Protesting the Protest at the PCA General Assembly

The PCA GA erred in accepting a Protest that was not against an action of the Assembly, but of an individual member giving a speech.

Therefore, this action of the General Assembly in allowing for such a protest to have been found in order must itself be protested. It is my humble request that the 2020 PCA General Assembly would publicly apologize to the speaker of the minority report for having in effect declared him guilty of sinful speech, and... Continue Reading

Revoice, Nashville, And The Therapeutic Revolution

The result of the therapeutic revolution is that how one feels is considered of much greater importance than the truth of what is said.

Jesus loves sinners. He loved his elect from all eternity. Among those elect are those who have SSA, those who have abused alcohol and drugs, those who have murdered, and those who have lied. Grace is the abounding free favor of Christ to helpless, lost sinners. As a consequence of his grace, however, he calls... Continue Reading

Four Cheers for PCA Approval of the Nashville Statement

The vote was a watershed in the PCA regarding whether our ethos will be shaped by cultural pressures or by the Word of God.

I shudder to think what would have been the effect within the PCA and in our relationship with other conservative denominations if the Christianity Today headline had been reversed the morning after GA, saying that the PCA had approved Revoice over the Nashville Statement. In my opinion, the result would have been a convulsion of... Continue Reading

The 47th PCA General Assembly – A Loss or a Victory?

The good, the bad and the ugly at the 47th PCA General Assembly.

I was afraid that the Assembly would appoint a Study Committee on Biblical Sexual Ethics without making any statement at all regarding the issue of same-sex attraction.  Sometimes to delay is to lose.  So it was in the situation.  Without such a statement, the Assembly would have been a major disappointment to me and would... Continue Reading

The Heart of the Difference Between Revoice Theology and Reformed Theology – the Sinfulness and Mortification of Sinful Desires

A significant definition dispute between Reformed theology and Revoice theology regarding the nature and effects of the Fall on human nature.

The real problem is that while there may be PCA presbyters who agree with and sincerely believe in this view of the non-sinfulness of sinful desires and the inability to be free of them before glory, this is not the Reformed position expressed in the Westminster Standards regarding the sinfulness of desires or “orientation”. It... Continue Reading

PCA 47th General Assembly: Some Highlights and Actions

Some highlights and actions from the 47th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America meeting in Dallas, Texas, June 25-28, 2019

1,616 commissioners (1,209 Teaching Elders, 407 Ruling Elders) meeting in Dallas, Texas The theme of the Assembly was “Press on for God’s Glory,” drawn from 2 Cor. 2:14, “But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” The... Continue Reading

The PCA General Assembly Affirms the Nashville Statement

67 percent of the PCA General Assembly voted to affirm the Nashville Statement.

What makes this even more remarkable is that this happened right on the heels of the Southern Baptist Convention’s adoption of a similar measure earlier this month—a resolution that relies on the Nashville Statement as a response to the Revoice controversy. Thus two major evangelical denominations have weighed-in in a single month, and both have... Continue Reading

PCA General Assembly Approves the Nashville Statement as a Faithful Declaration on Biblical Sexuality

In response to issues raised by Revoice and its impact in the PCA, the General Assembly approved, 803-541, the Nashville Statement; and the appointment of a study committee.

At its 47th General Assembly meeting in Dallas, Texas, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) approved the Nashville Statement as being a biblically faithful declaration on the matter of biblical sexual ethics. The PCA GA was responding to questions and issues raised throughout the church arising from the Revoice Conference that was held in St.... Continue Reading

Howie Donahoe Elected Moderator of 47th General Assembly

Donahoe has developed a reputation for helping opponents come together, get to know each other, and talk out their differences.

In his years as a ruling elder Donahoe has served in many positions (sometimes multiple times) including session clerk, presbytery moderator, and presbytery stated clerk. He has attended 26 of the last 30 General Assembly gatherings and served as host committee chairman in 2003 when the Assembly met in Charlotte. For 20 years he has... Continue Reading

The Fight for the Culture is Taking Place in the Church

An overview of the PCA’s 2019 General Assembly

Three years ago, much of the debate at GA focused on racial reconciliation. Last year, it was the role of women in the church. This year, it will likely be homosexuality and the Revoice movement, which is being hotly debated in the PCA and Southern Baptist Convention. Although sexual abuse and the “Me Too” movement... Continue Reading