Anything but ‘Grey’: Thoughts on the Best-selling Trilogy

The foremost issue with 50 Shades of Grey is not an overload of sex, but a lack of godly truth

Fifty Shades of Grey is rife with incredibly potent, eroticized lies about sex and human nature, Clements said. The novels tell women that love is most exciting when it is dangerous or taboo, that relationships are most compelling when they’re about wielding power rather than exercising sacrificial love, and that “being used is a way... Continue Reading

“Abba” is not “Daddy”

Expressing intimacy while preserving the dignity of God

It isn’t quite right to say that the Aramaic “abba” means “daddy.” In other words, to call the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob “daddy” at the outset of our prayers is a bit too casual and irreverent. Philip Ryken explains: To call God ‘Abba, Father’ is to speak to him with reverence as well... Continue Reading

A Sad Tale of Feminism Gone to Seed

Chasing after self-indulgence leaves women lonely and unfulfilled

I do not believe feminism is to blame for all women who find themselves single. Nor do I think that feminism alone accounts for all the moral pathologies on display in Wurtzel’s article. But I do believe that feminism has provided the social context for women to be congratulated by the culture for sad choices... Continue Reading

Natural Law Pops the Question

A Review of What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense

“Marriage is, of its essence, a comprehensive union: a union of will (by consent) and body (by sexual union); inherently ordered to procreation and thus the broad sharing of family life; and calling for permanent and exclusive commitment, whatever the spouses’ preferences.” To summarize: Sex. Kids. Faithfulness.   What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A... Continue Reading

Make Mine a Double!

A combined review (and commentary) of Rob Lister's God is Impassible and Impassioned and Jonathan Pennington's Reading the Gospels Wisely

So if perchance U2 and One Direction do not unite and thus revolutionise your church life this year through ushering in the millennium, you may have to fall back on those hackneyed biblical staples, the ordinary means of grace. In that desperate situation, these are two books which you will find most helpful.   It... Continue Reading

Alone Together: The Great Irony of Modern Communication

A review of Sherry Turkle's book on our relationship with techonology

We can no longer afford the conceit that our helpful and powerful technologies—for all their help and all their power—come without remarkable human costs. “But these days, our problems with the Net are becoming too distracting to ignore … The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind.... Continue Reading

To find true persecution, look overseas

"The greatest curbs on religious freedoms take place in Muslim majority countries."

Still, Shortt notes the causes of conflict often are more mundane, such as differences in lifestyle, or fears that hard-working, thrifty and self-disciplined Christians may have an edge over their neighbors in the daily competition for survival. “I reject the…fantasy that holds Islam to be uniquely violent,”   Book Review:  Christianophobia, Rupert Shortt, 298 pp.... Continue Reading

Review: Kingdoms Apart: Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective

A debate on developing a biblical framework of for spiritual, political and cultural engagement

The Two Kingdoms doctrine asserts that God rules all human institutions and endeavors, but in two very distinct ways…God rules his church as Redeemer through Jesus Christ. Thus, the church is God’s “spiritual kingdom.” He also rules the state and all other social institutions outside the church. However, he rules this “civil kingdom” only as... Continue Reading

Top Ten Books of 2012

It's really eleven; there's a tie for 10th place (plus 4 honorable mentions)

When I say “best” I have several questions in mind: Was this book well written and enjoyable to read?  Did I find it personally challenging, illuminating, edifying, or entertaining?  Is it a book I am likely to reread or consult often?  Do I see myself frequently recommending this book to others?   This was a... Continue Reading

Sacred Bond

Sacred Bond is the most concise book I have read explaining the basic structure of covenant theology

If you want to understand your Bible better, read this book. The authors glorify God by teaching his promises to which we can hold fast. We may break our promises, but God was pleased to make a covenant with his people, and then fulfill the full sanctions of that oath. He delivered his righteousness in... Continue Reading