Aquinas Reconsidered

Oliphint's claim that Aquinas' reading has "no basis" in the text of Scripture becomes an indictment of Calvin and the Reformed tradition as well.

Scott Oliphint’s highly negative verdict on the thought of Thomas Aquinas demands some response if only because of the need to have, in Reformed circles, the balanced understanding of Aquinas’ theology and philosophy that Oliphint fails to provide. It is a fairly consistent refrain throughout Oliphint’s study that Aquinas failed in an attempt to “synthesize... Continue Reading

Christians: Rebels Deserving Death

"The Caesars would not tolerate this worshiping of the one God only. It was counted as treason."

“No totalitarian authority nor authoritarian state can tolerate those who have an absolute by which to judge that state and its actions.  The Christians had that absolute in God’s revelation.  Because the Christians had an absolute, universal standard by which to judge not only personal morals but the state, they were counted as enemies of... Continue Reading

The New Copernicans: Millennials and the Survival of the Church

Seel’s insights are correct, but they do not make his solution correct; indeed, it is woefully wrong and insidiously dangerous.

Seel posits that Millennials (“the New Copernicans,” as he calls them) are not only the problem but also the solution. Copernicus (1473–1543) courageously stood alone against church authorities, maintaining that the sun, not the earth, was at the center of our universe. For Seel, Millennials are “Copernican” by standing tall and speaking truth to church... Continue Reading

Giving/Tithing/Alms/Offerings (Murray)

I appreciate David Murray’s points on the Christian’s financial giving.

The biggest deterrent to giving is fear, the fear that if I give away too much, I won’t have enough for this or that.  When we give sacrificially, above and beyond what is comfortable and easy, we express our faith and trust in God to provide for us and our families.   As Christians, we... Continue Reading

Review: Graciousness: Tempering Truth With Love

The Bible charges us to speak the truth in love.

When love is lacking, the message of the truth may be lost if our attitude, tone, and words are harsh. Does that mean we compromise the truth? Absolutely not! Pitting truth against love is a false dichotomy, for we need both and need not sacrifice one for the other. Graciousness is also more than just... Continue Reading

Genesis, History, and Morality (Schaeffer)

If a person denies the factual historicity of Genesis 1-3 that person has cut himself or herself off from some of the major truths of biblical Christianity.

It is not a Christian position to believe that Adam was a mythical figure.  Denying the historicity of Adam and Eve opens the door to many theological problems.  Francis Schaeffer expanded on this and said denying Genesis 1-3 also leads to moral problems.   If a person denies the factual historicity of Genesis 1-3 that... Continue Reading

Why Are Younger Evangelicals Fascinated by Roman Catholicism?

There is no sign of a massive turn of evangelicals to Roman Catholicism. Nonetheless, what is happening is worth investigating.

There is a final point that needs to be underlined. Often the fascination towards Rome is characterized by a certain idealization of Roman Catholicism which can be significantly removed from reality. Roman Catholicism has its own intellectual traditions but is also home to folk traditions, syncretistic practices, and mystical trends that run contrary to this... Continue Reading

Idols, Significance, and Security

I’ve read a few other good resources on idolatry, but in my view, this one is the best.

“At the heart of worship is a sense of ‘giving yourself away’ to another.  Key to worship then are the questions ‘To whom are you giving yourself away and in what manner are you giving yourself?’ Genuine worship is giving yourself to the living God in whom and for whom you ave been created.  Idolatry... Continue Reading

Book Briefs: Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds

The book makes for riveting reading, and provides an immersion into the eerie world of Mormonism, for the uninitiated.

The book is packed full of Mormon history and doctrinal oddities. It also stresses the important role of an accepting and welcoming evangelical Church body for those leaving Mormonism. Those who have Mormon family members, or anyone who attempts to reach out to Mormons will greatly benefit from this work and the discussion of what... Continue Reading

Ryan Anderson’s Book on Transgender People is Creating an Uproar

Anderson argues that American society’s growing acceptance of transgenderism has more to do with ideology than science.

“We need to respect the dignity of people who identify as transgender,” he argues in the book, “but without encouraging children to undergo experimental transition treatments, and without trampling on the needs and interests of others.” Anderson has tweeted that “gender dysphoria is a serious mental health issue.” By contrast, “transgenderism is a belief system... Continue Reading