A Small Church Pastor looks at the PCA General Assembly.

We have major issues among us that cannot be ignored indefinitely.

We cannot continue to amend our Standards by exception. Again, on this issue and others as well, if there are those who do not believe our current Standards are an accurate exposition of Scripture, then submit overtures [proposing changes] to the General Assembly for debate.

Commentary on the PCA General Assembly 2012

Floor debate over the past few years has become confusing

There were 10,067 professions of faith in this past year. The membership of the PCA increased by 4,176 individuals to 350,990. The number of family units in the PCA saw an increase of 245 to 137,508

Dr. Neal Presa elected moderator of the 220th PCUSA General Assembly

Presa began by saying "together we stand, divided we freak out." He said that his presbytery -- Elizabeth -- dismissed its first congregation to ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians recently. He said that throughout the conversations between the presbytery and session "we came to a mutual discovery that the particular congregation is leaving -- not because they see we are apostate or unorthodox -- but because they could not live with the broadness" of the PCUSA.

Thoughts on Attendance at the 2012 PCA General Assembly

This is one of the regular frustrations of GA

Given that there are 1,466 churches in the PCA, and 4,256 TEs, the theoretical attendance at GA this year was a minimum of 7,188. Actual attendance, however, was 797 TEs and 278 REs

PCA’s Northern California Presbytery submits to GA on deaconess issue

"Board of Deacons” may only include men who are elected, ordained, and installed

Five years ago, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America took issue with an action of Northern California Presbytery and Philadelphia Presbytery in a matter related to deaconesses. The result was two years of debate about whether or not we should study the issue, and the PCA said that it did not want to do so.

At the PCA General Assembly: Ad Interim Study Committee on Insider Movements Overwhelmingly Approved

Affirming the necessity of retaining Bible translations to Muslims that use the biologically familial terms of "Father" and "Son"

Muslim Idiom Translations have translated these terms with such substitutes as "representative" and "guardian." This action will give guidance to churches supporting translation work, a resource to our mission agency, and place pressure on translation agencies to hold to biblical standards for translation.

Why is Sanctification So Refreshing?

A Review of Panel Presentation by Dr. Mike Ross & Dr. Bryan Chapell

Refreshing may not the first thought that typically comes to mind when the word sanctification is broached, but that’s exactly what the panel presentation on sanctification by Dr. Bryan Chapell and Dr. Mike Ross at the PCA General Assembly was!

PCA’s Campus Ministry Defends their ‘Vanderbilt Position’ at General Assembly

RUF Senior Staff releases a detailed statement concerning their decision to 'stay on campus'

Though we decry what we see as a lack of wisdom in Vanderbilt’s policy, our consciences are clear that we have not shirked our responsibilities by remaining on campus at Vanderbilt. Why? Because to date it has not enforced this policy in such a way that binds our consciences, impelling us to leave.

At the PCA General Assembly: Overtures Committee report

A surprise (to many) vote on the subject of intinction

After the Thursday evening worship service, the Assembly reconvened with the plan to complete all their business and then adjourn, meaning they would not have to meet again on Friday morning.

At the PCA General Assembly: Commissioners vote on controversial Overtures

Leading the list was Theistic Evolution and Origins of Adam and Eve

On a vote with a majority of about 60%, the General Assembly on Thursday approved an overture from Potomac Presbytery that asked that no 'in thesi' statement be made concerning evolution and Adam.