At the PCA General Assembly – Report of the Overtures Committee

On the last day of the 39th PCA General Assembly it considered a number of overtures that had been referred to the Overtures Committee. This is a ‘Super’ Committee of Commissioners with two representatives from each Presbytery, one Teaching Elder and one Ruling Elder, eligible to serve. Overture 2 was answered in the negative. This... Continue Reading

At The PCA General Assembly – Statement concerning errors of “Insider Movements” translations approved, but stumbles over procedures on approving a study committee

The PCA General Assembly for 2011 received an overture from Potomac Presbytery concerning a problem with translations of the bible into languages used primarily in the Muslim world It seems a number of groups are making translations that do not use the terms ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ when referring to the first and second persons of... Continue Reading

At the PCA General Assembly – Report of the Administrative Committee.

Just after 9:30PM on Thursday evening, the Committee of Commissioners (CoC) on Administration took the floor to present a lengthy report (with 26 recommendations). The chairman began by seeking to move 25 of the motions (other than budgets) as an omnibus motion, which means lump them together for one vote to approve. Since only 5... Continue Reading

UPDATE Friday 5:00PM: 3 year old son of PCA Teaching Elder nearly drowns at Virginia Beach hotel pool

Jamison Godwin, 3-year-old son of TE Jeff Godwin, pastor of Northside PCA in Melbourne, Fla., almost drowned in a hotel pool in Virginia Beach on Thursday, June 9. Godwin brought his family with him to the PCA General Assembly. Friday 5:00PM update: We are pleased to report that 3-year-old Jamison Godwin was released from the... Continue Reading

At the PCA General Assembly; First Debate of Wednesday morning dealt with Insider Movement

It is not often that the first serious debate of a General Assembly occurs during the annual report of the General Assembly, but what looks to most as a meeting without many major issues pending, the folks seem to decide to get to work early. One of the duties of the Stated Clerk is to... Continue Reading

At the PCA General Assembly, Paedocommunion returns to the floor for discussion during Review of Presbytery Records report

At the 16th General Assembly a study committee report on the topic of Paedocommunion was approved, deciding that the position of the denomination was and should remain to be that only those of the appropriate age to make a profession of faith were to receive the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and directed and officers... Continue Reading

At the PCA General Assembly, a proposed RAO change brought the ‘Good Faith Subscription’ issue back into discussion

For many years, the Review of Presbytery Records Committee took so much time to complete their work after gather on the Monday before GA started, they were traditionally the last report of the week, generally on Friday mornings. However, this committee now meets a month prior to Assembly and their report is already complete and... Continue Reading

At PCA General Assembly, several Committees of Commissioners actions met the expectations of most observers, with one interesting exception

he Committee of Commissioners (CoC) on Overtures, the largest of all CoC’s, will be presenting recommendations not of approve several overtures that were of high interest this year. The first was an Overture from Southern Florida Presbytery seeking term limits to be imposed for any new elected coordinators for the various PCA agencies who are... Continue Reading

At PCA General Assembly, Mission to the World Committee of Commissioners revises proposed CMTW Report, responds to Overture on ‘Insider Movement’

Several experienced General Assembly observers believe that this report will bring about a significant amount of discussion during the report of the CoC and, in an otherwise quiet Assembly with few ‘hot button issues’, this could prove to be a significant debate. Out of the entire report presented by the Permanent Committee of Mission to... Continue Reading

RE Daniel Carrell Elected Moderator of 39th PCA General Assembly

Mr. Carrell, 70, a practicing attorney, is a ruling elder in the Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Va. At its opening session on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, the 39th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America elected RE Daniel Carrell as Moderator. The PCA General Assembly is holding its annual meeting in... Continue Reading