Choosing Evolution: Bad Reasons for a Big Departure

While each contributor has his or her unique story, one can notice that a number of themes recur in the stories. I want to note three major ones.

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution was never intended to marshal all the arguments in favor of evolution. Rather, it tells the stories of various evangelical theologians, pastors, and scientists. As such, its style is completely in line with the purpose of its publisher BioLogos, which aims to “translate scholarship on origins for the evangelical... Continue Reading

Miscarriage – You Are Not Alone!

God provided comfort in that time by reminding me that I wasn’t alone in my pain.

You may be struggling today with the fear and pain and questions that fertility issues can bring. My prayer for you is that my words will bring comfort. You are not less of a woman because you have lost a baby or have had difficulty conceiving. And you are not alone. You are surrounded by women... Continue Reading

[Book Review] The Riddle of Life

Man is no more able to create meaning and purpose than he is able to give life to the dead or call into existence the things that do not exist.

Man and his world remain an unsolved riddle, an impenetrable mystery. Yet, we are not to despair. There is, in fact, a clear way forward as J. H. Bavinck demonstrates in his book The Riddle of Life. In a simple, understandable, and persuasive manner, he presses in to answer the big questions that have riddled life: What... Continue Reading

The Mod | “How To Think” by Alan Jacobs

We are bad at thinking, bad at thinking about thinking—and our thinking is bad for us.

Thinking today seems more endangered than ever.  Deep and contemplative reflection is in recession. Language itself has, with the prevalence of new technologies and social media, become what George Steiner called “a vulgarization, a mendacity of words and syntax.” If language is indeed a defining attribute of what is human, our current use of it... Continue Reading

Girl, Wash Your Face

Hollis says, “Good news! Tomorrow is a new day.” The Bible says, “Good news! Christ can make you a new person.”

It has long been my observation that there are two kinds of books being marketed to Christians. There are some whose foundational message is what you need to do and others whose foundational message is what Christ has already done. The first make a model out of the author, the second make a model out... Continue Reading

You Are More Than Your Twitter Bio

So how are we meant to see ourselves? And how can finding a solid source of identity keep us from floundering with a fragile or distorted sense of self?

All the animals have been made “according to their kinds,” but this particular creation, man, is to be made after God’s kind. Evidently God was out to make a creature as much like him as a creature can be. He was out to have a son who looked like him, in fact a people who... Continue Reading

A Prayer for Revolutionaries

This is indeed a radical prayer. We must not take this petition lightly.

The Lord’s Prayer is for those who hold firmly that Jesus Christ has inaugurated a kingdom, has risen from the dead, reigns at the right hand of God, and is coming again to judge the living and the dead. The Lord’s Prayer is for revolutionaries, for men and women who want to see the kingdoms of... Continue Reading

One Surprising Way To Know You Are God’s Child

The discipline of the Lord isn’t evidence of His lack of love; it’s proof of it.

One of the ways we know we are a child of God is because of God’s discipline in our lives. This is surprising because when things don’t go the way we think they should in life, there is often a creeping, prosperity-esque thought that comes to our minds: “Doesn’t God love me? Because surely if... Continue Reading

Relearning the Discipline of Self-Control in a Society of Instant Gratification, Part 1

We must be like a city with strong walls as we practice self-control.

As believers, we face temptation on a daily basis. Self-control is the wall of defense against the sinful desires that wage war against our soul. We must be like a city with strong walls as we practice self-control.   In Joshua 6, God spoke to Joshua and told him how to take the city of... Continue Reading

Hospitality Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden: Open Your Home or Just Your Driveway

If you’re going to love your neighbors you have to start somewhere.

Sharing Christ with our neighbors can be something that’s done over time, as our relationships grow with them. By God’s grace we can pursue deeper and deeper intimacy with our nearby friends. The Holy Spirit can provoke us with a genuine love for them and a desire for them to know Christ in us, the... Continue Reading