Let’s Sing the Songs Jesus Sang

Heilman wants to put all 150 Psalms — in their entirety — to music

“About 10 years ago, while I was on a mission trip, I got a compulsion to put Psalm 1 to music,” he said. He liked the tune, how the words were straight Scripture, and that it was different from the typical modern worship song. “I got this delusional idea to try to do them all,”... Continue Reading

Let Me Repeat Myself? – Part One

Why do they sing the same thing over and over again? Isn’t once enough?

“Whether we’re praising or we’re praying, there are certainly numerous biblical examples of repeating the same words to God. Worship leaders use repetition as a tool to let important proclamations and/or petitions not just fly by without the intentionality they might warrant.”   One universal criticism of contemporary worship songs and the flannel-shirted people who... Continue Reading

The Psalms in Worship

Too many churches never sing the psalms in public worship

“The debate surrounding so-called ‘exclusive psalmody’ is both interesting and important. It revolves in large part around the idea of there being a ‘Regulative Principle’ in public worship and how it ought to be understood and implemented.”   Too many churches never sing the psalms in public worship. Despite the fact the two direct injunctions... Continue Reading

Singing the Lord’s Song in a Foreign Land

Derek Kidner once remarked of Psalm 137 that “Every line of it is alive with pain.”

“The Psalmist is not only weeping, but he reached to hang up his lyre on the branch of a willow tree somewhere along the Tigris or Euphrates River in this cradle that gave birth to the ancient civilization (137:2). The Babylonians, his captors, wanted to hear him sing a song of Zion. But the Psalmist... Continue Reading

‘Hillsong’ Casts a Secular Lens on an Evangelical Band

It took only one Hillsong service for Mr. Warren. 43, to overcome his knee-jerk prejudice

Mr. Wagner acknowledged that Hillsong risked being criticized for participating, but said the documentary “fits right into the church’s M.O.,” which includes the evangelist knack for “being right at the forefront of using every kind of media possible to bring God to the secular popular consciousness.”   Michael John Warren, the director of MTV documentaries... Continue Reading

Songs for a Hard Road – The Resurgence of Psalm Singing by God’s People

A growing number of Christian musical groups from around the world are composing new melodies for singing the Psalms in corporate worship. Here's a quick review of Psalm singing - old and new.

Augustine, our great North African father, said that each Psalm had a ‘single body of feeling that vibrates in every syllable’. As Peter Brown has noted, Augustine believed that each Psalm could be presented as a microcosm of the whole Bible — the clear essence of Christianity refracted through in the exotic spectrum of Hebrew... Continue Reading

This Rapper Might Be America’s Next Evangelical Leader

The image of a superstar rapper — his last album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 — preaching to a bunch of white evangelical pastors isn’t the only seemingly contradictory scene in which Lecrae appears

“Cruising Manhattan in the back of a stretch black SUV on a recent afternoon, pin-balling from one corner of the American culture war to another as he promotes his book, Lecrae Devaughn Moore knows he presents a new evangelical archetype. And he loves it.”   The black rap star came on the white evangelical’s radio talk show... Continue Reading

A New Hymn for Difficult Times: “Hear Us, O Father”

A new hymn-meditation written for congregational singing; to calm fears and turn hearts to God.

A new hymn-meditation written for congregational singing: It can be sung anytime but especially when there is emotional and mental confusion when tragedy strikes, whether from senseless terrorists killing people at a nightclub in Orlando, a tsunami overwhelms land and people, or wars and rumors of war that break out and upset the soul. So... Continue Reading

The Mockery of Christ in Tyler Perry’s Passion

A review of Tyler Perry’s presentation of “The Passion.”

The gospel is a timeless message, and by the work of the Holy Spirit it still and will continue to save the lost of this world. It needs no modernization or relevancy, for it is forever relevant. Unfortunately, this musical confirms the destructive reality of cultural Christianity, where the good news of the gospel is... Continue Reading

When Worship Music Is Neither

Plugging in the amps has unplugged the purpose of musical worship

“Too many of us are going to shows, not church. We savor presentations, not prayers. We are presented with performers, and we are less concerned with seeking the Savior. People are encouraged to love the worship… but how often to love Jesus?”   My wife and I were a little late for church one Sunday... Continue Reading