Overtures On Same-Sex Marriage Submitted For Consideration by PCUSA General Assembly

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians and More Light Presbyterians have agreed to jointly pursue an Authoritative Interpretation (AI) of the PCUSA constitution and an amendment to the constitution in support of same-sex marriage.

Cascades Presbytery has approved an overture (Ovt. 021) that completely re-writes the Book of Order’s section on marriage – W4.9000, to “to allow marriage between ‘two people’ rather than limiting marriage to ‘between one man and one woman’ and to allow PCUSA church officials to perform marriage ceremonies between same sex couples,” according to the overture’s rationale.... Continue Reading

At the PCUSA GA: Current definition of marriage upheld, proposed new ‘Authoritative Interpretation’ defeated

Amendment to call for a two-year study passed 489 to 152

A small group of weary but grateful evangelical commissioners gathered together following the plenary session, which ended at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. They all gave glory to God for the miracle they had witnessed, offered prayers of thanks, and concluded their time together by singing the doxology.

At the PCUSA GA: Church Orders Committee: Repentance in; Scripture out

Is same-sex practice right or wrong, according to the Bible? “Well, ya know, we just can’t decide,”

In general, evangelical churches looking for succor or safety, or for accommodation of their enduring beliefs and practices in a progressive era, will be disappointed. Little quarter was given, and other than being able to query candidates about their view of ordination standards, or to expect repentance of the ordained, little ground was gained in the 220th General Assembly.

PCUSA GA – What’s happening on the floor, Part 4

Links to some great stories that won't make the front page

1. Gay Ruling Elder preaches just prior to debate on same-sex weddings; 2. Approves boycott of Israeli settlements; rejects use of Apartheid’ for Israel; 3. Approves actions in support of immigrants; 4. Rejects return to ‘fidelity and chastity’ language; keeps 'Teaching Elder' and 'Ruling Elder'

The PCUSA GA upholds the traditional definition of marriage

In a series of votes tonight, the PCUSA GA upheld marriage as between a man and a woman.

The vote was to decline sending an amendment to the presbyteries that would have replaced "man and woman" with "two people."

At the PCUSA GA: Extraordinary Town Hall Meeting called

Purpose was to discuss accusations of bullying now resigned Vice Moderator

Others acknowledged that although many had been scouring the Twittersphere and blog sites, evidence of the so-called bullying that prompted McCabe's resignation from the post, have not been found. Those present wanted to hear and see evidence because they genuinely desired not only justice for their vice moderator but a restoration of trust in the assembly. References to rumors, hear-say, innuendo, accusations and cyber-bullying had been heard, but no evidence produced.

PCUSA GA – What’s happening on the floor, Part 3

Links to some great stories that won't make the front page

1. Divestment defeated by two votes! 2. No conscience relief for Pro-Life supporters; 3. Attempts to allow congregations to keep property fail; 4. Highlights of 'powerful' Thursday night worship; 5. Adoption of 'wide range; of social justice issues (including stop spanking children!)

PCUSA GA – What’s happening on the floor, Part 2

Links to some great stories that won't make the front page

1. Rabbi warns of problems with divestment; 2. No Discussion allowed on why Vice Moderator resigned; 3. Non-geographic Presbyteries - NO; Get rid of Synods - STUDY IT; 4. Details about schools/seminaries.

PCUSA GA – What’s happening on the floor, Part 1

Links to some great stories that won't make the front page

1. Skirmish over Presbytery head tax;  2. Belhar is back;  3. Theology, Institutions, and CE move through fast;  4. New Mission Personnel Commmissioned;  5.  New Vice Moderator elected. Since The Aquila Report has limited staff and budget, we are unable to cover the PCUSA General Assembly.  Our good friends at the Layman are there in... Continue Reading

At the PCUSA GA: Vice Moderator Resigns Post Amidst ‘Undercurrent Of Pernicious Poison’

Amidst an environment described as "poisonous," the Rev. Tara Spuhler McCabe resigned the second highest office in the denomination a mere 36 hours after being elected

Spuhler McCabe believed that as a pastor in the PCUSA, she embodied a reality faced by what she described as “a growing number of pastors who find ourselves caught between the desire to stand with couples in sacred moments and having a polity that restricts us from living out our calling.” PITTSBURGH, Pa – Amidst... Continue Reading