Reasons to Defeat Overtures 10, 12 and 17 at the 46th PCA General Assembly

The proposed amendment to BCO 25-11 would mandate a notice of 30 days for congregation meetings if the purpose is to consider withdrawing from the PCA.

Over the PCA’s 46 year history, hundreds of churches have chosen to withdraw from the PCA for a variety of reasons. BCO 25.8-11 makes it abundantly clear that the PCA, from its inception, chose to enshrine in its Constitution the principle of granting congregations full rights over their own property and the liberty to choose... Continue Reading

The PCA and Confessional Integrity

The PCA’s adoption of “good faith subscription” in 2002 has had an unintended consequence of amending the Westminster Standards “in fact” without using “lawful process,” raising questions of integrity.

There are provisions in the BCO for emending the confessional standards. Yet there has been no move on the part of the minority to propose changes to the standards. Perhaps they believe that the approval of the presbytery for their exceptions is sufficient. But over time, as more and more men take these exceptions, and have them... Continue Reading

Reservations about PCA Overture 13: Women and the Boards of the PCA

Overture 13 proposes significant actions that will undo features of the PCA’s polity which its founders explicitly rejected from the polity of the church the PCA left.

Overture 13 has not presented convincing reasons for the General Assembly to approve the proposed changes. And it should be noted, that adopting the proposed changes will have the effect of upsetting the healthy balance of church governance adopted by the PCA. I urge the ordained office bearers who will serve as Commissioners to the... Continue Reading

Fewer Presbyterian Heroes And More Farmers

We need to encourage a culture of practice and learning about our polity and our church courts.

The reason “hero cultures” thrive in business is no less true why heroes will thrive in Church.  People like to be the “go to” resource.  In some domains the hero protects his knowledge in order to be indispensable.  In the church, debate and participation is often left to those who are considered skilled enough to... Continue Reading

Tom Cannon Resigns as Coordinator of Reformed University Fellowship

Cannon submitted his resignation on March 2.; he had served RUF for four years as Coordinator.

According to Will Huss, chairman of the committee, “During Tom’s tenure as Coordinator, RUF has seen encouraging and amazing growth. He made hard decisions, was passionate about RUF, committed to the gospel, and led our organization in new and exciting ministry directions. “We continue to benefit from, the initiatives he pursued,” Huss said, “for the... Continue Reading

‘MORE’ in the PCA: A Foundation Urging PCA Ruling Elders to Attend General Assemblies

If you are an RE concerned about the direction of the PCA and cannot go to General Assembly because your congregation cannot reimburse your expenses, contact MORE!

It occurred to me that there ought to be an organization that would address those problems and encourage REs to attend General Assembly, and presbytery for that matter.  Having found no such pre-existing organization, I founded one:  MORE in the PCA, Inc.  If you want to learn more about the organization, I encourage you to... Continue Reading

BCO 25-3 Amendment Defeated; Not Approved By Requisite Number of PCA Presbyteries

The Amendment failed since it did not receive the required approval of two-thirds of the Presbyteries.

The GA approved the amendment and sent it to the Presbyteries; the BCO requires that amendments be approved by two-thirds of its Presbytery. It is now clear from an unofficial tabulation of the Presbyteries that have voted, that 30 Presbyteries have voted against approving the amendment, which means that the two-thirds requirement cannot be met.... Continue Reading

Covenant Seminary Statement on Biblical Social Justice

This statement seeks to answer questions and concerns we have received regarding the seminary’s view on matters of social justice and particularly as it relates to matters of racial reconciliation and racial justice.

As the denominational seminary, we are seeking to work in conjunction with the current PCA study committee for racial reconciliation to “develop specific steps that could be taken to effect racial reconciliation and the advance of the gospel.” We are striving to be a place that facilitates conversations and helps future pastors and ministry leaders train... Continue Reading

History of PCA Motto: “Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission.”

The PCA’s motto has gone through some changes over the years!

Obviously we could probably track some variations on the motto through the years, from 1971 to present, but most of those variations probably appeared because someone was working from memory. For one thing, the motto was never officially adopted, so far as I can determine. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know. For... Continue Reading

PCA Study Committee Report on the Role of Women in the Ministry of the Church: Recommendation #8

Assessing Recommendation 8 of the PCA Role of Women in the Church Report presented to the 45th General Assembly.

If the report felt the need to exhort the church on this point, I think it would have been better said that the church should enfold, include, love, labor for, seek to serve all its members, whether male or female, wherever, and in whatever circumstance they may be found. To divide the church into male... Continue Reading