Is Revoice LGBT+ Thriving Through Cover Up In PCA / Missouri Presbytery?

The “Investigation” of Revoice in the PCA

In October of this year the session of Memorial Presbyterian Church “referenced” Missouri Presbytery (BCO 31.2 & 4.1-4), asking the presbytery to investigate and rule on allegations against them and their Pastor regarding their hosting of the Revoice Conference in July. In response to Memorial’s request, the Moderator established an investigative committee chaired by TE... Continue Reading

Reasons for PCA Presbyteries to Vote NO on Amending BCO 35-11

Justice and equity are important reasons for elders in church courts to recuse themselves as judges if they offer testimony in a trial.

The present wording of BCO 35-11 is clear: if a member of the court gives testimony on a case and there is an objection, that elder is automatically disqualified. This is as it should be. Why? Because even well-meaning elders have biases and should be automatically disqualified if any party makes an objection. This is... Continue Reading

Reasons for PCA Presbyteries to Vote NO on Amending BCO 25-11 (II)

There are no urgent, necessary, historical, structural, compelling or rational reasons to amend BCO 25-11; PCA Presbyteries should vote NO on this amendment.

Over the PCA’s 47 year history, hundreds of churches have chosen to withdraw from the PCA for a variety of reasons. BCO 25.8-11 makes it abundantly clear that the PCA, from its inception, chose to enshrine in its Constitution the principle of granting congregations full rights over their own property and the liberty to choose... Continue Reading

The Presbyterian Church in America: Non-hierarchal Presbyterianism

As presbyteries are considering the amendment to BCO 25-11, here is an important overview of the non-hierarchal nature of the PCA’s brand of Presbyterian polity.

Within Presbyterianism there have been, and still are, two perspectives; an hierarchal, top-down view and a non-hierarchal, bottom-up view.  These two different perspectives were evident at the Westminster Assembly…. over the years the larger Presbyterian Church (now called the Presbyterian Church, USA) underwent a metamorphosis from a democratic type of Presbyterianism into an hierarchal Presbyterianism….... Continue Reading

Calvary Presbytery Overtures the 47th PCA GA to “Declare the ‘Nashville Statement’ on Biblical Sexuality as a Biblically Faithful Declaration”

Overture 4 asks the PCA GA to “Declare the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood’s ‘Nashville Statement’ on Biblical Sexuality as a Biblically Faithful Declaration.”

“The Nashville Statement” clearly reiterates the truth of foundational passages of Scripture and our confessional understanding of marriage, gender, and sexual ethics. It affirms God’s good purpose in ordaining the binary nature of gender while bestowing His image on mankind (Gen. 1:27), His design for marriage between one biological man and one biological woman (Gen.... Continue Reading

Central Carolina Presbytery Votes to Form a Study Committee to Explore Implications Arising From the Revoice Conference

The PCA’s Central Carolina Presbytery approved creating a study committee to look into and recommend actions in light of the Revoice Conference held in St. Louis in July 2018.

WHEREAS, taking these various troubling and problematic views held by those in key positions of leadership for the conference into account, these unbiblical viewpoints and teachings also then appeared to make their way into many of the breakout sessions as well, which had titles such as “Redeeming Queer Culture: An Adventure,” “Journey To Embrace: A... Continue Reading

Why “The Historic Polity of the PCA” Contends Against Approving the BCO 25-11 Amendment

The proposed amendment to BCO 25-11 should not be approved in light of the history of BCO 25. At the very least the amendment is attached to the wrong provision.

The Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in America are voting on a proposed amendment to BCO 25-11. This is amendment should not be approved in light of the history and unique circumstances of BCO 25. In their book, “The Historic Polity of the PCA,” Robert C. Cannada and W. Jack Williamson review and explain the... Continue Reading

Northwest Georgia Presbytery Overtures 47th PCA GA to Release Covenant Seminary from PCA Oversight

Northwest Georgia Presbytery approves an overture asking the 47th PCA General Assembly to approve a plan for releasing Covenant Seminary from the oversight of the Presbyterian Church in America.

The Northwest Georgia Presbytery approved an overture at its August 10, 2018 Stated Meeting, asking the 47th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America to approve a plan for releasing Covenant Theological Seminary from the oversight and any accompanying restrictions of the Presbyterian Church in America; with a generous financial subsidy provided by encouraging... Continue Reading

10 Surprising Facts About the 1980 RPCES Report on Homosexual Christians

A review of the RPCES report on homosexuality 38 years later.

So one must wonder how this RPCES report—which was still fresh at the Joining and Receiving—could have been a nuanced expression of biblical and Reformed orthodoxy in the early 1980s, while these same beliefs are denounced as heresy by some in the PCA 38 years later.   When the northern Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod... Continue Reading

Just Vote NO on the Proposed Amendment to BCO 25-11

Vote NO on the proposed amendment to BCO 25-11. It is not necessary for good order in the PCA.

Consider that the proposed amendment is attached to BCO 25-11, which directs congregations to follow the “applicable civil laws” (used a number of times in this provision) when voting on whether to withdraw. The effect of placing the proposed amendment at the end of the last paragraph of BCO 25-11 will cause conflict and confusion... Continue Reading