“He Has Our Good at Heart”: Augustine on God Praising God in the Psalms

God has “marked out” a “path of praise” in the scriptures.

The Psalms are not merely God’s Word to us, they are God’s Word to God, God’s Word about God, God praising God. And that is why they are a reliable guide for our praise of God. “God has praised himself” in the Psalms, Augustine tells us, in order that “men and women [might] know how... Continue Reading

Help! I Can’t Get Control over My Tongue

Words reflect the state of our heart; and our heart—more than anything else—reflects the state of our walk with God.

What an advantage to understand then that self-control and self-discipline are fundamentally issues of the heart. Now we know where to get to work. If we want speech that is seasoned with the salt of grace, then we need to make use of the classic Christian disciplines of grace that shape our hearts. The word... Continue Reading

Not by Faith Alone?

An Analysis of the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification from Trent to the Joint Declaration

Justification by faith alone has been a cause of rupture between Protestantism and the church of Rome since the sixteenth century, and this is an unchangeable fact with important theological and symbolic significance. The present-day status quaestionis of the debate is a contested issue.   Matthew Barrett, executive editor of Credo Magazine, has edited a new... Continue Reading

John Calvin: For a New Reformation (2019)

Calvin lived in constant fellowship with the Lord and submitted daily to his lordship.

Over the years, I have read dozens of books about the French Reformer, John Calvin. This book is among the best. Thomas and Tweeddale should be commended for assembling such a worthy team of writers who celebrate a man that continues to wield a mighty influence on individual lives and the church of Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading

Parenting Books: Moving From Formulas Back to Principles

You must be committed as a parent to long-view parenting because change is a process and not an event.

Many Christians would even say that the Bible isn’t a parenting book, because it doesn’t give practical day-to-day help. It is true that you won’t find verses about the terrible twos, the tween years, or helping your twenty-something child to “adult.” We can, however, miss the forest for the trees, forgetting the foundational principles from... Continue Reading

God, Guilt, and Then What?

Instead of relying on Jesus, people accept one of two other options: they think sin isn’t really a big problem or they think they can overcome sin on their own.

When we embrace Christ’s sacrifice, our sins are no longer scored against us (Psalm 103:10-12). And when we embrace Christ’s resurrecting power, our wills are changed so that we desire to do good, no longer out of fear, but purely for the enjoyment of the Source of all good (Rom. 6:4-11).   Most people in... Continue Reading

The Gospel According to Satan

If Satan is such a liar and, in the fact, “the father of lies,” it should come as no surprise that he continues to float lies meant to confuse, deceive, and destroy human beings.

Why does he call this “the gospel” of Satan? Because “the best trick of the devil is getting you to think his ideas aren’t just yours, but even God’s. So he creates his own ‘gospel,’ a perversion of the real one. It sounds like good news because it appears to answer questions we’ve always had,... Continue Reading

4 Must-Read Books for Grieving Christians

These four books are a lifeline of much needed comfort.

I cannot adequately express the comfort I received from reading this firsthand account by someone who lost his wife, mother, and young daughter in a car accident due to a drunk driver. Jerry Sittser made me feel like I was not alone and that there was someone who understood my loss.   When my son... Continue Reading

Piercing Heaven: A Prayer Book You’ll Actually Use

The purpose of his book is to recover some such prayers and to make them accessible to twenty-first century believers.

So what does it mean to pray like a Puritan? This is the subject of the book’s introduction and Elmer answers by saying that their aim was “neither casual nor perfunctory prayer. The prayers of the Puritans shook lives to the core, pled with a sovereign God for mercy, and praised him in the brightest... Continue Reading

Edith Cavell: A Brave Guide

At a time in history when examples of godly women are few and far between, much needed strength and encouragement can be drawn from the life of this lady who put all her trust in Jesus Christ, her Savior. 

Throughout the fifty years of Edith Cavell’s life, she was content to work hard and live humbly. She was a godly woman and, therefore, a godly historical example. The Bible instructs us to teach our children about such historical examples. Psalm 78:4 reads: “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming... Continue Reading