. Without timeless rules, we all have a tendency to be swept up in the temper of the moment. But tough-minded theologies are countercultural. They insist on principles and practices that provide an antidote to mere fashion You can feel a jolt of energy surge through the audience of... Continue Reading

Giano’s Christian Hip Hop with an Afro-Latino groove

What I really appreciate about Giano’s music is that, as a Latino, he has ability to reach a wide audience with an amazing mix, at times, of English and Spanish lyrics and he raps about the intersection of the gospel and real life. I was so impressed by this mix that I wanted to know... Continue Reading

God at the Grammys: Why do so many musical superstars think that their careers are part of a divine plan?

The hip-hop mogul Diddy, for example, has been in and out of courtrooms over the years, facing charges for assault, gun possession and bribery—yet he continually bounces back with a new name and a new career. When I asked him if he ever felt fear, he replied, “My faith is in God. Like, look who... Continue Reading

BeBe & CeCe Winans, Switchfoot Nab Grammy Awards

Brother and sister duo BeBe and CeCe Winans took home two Grammy awards on Sunday, adding to their already wide collection of gold statues. The two won for Best Gospel Performance and Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album during the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Other winners in the Gospel category included Switchfoot, Jerry Peters and... Continue Reading