The Presbyterian Church (USA) Removes Controversial ‘Zionism Unsettled’ from Denomination’s Website

The PCUSA has removed from its website a booklet that many Jewish groups have criticized as hostile to Israel and denigrating to Judaism

In a flurry of statements released after the PCUSA removed “Zionism Unsettled” from its website, Jewish organizations applauded the move, but still chided the church. “An anti-Israel and anti-Semitic document of this kind should have never been published by a church-affiliated organization, let alone marketed by the Presbyterian Church (USA) on its website,” said Rabbi David... Continue Reading

Anti-semitism and the Shame of the PCUSA

The PCUSA has raised its hand against Israel. So now either my congregation must depart the PCUSA or I must depart my congregation.

In this “open letter,” the most tortured, pharisaical logic is employed to leverage money against the Jewish homeland. The “divestment” urged does not advance peace in the region. It does not thwart terror. It is silent on the fact that at the very moment of its sending an American teenager and two other Israeli teens... Continue Reading

PCUSA Assembly Turns Down Interpretation Between Biblical And Modern Israel

PCUSA’s 221st General Assembly upheld a committee recommendation to disapprove an overture asking for a clear interpretation distinguishing between Biblical and modern Israel

The overture was brought about by the publication of Glory to God, The Presbyterian Hymnal, 2013, which has a section of hymns under the heading: “God’s covenant with Israel.” It notes that the use of the phrase “God’s covenant with Israel,” is open to interpretation by the reader/singer, and the overture asked for a denotation if it... Continue Reading

It Is Time to Leave the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The sad truth is that faithful Presbyterians are not so much leaving their church as their church has left them

Is it any wonder that this same denomination has cast off the Word and chosen to redefine marriage? In their official statement, they wrote that their decision was “the result of deep discernment to hear God’s voice and discern God’s will.” In reality, it was not deep discernment but deep deception.   If you are... Continue Reading

Presbyterians (PCUSA) Become The Silly Church

A dying mainline church speeds its decline

Although church liberals love to insist their policies appeal to the rising generation, all of the available evidence indicates just the opposite. Liberalizing churches don’t attract young people, who, even if themselves liberal, tend to flock to churches they respect for not pandering to them. The same is true for racial minorities, who largely avoid... Continue Reading

Calling Their Bluff – With the Hope of Keeping the PCUSA General Assembly from Erring

Nowhere does the constitution of the PCUSA say that an express contradiction is allowed. And nowhere does the Constitution of the PCUSA permit contradictory interpretations to be “interpretations.”

This is a moment of constitutional and confessional crisis for the PCUSA. If the Assembly proceeds down the path of allowing consideration and ultimately passing an Authoritative Interpretation of the Constitution that creates an express contradiction, the Assembly will be willfully disregarding its own constitution. How are we functionally a constitutionally formed people if we no... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church (USA) Narrowly Votes To Divest From 3 Companies Involved In Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The PCUSA General Assembly voted to divest church funds from three American companies it cited for profiting from the oppression of Palestinians within Israel’s occupied territories

The divestment resolution targets companies that divestment supporters say supply electronic and earth-moving equipment that help Israel violate Palestinian rights. Presbyterians in support of the resolution described it as a long overdue stand on behalf of Palestinians suffering under the occupation, which began in 1967 when Israel pushed back attacks from neighboring countries.   (RNS) The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Lay Committee Board of Directors Repudiates Action of PCUSA GA on Redefining Marriage

A protest by the Presbyterian Lay Committee repudiating the action of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA to redefine marriage

God will not be mocked and those who substitute their own felt desires for God’s unchangeable Truth will not be found guiltless before a holy God.  The Presbyterian Lay Committee will continue to call for repentance and reform: repentance of those who have clearly erred at this General Assembly and reform of the PCUSA according... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church (USA) Votes To Allow Gay Marriage By Whopping 3-1 Ratio

The Presbyterian Church voted June 19 to allow gay and lesbian weddings within the church

By a 76-24 percent vote, the General Assembly of the 1.8 million-member PCUSA voted to allow pastors to perform gay marriages in states where they are legal. Delegates, meeting in Detroit this week, also approved new language about marriage in the church’s Book of Order, or constitution, altering references to “a man and woman” to “two persons.”... Continue Reading

Renewed Barrage of Overtures Targets Israel for PCUSA Rebuke

The campaign to bring the church’s condemnation upon Israel will be back at this year’s Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly

There are seven overtures and two agency recommendations coming to the Detroit assembly that all seek to convey criticism of Israel’s human rights record, by harsh words or by BDS economic pressure.  On the other side, there is only one overture casting doubt upon this confrontational strategy. Regarding the rest of the world, there are... Continue Reading