Should the PCUSA Open an “Office of Condemnation”?

A critique of the Overture 7-1 approved by the 2018 PCUSA GA dealing with so called hate crimes.

I suspect the 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA was engaged in politically correct self-preening when it passed this feel-good motion inviting arm-chair condemnation of those “hate crimes” identified by the progressive world. Enough to justify its self-righteous perch as the moral arbiter of all things, but not enough to truly engage the... Continue Reading

No Solus Christus for the PCUSA!

“Christ alone” is no longer a part of the “gospel message” of the PCUSA; universalism is now the center.

Reading this prayer carefully, one discovers that faith in Jesus Christ is just one of many diverse faiths on earth, all of which are good. God’s gift of grace is not linked uniquely to the work of Christ opening up salvation for all the world, but rather only one way of coming to God. Apparently... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church USA Poised to Condemn Islam, Muhammad and the Qur’an….

The PC sounding overture, Item 07-01, would mandate that the PCUSA would have to condemn Islam as a religion and its “holy book”, the Qur’an

After leaning long and hard toward a gospel-denying universalism, the PCUSA seems poised now to condemn the religious teachings of a rival faith. To be fair, it has to be said that this unintended exclusivistic drift is not being nourished by a true belief in the gospel but by a mindless pursuit of “progressive justice,”... Continue Reading

Mississippi Supreme Court Affirms Decision In Church Property Case

Court documents say the commission was given authority to fire the church’s pastor and substitute itself for the church’s elected leadership, along with taking over the FPC’s property.

FPC also requested a temporary restraining order prohibiting the PCUSA from taking control or possession of FPC’s property or from interfering with FPC’s property ownership. Following a May 2015 hearing, the Oktibbeha County Chancery Court entered a preliminary injunction for all property held by FPC against the PCUSA, which effectively blocked PCUSA from taking any... Continue Reading

The 222nd General Assembly Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Brief Summary

Over the last year one of the big questions swirling around the PC(USA) has been form and function of the church, particularly at the national level

The Assembly considered an overture on “Admission of, and Apology for, Harms Done to the LGBTQ/Q Members of the PC(USA), Family and Friends.” With much discussion in both the committee and on the floor, and with the broad support of many groups – but not all – the Assembly approved a statement that says the... Continue Reading

Prayers To Allah-Offered At PCUSA’s General Assembly Plenary Session

Wajidi Said, from the Portland Muslim Community, offered his prayer to Allah as a part of the opening session of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

“Allah bless us and bless our families and bless our Lord. Lead us on the straight path – the path of all the prophets: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad,” and so went the prayer offered up by Wajidi Said, from the Portland Muslim Community.   “Allah bless us and bless our families and... Continue Reading

A Presbytery PJC Ruling On A Same-Sex Marriage Policy In The PC(USA)

It is worth reiterating at this point that this decision is from a presbytery PJC and has limited application. If appealed and upheld it would gain authoritative status.

“This decision is reminiscent of the remedial cases regarding ordination standards and the various GAPJC rulings that there could be no categorical standards or explicit lists of essential tenants but each candidate must be considered on an individual basis. From a polity point of view this decision falls right in line with that.”   I... Continue Reading

Overture To PCUSA Seeks To Extract Apology From Those Following Biblical Teachings On Sexuality

A Presbyterian Church (USA) presbytery is asking the 222nd General Assembly to apologize to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ/Q) community

The overture asks that the PCUSA affirm, confess and apologize for “the teachings and actions that have created marginalization of our sisters and brothers, adding to the erroneous belief that people who identify as LGBTQ/Q should be considered unworthy to serve fully or be honored as family within and without the church.”   A Presbyterian... Continue Reading

Overture Seeks to Restore Marriage in the PCUSA to Between One Man and One Woman

Before it can be considered by the 222nd General Assembly, however, another PCUSA presbytery must also vote to approve – or concur – with the overture.

The overture’s rationale states, “When we fail to seek Christ’s direction we are subject to the direction of the culture in which we reside and therefore can make errors in our judgment failing to glorify Jesus Christ in whom we seek to serve first and foremost.” When the PCUSA voted to amend the definition of... Continue Reading

My Statement Released to the PCUSA’s Office of the General Assembly: “Practice What You Preach”

It would behoove the Louisville leadership to address its own denominational nastiness, so as not to be guilty of hypocrisy and worse.

Why has not the Office of the General Assembly directed some of its wide-ranging attention to the cruelty, greed, oppression and mean-spiritedness being consistently demonstrated by the institutional powers within its ranks? In these matters, presbyteries seem to hold all the power in the “negotiation process.” Where are the progressive leaders who so readily mouth... Continue Reading