38th PCA General Assembly Opens with Worship Service

The 38th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, meeting in Nashville, Tenn., from June 29 through July 2, opened its annual meeting with a worship service attended by over 3500 people. The service was led by area pastors and a joint choir made up from a number of churches. The theme of the... Continue Reading

Dr. Harry Reeder Elected Moderator of 38th PCA General Assembly

On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, Rev. Harry L. Reeder was elected moderator of the 38th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. The General Assembly is holding its annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., from June 29 to July 2. There are about 1400 commissioners (delegates) in attendance. Reeder was elected unanimously since he was... Continue Reading

John Calvin Speaks to the PCA: A Timely Message from an Unexpected Guest

”Fellow ministers of the Gospel, those who are called, by God, to unashamedly proclaim the inestimable salvation of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, I stand before you this day to draw your attention to some important principles…” When John Calvin stepped behind the elevated lectern of the thirty-eighth General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in... Continue Reading

Why I Support PCA Overture 13 on How to View Assistants to Deacons

If, as a denomination we believe that women serving in the office of deacon is unbiblical, we must make it clear that BCO 9-7 does not allow women to be elected to or serve in the office of deacon. It had been my intention to support Overture 2 from Central Carolina Presbytery on the subject... Continue Reading

PCA Committee On Constitutional Business finds 3 overtures on Deaconesses contrary to Constitution

In their report to General Assembly, just released in the Supplement to the Commissioner Handbook, the CCB has found 3 of the 6 overtures concerning Deaconesses and related women’s ministry issues ‘contrary to the Constitution. In Overture 2 from Central Carolina Presbytery: “Amend BCO 9-7 to Prohibit Deaconesses”, their opinion was “it is contrary to... Continue Reading

Will It Unify Us?: Final Thoughts on the PCA Strategic Plan

It is time to face the fact that this Plan will not “unite” the PCA. It has already worsened existing fault lines. We might debate the whole idea of having a Strategic Plan. We should definitely consider its specific proposals. However, even if we came down in favor of everything about the Strategic Plan, we... Continue Reading

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on docket for three national assemblies of Presbyterian denominations

The potential legitimization of homosexuality in the military may be the most serious moral issue in America since Roe V. Wade in 1973 Three member denominations of the Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRJC) have overtured their respective General Assemblies or Synod on the possible repeal of the military’s “Don’t... Continue Reading

Letter To The Editor – The Strategic Plan is Not Really “Cool”

The session I serve on is concerned about lots of “churchy” things like church discipline, proper doctrine and worship in the church, and growth (of all types) in our local body. That’s our strategy. When the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America convenes at the end of this month in Nashville a Strategic... Continue Reading

The PCA’s New Strategic Plan (V)

I pray that the PCA will have the presence of mind to vote this non-Plan Plan down….My concern is not that we don’t know who we are, but that we don’t know what we’re becoming. Creating a Perspective for Planning (V) The more one progresses through the PCA’s Strategic Plan, the more the impression begins... Continue Reading

PCA General Assembly Luncheon: Navigating The New Health Care Reform Market AND Volatile Markets of 2010

Attendees at the PCA General Assembly this year are invited to a very special, and very free, lunch sponsored by the Retirement Benefits Board of the PCA The luncheon will be on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm. It will be held in the Nashville Convention Center in Room 206. No advance... Continue Reading