Review: Rachel Miller’s ‘Beyond Authority and Submission’

In her new book, ‘Beyond Authority and Submission,’ Rachel Green Miller evaluates the Complementarian doctrine of men and women through the lenses of both history and Scripture.

I highly recommend that you add this book to your home library. It is faithful to historic Reformed teaching on Scripture while simultaneously clearing away so much false teaching that entangles the issue which prevents Christians from getting a straight answer. Misrepresenting the gospel is a gospel issue, and this book is a helpful guide... Continue Reading

“The Sacrifice of Praise” by Herman Bavinck

(Translated & Edited by Cameron Clausing and Gregory Parker Jr.)

Bavinck writes with warmth and life. Each page is replete with biblical references. He treats all sides of his topic and goes from baptism and parental instruction, to church confessions, to Christian unity in the faith and Christian duty in the public sphere, and ends with an exultation in the ultimate confession the Church will... Continue Reading

Why Study Theology? A New Translation of a Timeless Word from Herman Bavinck

In this foreword, Bavinck casts a vision for theological learning for all believers.

While this translation is a layperson’s translation of the text, in many ways, that fits the vision cast by Bavinck: for the everyday church member to labor in theology to grow in the knowledge of God. May you be blessed to read this new translation of Bavinck’s words.   Why should I study theology if... Continue Reading

The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

Sometimes flawed teachings on women and men are in themselves spiritually abusive.

To reject or resist that authority, even when it’s used abusively, is to put oneself at risk of spiritual and physical harm.  As a result, women are told to submit to their husbands’ authority even if their husbands are cruel, harsh, or abusive.  They are taught to accept however their husbands treat them without complaint.... Continue Reading

The Care of Souls

Senkbeil places great emphasis on the attentive diagnosis and intentional treatment of the kind of spiritual ills that befall God’s people.

“Like any skilled artisan or craftsman, a pastor learns by both observation and doing. He learns his trade by practicing his craft. He is habituated—shaped and formed into a shepherd of souls—by being actively engaged in the work of shepherding.”   Have you ever read an “if this is true…” book? An “if this is... Continue Reading

The Results of True Worship

The people of God must worship God and the people of God must be fed properly with a rich diet of God’s truth.

The calling of God upon us as his people is to be holy—as God is holy (1 Pet. 1:16). If we can gather for worship on a weekly basis and it doesn’t change us and cause us to become more conformed the image of God’s Son—we have not worshiped God properly (Rom. 8:29). John MacArthur... Continue Reading

The One Book: The Pilgrim’s Progress

There are so many things one might say about this book so let me pull from the obvious.

These are just some of the lessons that any Christian needs while walking the narrow path.  Bunyan’s little book simply articulates and illustrates what we will experience along the way. It is as much a coach as it is an entertaining tale that hits close to the home of any believer.  Take up and read.... Continue Reading

The One Book: Spurgeon V. Hyper-Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching

I don’t remember how I came across the book but I do remember the warming light of its content breaking into my immature thinking when I started reading it.

There was a moment, early in my Christian walk, where in hindsight I can now see what was the beginnings of a slide into Hyper-Calvinism. This slide looked like me taking more interest in the doctrines of grace rather than in offering the Gospel of grace. I was increasingly contented in not calling people to... Continue Reading

The One Book: Gospel Fear by Jeremiah Burroughs

A book that causes us to reevaluate something at the core of our identity as a child of God is a gem indeed.

Burroughs (1599-1646) exemplifies the Puritanism of the times well, with a deep love for his flock supplemented with powerful and theologically rich preaching. In fact, Thomas Brooks called Burroughs the Prince of Preachers for his passionate exposition of the Word to his flock. Published 28 years after his death by a group of friends who... Continue Reading

The One Book: B. B. Warfield’s Revelation and Inspiration

How much of Warfield’s writings will one have to read in order to gain an accurate understanding of him?

Revelation and Inspiration is a worthy place to start, because in it you will not only discover Warfield’s understanding of how God is providentially, and thereby supernaturally, bringing about what he eternally decreed, but also that this is unavoidably joined to and corresponds with the very character of his entire creation, in both its sinless and sinful conditions,... Continue Reading