The Porn Problem

Until the porn problem crests and ebbs, we will continue to rely on books like this to address the issue and deliver hope.

“The Bible has wonderful news for those who are beginning to feel they will never find victory in the fight against porn. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers complete forgiveness and also a new power by the Holy Spirit to enable us to fight sin and grow in holiness. It really is possible to live... Continue Reading

Atheists Want a World Without Christianity. Here’s How It Would Look

History records a no-Christian world that looks more like hell on earth.

“What was the world like before Jesus? Was that a great world?” asks Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston, president of Christian Thinkers Society, in an interview with ChristianWeek. “There is nothing new about the ‘New Atheism’. … They are going to take us back to a pre-Christian, pagan, racist world of inequality because without God there... Continue Reading

7 Things You Should Know About the Lord’s Day

González is not writing a history of the Sabbath, or how the Sabbath developed into the Lord’s Day, but a history of the first day of the week.

González surveys the way Christians, from the first to the 21st century, have treated Sunday. He shows when the concept of rest developed in church history, and how the West has both embraced and rejected the church’s Sunday liturgy.   For anyone who likes church history, Justo González is a familiar name. His two-volume work, The Story... Continue Reading

The Religious Conflict at the Heart of Our Culture Wars

How theological differences over sex have fueled some of the bitterest political fights of the past century and more.

In Moral Combat, R. Marie Griffith, director of the John C. Danforth Center for Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis, reviews a century’s worth of American cultural conflict over sexuality, fueled by a growing divide between religious subcultures. Her account is subtly biased, but readers will benefit from her clear presentation of the... Continue Reading

Alan Jacobs and Augustinian Anthropology

The Christian explanation for humanity’s propensity to sin is the best explanation of all.

Jacobs follows in a much healthier and theologically sound tradition of those such as C. S. Lewis who say to the non-Christian world, as it were, “I know that Christianity’s claims may sound crazy at first. But what if they actually make sense of life’s most besetting problems?”   I recently read my friend and... Continue Reading

Idolatry and Ingratitude (Luther)

Unthankfulness and idolatry are related, and Luther very well explains Paul’s teaching on that fact.

“Ingratitude, namely, and the love of vanity (i.e., the sense of self-importance and of self-righteousness or, as one says, of “good intentions”) delude people terribly, so that they become incorrigible, unable to believe anything else but that they behave splendidly and are pleasing to God. Thus, they make themselves a gracious God, though this does not correspond to reality. And... Continue Reading

Book Review: When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

Johnson speaks of God impersonally, which is the first reason why I believe his teaching is heterodox

“Johnson rejects the sufficiency of Scripture, insists on new revelations, and chastises pastors and teachers who insist on sound doctrine (85, 91, 103). Most evidently, he speaks of the Spirit as something like a drug to experience and Jesus as a powerful model to imitate, not an incarnate Lord to worship. This is the first... Continue Reading

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

The final culmination of the city of man is in eternal punishment, but the final state of the City of God is consummated Glory.

This work will defend the City of God against those who prefer their own gods as the founders of their city. The city of this world is controlled by a lust for domination. During the sacking of Rome, even the enemies of God were sheltered and safe in Christian holy places, yet now those who... Continue Reading

Vindicating the Vixens

A fresh look at some women in Scripture who have been given an unfair bad reputation.

As Bauckham points out, the women’s voice in Scripture corrects any promotion of androcentrism. The canon itself corrects this kind of promotion (see Gospel Women, 15). And as Carolyn Custis James points out, “stories such as Tamar’s, Rahab’s, and that of the sinful woman who wept and poured perfume on Jesus’s feet give the church opportunities... Continue Reading

Cultural Marxism is at the Heart of Our Moral Disintegration

The ideas of Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory and the Institute for Social Research are coursing through all of society and your own veins, whether you know it or not.

The Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School believed economic Marxism would fail because of the resistance of the working classes. They believed Marxism could only ever be achieved by undermining the institutions, all of them. They began what they called the long march through the institutions. Who would have thought even a few years ago... Continue Reading