The Logical Fallacies of the Contemporary Social Justice Movement: A Review of “The Color of Compromise”

Because proponents of social justice and identity politics have claimed the moral high ground, they often attempt to discredit those who oppose their assertions.

When racism is defined as a belief or practice that regards one race as inferior to another, Christians certainly should be at the forefront of confronting racism and calling for repentance. But proponents of the contemporary social justice movement have adopted a more expansive definition of racism. Their basic claim is that today’s whites are... Continue Reading

An Open Letter to the Child Facing End-of-Life Decisions for a Parent

This book aims to equip Christians facing end-of-life decisions by simplifying confusing jargon and exploring biblical principles families need to navigate the transition from this life to the next.

The decisions that so overwhelm you can still be an instrument of Christian love. When illness silences your parent, you can be his or her voice. You can affirm that as an image bearer of God, he or she has dignity by design, and is worthy of love.   Dear brother or sister, We know... Continue Reading

Nothing on Earth Can Compare

Edwards captures the largeness of God and heaven.

The Northampton pastor compels his hearers to remember the sweet and sometimes forgotten promises of Scripture. The “mustard seed” that fights to grow here will surely grow into “a great tree” in eternity. The soul that fought to taste the love of God in this earth but battled bitterly against besetting sin, hurtful situations, and... Continue Reading

The Genre of Luke’s Gospel

If Pitts is right that Luke-Acts presents itself as history, then we’ll better understand Luke-Acts if we focus on what that two-volume work says about the Christian movement.

What difference does it make whether Luke is biography or history? Simply that we’ll better observe Luke’s focus, which enables us to focus there with him. Since Matthew, Mark, and John are biographies of Jesus, we read them rightly when we focus on the person of Jesus. Of course, we can’t ignore what Jesus did or... Continue Reading

Book Review of Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It” World by Paul Tautges

This brief book is a quick but important read for busy parents.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is central to this book, emphasizing the need for parents to acknowledge that we are all sinners, the cost God paid for our salvation, and the high cost of following Him. The key is to be authentic. “Our kids…need parents who know how desperately they need the Savior themselves” (p.... Continue Reading

“The Making of Christian Morality: Reading Paul in Ancient and Modern Contexts” by David G. Horrell

Horrell’s approach to Scripture makes him a less than reliable guide.

Horrell is right to recognize that nobody reads Scripture in a vacuum. We are all deeply affected by the social and intellectual contexts in which we live, and we all come to Scripture with various questions and biases, many of which we are often not even aware. It is also legitimate to seek insight from... Continue Reading

Transgender to Transformed

I know countless people who have lived for years in the homosexual or transgender lifestyle and who now are gloriously saved and walking in the holiness of their new lives in Christ.

I was with Laura recently when she joined Pastor Geoff Kirkland of Christ Fellowship Bible Church, others, and me as we proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ at Pridefest, St. Louis, an event advocating homosexuality. I asked her at dinner one night if she ever has any desire to go back to her former... Continue Reading

A Short Review of Levinson’s Beyond Critique

This book is the best source I’ve found for those interested in a systematic explanation of critical theory from the pen of critical theorists themselves.

Popularly, critical theory is known as ‘cultural Marxism’ because it is thought to translate Marx’s idea of an economic class struggle into social and cultural terms. Instead of workers (the proletariat) being oppressed by owners (the bourgeoisie) via their control of the means of production, various subordinate demographic groups (women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community,... Continue Reading

Pictures of Preachers

Stott’s brief book covering New Testament word-pictures related to pastoral ministry is brief, Biblical, and powerfully and beautifully written.

Any pastor who reads this book somewhat regularly will be equipped to develop their own practice of preaching because the theology presented is so clear and Biblical. Any churchgoer will be helped by a greater understanding of their pastor’s calling and work.   John Stott was an English Anglican pastor, whose commentaries and books on... Continue Reading

A Short Review of Collins’ and Bilge’s Intersectionality

The concept of ‘intersectionality’ states that people are complex and can’t be understood as the sum of their identity markers.

“Intersectionality is a way of understanding and analyzing the complexity in the world, in people, and in human experiences. The events and conditions of social and political life and the self can seldom be understood as shaped by one factor. They are generally shaped by many factors in diverse and mutually influencing ways. When it... Continue Reading