Dr. Harry Reeder Elected Moderator of 38th PCA General Assembly

On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, Rev. Harry L. Reeder was elected moderator of the 38th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. The General Assembly is holding its annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., from June 29 to July 2. There are about 1400 commissioners (delegates) in attendance. Reeder was elected unanimously since he was... Continue Reading

John Calvin Speaks to the PCA: A Timely Message from an Unexpected Guest

”Fellow ministers of the Gospel, those who are called, by God, to unashamedly proclaim the inestimable salvation of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, I stand before you this day to draw your attention to some important principles…” When John Calvin stepped behind the elevated lectern of the thirty-eighth General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in... Continue Reading

Why I Support PCA Overture 13 on How to View Assistants to Deacons

If, as a denomination we believe that women serving in the office of deacon is unbiblical, we must make it clear that BCO 9-7 does not allow women to be elected to or serve in the office of deacon. It had been my intention to support Overture 2 from Central Carolina Presbytery on the subject... Continue Reading

Richard Pratt Preaches at EPC General Assembly – The mission of the church; centerpiece of a Biblical faith

“Many people think of the mission of the church like a room added to the house; something that is not a part of the original floor plan; something that the architect didn’t anticipate.” Thus said Richard Pratt, during his sermon at the 30th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. “In reality, the mission is... Continue Reading

EPC General Assembly Kicks Off with resounding report on the future of Missions

The 30th Annual General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Meeting in Englewood, Col, began its 2010 meeting with a day of equipping “God’s People for God’s Mission.” After opening worship, the speaker of the day was Reggie McNeal, the missional leadership specialist for the evangelical para-church organization Leadership Network. “I want to start with... Continue Reading

New Wineskins Transitional Presbytery meets – hears report on Women as Teaching Elders in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

“Hard-liners need not apply. We are going to be a different kind of denomination than the hard-lines followed by the PCUSA and the PCA.” More like a family reunion than a presbytery meeting, the commissioners to the New Wineskins Transitional Presbytery of the EPC (NWTP) gathered on June 22 in the sanctuary at Cherry Creek... Continue Reading

PCA Committee On Constitutional Business finds 3 overtures on Deaconesses contrary to Constitution

In their report to General Assembly, just released in the Supplement to the Commissioner Handbook, the CCB has found 3 of the 6 overtures concerning Deaconesses and related women’s ministry issues ‘contrary to the Constitution. In Overture 2 from Central Carolina Presbytery: “Amend BCO 9-7 to Prohibit Deaconesses”, their opinion was “it is contrary to... Continue Reading

Will It Unify Us?: Final Thoughts on the PCA Strategic Plan

It is time to face the fact that this Plan will not “unite” the PCA. It has already worsened existing fault lines. We might debate the whole idea of having a Strategic Plan. We should definitely consider its specific proposals. However, even if we came down in favor of everything about the Strategic Plan, we... Continue Reading

Changing the unchangeable Word

The PCUSA does not uphold the doctrine of sola Scriptura in what it proclaims or how it lives. One of the foundations of Reformed theology is the principle of sola Scriptura. As those called to uphold Reformed theology, we Presbyterians are to believe in the inspiration of Scripture, the infallibility of Scripture and the inerrancy... Continue Reading

Christian Reformed Synod Says No to Requested Transfers to Classis Minnkota

Both churches are opposed to women serving in ecclesiastical office, while the classes to which they belong allow it. After a long and emotional debate, Synod 2010 turned down the requests of two Christian Reformed congregations for permission to move their memberships from classes in Michigan to Classis Minnkota. A classis is a regional body... Continue Reading