Bart Ehrman on How Christianity Defeated Paganism

The combination of Christianity’s missionary heart and exclusive worship led to its eventual triumph

Ehrman argues that the emergence of Christianity as the victor over pagan religions in the ancient world was “the single greatest cultural transformation our world has ever seen.” And, consequently, there are few historical questions more important (and interesting) than how and why that happened.   In recent years there’s been a resurgence of interest... Continue Reading

11 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Some suggestions on great literature that will encourage you in the Christian life.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer: This longstanding, top-rated book walks Christians into the beauty, glory, and joy of knowing God—both intellectually and intimately. We need to know things about God in order to know God, just like how we know things about our spouse in order to continue to sustain a meaningful and healthy relationship. Packer... Continue Reading

Rome’s ‘Tyrannical Distortion’ (Murray)

When we refuse ecumenical ties with Rome, we do so on firm biblical grounds.

The Roman Catholic Church neither believes nor teaches that Scripture is the highest authority and only source of inspired and infallible truth for God’s people. In other words, they do not teach or believe “sola Scriptura.”  In fact, at the Second Vatican Council, Rome said that “…it is not from sacred Scripture alone that the... Continue Reading

Social Media and the Subtle Brag

I don’t think social media is bad in and of itself, but I do think one weakness of social media is that it has made the subtle brag acceptable

Social media does have some positives.  However, one negative is that it has made the subtle brag common and acceptable.  Quite often on social media people point out things they have done or are doing.  They post pictures of themselves after a marathon, they put up a photo of themselves struggling to cross a rushing... Continue Reading

“When Harry Became Sally”

A sound, compassionate response to the transgender movement.

Activists challenged traditional gender roles as being oppressive and too generalized. But today the movement claims that sex is not biological, but assigned at birth. As if the doctor makes a random decision to identify a child as male or female. That’s how, the popular theory goes, boys can be trapped in girl’s bodies, and... Continue Reading

Why are Younger Evangelicals Fascinated by Roman Catholicism?

There is no sign of a massive turn of evangelicals to Roman Catholicism. Nonetheless, what is happening is worth investigating.

In his new book In Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis, Kenneth Stewart wrestles with the present-day discussion on if and what Evangelicalism has to do with history. As a learned historian and acute theologian, Stewart helps the reader come to terms with the diachronic dimension of Evangelicalism that... Continue Reading

[Not] Prying into the Secrets of Providence (Flavel)

One basic but difficult truth in the Christian faith is this: we can’t always interpret or understand providence.

“Do not pry too curiously into the secrets of Providence, nor allow your shallow reason arrogantly to judge and censure its designs. There are hard texts in the works as well as in the Word of God. It becomes us modestly and humbly to show reverence, but not to dogmatize too boldly and positively upon them. A... Continue Reading

Book on Christianity in the Second Century is Now Available in the USA

In the second century, Christianity's future was not at all certain

“For my American colleagues and friends however, this book has not been easy to get.  Since it is a dual publication between SPCK and IVP Academic, and since it was released by SPCK first, it has thus far only been (technically) available if ordered from the UK. I am pleased to say that it is... Continue Reading

Am I A Christian? Doubts and Grace (Brooks)

“If a person has even the smallest work of grace in his or her heart, he or she is most definitely a Christian.”

“Though the least measures of grace cannot satisfy a sincere Christian—yet they ought to quiet his conscience, and cheer his heart, and confirm his judgment of his saving interest in Christ. The least measure of grace is like a diamond, very little in bulk—but of high price and mighty value.  Therefore we are to improve... Continue Reading

Modalism and Modern Worship

Of course, every church has a liturgy! The only question is: how biblical is it?

One of the many blessings of a liturgy shaped by biblical truths and phrases is that it gets in you.  If a liturgy is full of biblical truth, it teaches the truth.  Both kids and adults learn good theology from a good liturgy.  On the other hand, if a liturgy doesn’t closely follow Scripture or... Continue Reading