Tyndale Sued by Boy Who Didn’t Come Back from Heaven

Subject of retracted afterlife account demands damages for using his name.

Malarkey has sued on the grounds of defamation, financial exploitation, and publicity placing a person in a false light, saying that Tyndale went forward with initially publishing and promoting the book knowing his opposition. He states that he did not write any part of the book or consent to the use of his name as... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality

Hospitality is good for the giver because it puts our lives and hearts on display.

Every Christian is called to practice hospitality, but that does not mean that everyone practices it in the same way. We practice hospitality by sharing our resources and our needs, by serving as both host and guest, as Jesus did when he walked this earth. Hospitality works on the same principle as tithing. You are... Continue Reading

A Christian Case for Transgenderism? (Book Review)

Hartke argues that anything less than full affirmation of transgender identities fails to be inclusive and robs transgender persons of both dignity and identity

“Transforming is a classic example of reader-response hermeneutics. This school of thought focuses on a text’s effect on the reader or audience, not on what the inspired authors intended to communicate. For example, Hartke suggests that the physicality of Jesus’s resurrected body legitimizes sex-change surgeries.”   Austen Hartke’s Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of... Continue Reading

Two Contents, Two Realities – Francis Schaeffer (1974)

Schaeffer’s work (as usual) is prophetic, timely, and challenging.

His writing aims squarely at the Christian mind but always impacts the heart.  And whenever the mind and heart are inflamed by Christian truth, the hands and feet are quick to follow. Schaeffer’s proposition in this piece is simple.  The culture is getting increasingly more secular and ungodly.  There are two contents and two realities.... Continue Reading

Rob Bell, Fundamentalist: 5 Ironies From The New Bell Film

It’s the strangest thing: the heretic is actually the fundamentalist.

The Heretic… is a film making a clear argument. It seeks to convince us that Bell is the heretic we need, and that Christianity should make more space for Bell’s brand of thought. But The Heretic actually ends up making, quite accidentally, the opposite point. It shows us a tragedy in the making, a man once known... Continue Reading

The Old Covenant Has Come to an End (Owen)

The Messiah has come and enacted a new and better covenant, as Hebrews says so clearly.

I appreciate John Owen’s explanation of Hebrews 8:13.  He noted that some 1st Century Christians believed that the Old Covenant was still in force.  Owen then said that the author of Hebrews “knew that this persuasion was destructive to the faith of the gospel, and would, if pertinaciously adhered unto, prove ruinous to their own... Continue Reading

Have You Ever Had a Walmart Moment?

Have you ever thought, "I'm better than you, and I'd be happier if you were not here or if you were more like me?"

From what I’ve witnessed on social media lately, there’s been less empathy and self-reflection and more defensiveness regarding the sin of racism. This grieves me.  As believers, we should know that the only one with the right to say “I’m superior. I’m better than you” is God. If anyone has the right to be offended... Continue Reading

Justified Today, Damned Tomorrow? Never! (Sibbes)

We have doubts; despair sometimes is a dark cloud in the Christian life.

“Beloved, let us not lose the comfort of the constancy and immutability of Christ’s love. Let us conceive that all the sweet links of salvation are held on God’s part strong, not on ours; the firmness is on God’s part, not on ours. Election is firm on God’s part, not on ours. We choose indeed... Continue Reading

20 Truths from Small Church Essentials

Just because a church is small, doesn’t mean it’s broken.

There are more small churches than you may think. According to Barna, “the largest group of American churchgoers attends services in a more intimate context. Almost half (46%) attend a church of 100 or fewer members. More than one-third (37%) attend a midsize church of over 100, but not larger than 499.”   Karl Vaters’... Continue Reading

How To Break Up With Your Phone

We don’t want to waste our life on our phones!

In fact, in some ways smart phones are like mini slot machines – a purposeful design mechanism to keep people on them.  It’s been proven by studies that smart phones hurt the brain’s ability to focus for long periods of time. I can even tell this is true of me in the last year or... Continue Reading