5 Myths About the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is the only view of God that makes sense of Christian salvation.

Since God’s triunity is bundled together with the gospel, it is the foundation of the spiritual life of every believer. The more you understand the deep structure of the spiritual reality you experience in Christ and the Spirit, the more you understand and are experiencing the deep things of God for us. If you think... Continue Reading

Why Higher Education Needs to Know Its History

We learn from the apostle Paul: calling the churches back to the truth of the Christian faith.

At the heart of this calling is the need to prepare a generation of Christians to think Christianly, to engage the academy and the culture, to serve society, and to renew the connection with the church and its mission. To do so, the breadth and the depth of the Christian tradition will need to be... Continue Reading

How Old Testament Kings Bear Witness about Jesus

The man who died on the cross is the Savior of the world.

The message of “Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2) is the greatest paradox in the history of the world. It defies all human wisdom. It is also the most profound, powerful and important truth in the world: it is “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24). The man... Continue Reading

Are Christians Free to Enjoy the Things of Earth?

The created world reveals. It makes invisible attributes visible. The heavens declare the glory of God.

We can find God everywhere, and if we do that, then all of reality becomes an invitation. Everything in reality from our family to our food to our hobbies to the natural world—all of it is God saying, Come, know me in very deep and real way, because you’ve known the things that I’ve made.  ... Continue Reading

5 Myths About the Bible

The Bible tells one story of the one God who is redeeming one people in his one creation through the one Savior Jesus Christ.

  There are layers of themes that tie in this big story in a remarkable way. Some parts may have different emphases and different authors have different styles, and the story develops between the old and new covenants. But the story and details of the Bible are unified in amazing ways. The Bible tells one... Continue Reading

The Counterintuitive Nature of Authority

The purpose in using authority is not to get . . . but to give and to serve, to build up, equip, and strengthen.

I want to say to anybody in any position of authority at church, the home, or the office: that’s your job. Be that rock, be that platform on which others stand. You use your top-down authority to get yourself in a bottom-up position. Authority is dangerous—more so than you think because it can kill. But,... Continue Reading

Why You’ll Never Be Free Until You Start Obeying God

Freedom is the ability to do what we ought to do—that’s real freedom.

It wasn’t just an exchange of slavery to a certain kind of enlightenment freedom. It was servitude to Pharaoh which was hardship and oppression in exchange for serving God—which is true freedom, true joy, true happiness in loving God, in knowing God, in delighting in God, and doing things God’s way instead of our way.... Continue Reading

Napalm Girl and God’s Saving Grace

In her memoir, Fire Road: The Napalm Girl’s Journey through the Horrors of War to Faith, Forgiveness, and Peace, Kim Phuc Phan Thi reveals that even amid the bombs and terror and pain she suffered, God remained steadfast.

From the moment of its publication in 1972, the “Napalm Girl” picture—originally titled “The Terror of War” — shocked the world. The iconic image captured all that is tragic, perverse, and horrifying in warfare, and its appearance in major newspapers fueled controversy about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. So influential was this one picture,... Continue Reading

Christopher Yuan on Living Holy in the Midst of Temptations

This book works together with Jackie Hill Perry's Gay Girl, Good God to give a remarkable picture of the power of God’s redemptive grace, the clarity of His Word, and His calling to live in sexual purity.

Christopher Yuan is that rare individual who has personally grappled with these issues in the crucible of life. Instead of reinventing theology or engaging in creative interpretation, he lives consistently with biblical beliefs even when it’s personally difficult or unpopular. In that respect, he is God’s gift to us, and I for one am profoundly... Continue Reading

Confessing Christ, Good for the Soul

Church history is littered with examples of the importance of regular, public, and faithful confessions of faith.

Confessing the faith is necessary, not only at conversion, but in all of life, in words and deeds. Herman Bavinck’s The Sacrifice of Praise was written to encourage and challenge readers towards deeper reflection of the nature of their confession, to tether the reader to Scripture and to the rest of the church. It was written as... Continue Reading