Unshackled: The God of WM. Paul Young

The question for discerning readers to ask is whether or not Young’s views measure up to the scrutiny of God’s Word.

It is a great irony that a book which sets out to challenge the so-called “lies we believe about God,” does in fact, promote views of God that fail to match the biblical record. First, Young promotes a soft view of God.Specifically, he argues that God is not in control.   Lies We Believe About God is the... Continue Reading

The Color of Compromise

Outlines a history of systemic racism within the American political system and the American Church—a history of complicity in racism that Jemar Tisby argues remains to this day.

If The Color of Compromise was only six chapters long, it would have been, mostly, a good book. However, at the middle of the book, Jemar Tisby approves of heretical theology from social gospel preachers and liberation theology heretics like Walter Rauschenbusch and James Cone. And when he transitions from slavery and segregation to more modern events,... Continue Reading

3 Thoughts on Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Beyond the general goal of happiness by attaining success, there is not much else.

For Hollis, happiness comes through using faith to contribute to her vision for happiness: namely, success, control, and authenticity. That makes her happy. So she pursues it relentlessly. It is just not clear why this is good. And that is where the religious answer comes into play. For Christians, what is good does not only mean what... Continue Reading

Words of Truth for a New Year

This tract lists seven Scriptures that point toward the good news of Jesus so that readers will be encouraged to place their hope and trust in God in the new year.

Let these Scriptures sink deep into your hearts. Memorize them. Share them with your friends and family. The gospel—or good news—of Jesus Christ is a bright light to an often-dark world. If you believe the truths that you’ve just read, it is only fitting that you would want to share the rich hope of the... Continue Reading

Commentary Connoisseur: The Welsh & English

Here then are three resources on Romans - one from a Welshman and the other two from Englishmen.

If Lloyd-Jones is expansive and voluminous, Stott’s commentary is simple, stays on the line of Scripture, and is sermonically suggestive. That is, he clearly and simply breaks apart any given pericope according to how the text naturally falls apart, giving any would-be-preacher a quick but textually faithful sermon outline. It’s clear he is at once... Continue Reading

Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault On Mind, Morals, and Meaning – Nancy Pearcey (2010)

Clear thinking and warm-hearted devotion are crucial characteristics for anyone who professes faith in Christ.

Pearcey’s newest masterpiece, Saving Leonardo is as the subtitle suggests a call to resist the secular assault on mind, morals, and meaning.  The primary assertion: “The only hope lies in a worldview that is rationally defensible, life affirming, and rooted in creation itself.”   Nancy Pearcey has done it again.  Her book Total Truth captured the attention of thousands... Continue Reading

‘Crisis of Responsibility’ by David L. Bahnsen: A Review

The main culprit in the decline of modern American as a lack of responsibility on a personal level.

If we do not go beyond the specificity of Reformed doctrine and develop the ability to apply it to our work, then we end up in a closed theological academy without any application to the world in which we live and work.  In our desire to be pure in doctrine, we may become irrelevant.  David... Continue Reading

Idols of a Mother’s Heart

Our identity and meaning aren't meant to be found in motherhood, or fatherhood, but in Christ who has redeemed us.

Unlike so many of the books on parenting that I’ve read, Christina’s book isn’t about smacking you on the head with what you’re doing wrong. Her approach isn’t like Bob Newhart’s counseling skit. She doesn’t simply tell you to “Stop it!” From beginning to end, Christina’s message is gospel-centered and full of grace for us... Continue Reading

Comforting Quotes for Those Who Are Suffering

The most impactful book I read last year was A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness.

“You see what he is. All his nature, all his sayings, all his doings argue comfort. Not comfort for the impenitent and the independent, and for those who think they have no need; but for all who wish to be humble, and in want, and to be supplied from a source outside themselves.”   Without... Continue Reading

How Our Culture Justifies Its Sexual Freedom (the 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity #9)

People want to hear that they have all the sexual freedom they desire and, at the same time, that they are good people who are just about “love.”

As we turn to the ninth commandment, the progressive emphasis returns with vigor: “We should care more about love and less about sex.” Of all the postmodern cliches that abound, this one may be the most common.  And it’s quite effective, rhetorically speaking. After all, it tells people what they already want to hear.    I continue... Continue Reading